Aiden Cassadine is a senior at Port Charles High School. He was first seen in the pilot episode and used to be a twitchy naive boy when it came to girls but he matured quickly. he is now, cool calm and collected. Aiden had a rebelous stage and that happened after coming across his first girlfriend Malaya's dead body in the school shooting. Aiden is best friends with Trinity Corinthos, and Ali Morgan, the boyfriend of Gabbi Montgomery, son of Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine, brother of Spencer Cassadine and Cameron Webber. nephew of Lucky Spencer, Brooke Spencer-Morgan, and Lulu Spencer-Zacharra. cousins with Madi Morgan, Ali Morgan, Christian Zacchara, Sydney Zacchara, and Elena Zacchara, Taylor Lovett, Lexi Lovett, Kristina Davis, and Molly Lansing. Aiden is portrayed by Luke Bilyk and is one of the longest running characters on the series.

Early Life

When Elizabeth initially finds out she is pregnant, Lucky had just broken their engagement because he discovered she was having an affair with his brother, Nikolas. She is not sure who the father is, and the stress takes its toll on her, and she has a mental breakdown and tries to kill herself by jumping off the hospital roof but Lucky stops her. She admits herself to Shadybrook and is threatened by Helena Cassadine, Nikolas' evil grandmother, who intends to take Elizabeth's baby and raise it as the Cassadine heir.

Elizabeth is disappointed when Nikolas is determined to be the father, even though she knew the odds were in his favor. Initially, she keeps hoping that she can get Lucky back after he rescues her from Helena several times. When she realizes Lucky is never going to come around, she mends her relationship with Nikolas and offers to let him be there in the delivery room helping her give birth. Nikolas is grateful and lets Elizabeth know that he appreciates her letting him be a part of the new baby's life.

Aiden was born onscreen July 19, 2010 to Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth goes into premature labor in July 2010, while at Wyndemere with Nikolas; her two sons, Cameron and Jake; and Nikolas' son, Spencer. She is rushed to the hospital, and gives birth to a baby boy on July 19, 2010 with Nikolas by her side. The two of them bond with "their" son, whom they name Aiden, because Elizabeth likes the name. Lucky Spencer comes by the delivery room while Elizabeth is in labor, but slips away unnoticed by either of them.

Aiden and Elizabeth are discharged the next day, but when she and Nikolas go to get Aiden from the nursery, he is not there and the nurses are not sure where he went either. Lucky is called to the hospital, which goes into lockdown to find the baby. At first, Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth suspect Helena, but it's later revealed that serial killer and artist Franco is the one who took the baby. Lucky enlists fellow officer Dante Falconeri and Jason Morgan, with whom Franco is obsessed, to help rescue Aiden. Franco hands Aiden off to his mother, Karen Anderson, wanting to give her the son she always wanted. Jason and Dante, with the help of Damian Spinelli, manage to track Franco down to Oregon. Dante gives the information to Lucky, who heads to Oregon, while Jason is sent back to Pentonville to serve out a five-year sentence.

ante tries to keep Jason out of prison so that he can help find Franco and baby Aiden. Lucky gets to Oregon and finds Karen Anderson and Aiden with Spinelli's help. Lucky initially tries to gain access as a census taker, but he eventually reveals that he is a police officer and says that Aiden was kidnapped. In order to make Karen believe him, Lucky claims he is Aiden's father and asks Karen to do the right thing and let him take Aiden home to his family and his mother. Karen eventually gives the baby back. On the plane, Lucky holds Aiden and tells the baby that sometimes he wishes that Aiden was his son and not his brother's, even though he does not want a relationship with Elizabeth anymore.

Once he returns to Port Charles, Lucky returns Aiden to Elizabeth and Nikolas, who thank Lucky for finding him. Aiden then has a joyous reunion with his parents and his brothers.

In The Series

Season 1

1.01 Pilot, Aiden makes his first appearance as a freshman with senior brother Spencer who complains how their dad could have paid for a nice private school but they are stuck in this dump because he wants them to socialize with people who aren't all rich and snobby. Aiden says that he doesn't seem to mind where he goes, as long as he fits in. As the pair walk up the steps, Bree Brennan pass by them and Aiden looks at them with a goofy grin on his face and Spencer makes the comment that they are too old for him. Aiden is later seen going inside and getting his schedule and goes to his classes. when its election time, he votes for Leah Corinthos because he thinks she's hotter then Sierra Morasco.

1.03 On The Line, Aiden complains about how Spencer gets all the girls because he has Miranda and Gabbi Montgomery after him right now.

1.05 Cries In Vain, Aiden starts liking a girl named Malaya in his English class

Aiden Tells Malaya not to leave

after they are seated next to each other, the only problem is that she gets teased a lot because she is a Muslim. The two start hanging out more and Aiden is teased by Meghan for liking a "terrorist." Aiden stands up saying that not every Muslim is a terrorist. Malays tells him its fine, that she is used to being small minded and ignorant. The two continue to have a friendship and hang out. 1.06 The Party Scene, Meghan starts to bully Malaya more about her religion

Aiden and Malaya show off their relationship at Sierra's party

and it starts getting to her. Malaya tells Aiden that she is thinking about talking to her parents about moving back to Canada and Aiden tells her not to. Malaya still talks to her parents about it and they said they will think about it. upon hearing that Malaya's parents agreed to move back, Aiden tells her that he has feelings for her she decides to stay and the two go to Sierra's party where Meghan can see them and she backs off.

1.07 Courage, Aiden over hears his dad talking with his uncle Lucky about the possibility Aiden could be Lucky's. Aiden walks in and Nikolas explains that someone came forward with a message that they think Helena paid someone to switch the DNA tests and they have to go in and do a paternity test on Aiden, just like with Leah about a month ago. Aiden confides in girlfriend Malaya about this and how he loves his uncle Lucky, but he would rather be Nikolas's son, when the DNA test comes back negative, and Aiden is still Nikolas's son. Aiden feels bad for Lucky because this is the second time he was told it was possible one of his kids could be alive or be his.

1.14, Falling Inside The Black, Aiden is seen with Malaya at the dance along with her friends Anna and Taylor who are dateless and friend Trinity who is with boyfriend Trevor.


Aiden learns the truth

1.16 In Real Life, Aiden overhears his dad talking to his aunt, Brooke Spencer about his mom. Nikolas is saying how he doesn't know how long he it will be until Aiden questions why his mom isn't out of jail yet for switching baby's and he doesn't know if he should tell Aiden the truth about how Elizabeth was paid by Jerry Jacks to switch baby's and inject the one Michael and Chloe got with something that would slowly shut her body down. Upon hearing this news, Aiden goes straight to Malaya who tells him if he wants to know if thats true, then he should talk to Chloe and Michael. Aiden then goes to Michael and Chloe's house and Trinity answers the door and lets him in and he talks to Michael and Chloe who tell them its true. It's what his mom did and they are sorry that he had to find out this way. Aiden then apologizes to them for what his mother did and leaves before going over to Lucky and Siobhan's where he tells them that he is sorry for what his mother did.

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose, Aiden is with his brother Spencer when the two hear the gunshots, before Aiden can react, Spencer grabs his arm and start to run to the exit near and the two come across Malaya's dead body. Aiden freezes and drops his bag, he quickly bends down and flips her over and sees the bullet hole in her head. Spencer tells him she's gone and grabs him and the two escape before the lockdown is put on.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Nikolas takes Aiden to the hospital afterwards since Spencer wants to see how Spike is doing. He takes Aiden into the conference room. Nikolas tries talking to him but Aiden is in too much shock after seeing Malaya's dead body. Nikolas tries to explain how he knows what happened was a traumatic experience and before he can finish, Aiden lashes out saying how he could never know traumatic and to stop acting like he understands. Instead of arguing with Aiden, Nikolas waits for him to get his anger out and calm down before hugging him and telling him everything will be okay.

2.05 Disparity By Design Aiden returns to school with everyone else when it's reopened.

Lukebilyk 1284367684

Aiden talks to Lucy.

2.07 Just Tonight Aiden starts a relationship with Lucy Hubbard after finding out that they both share one thing in common, their hatred towards their parents.

2.11 Anywhere But Here Lucy and Aiden decide to runaway from home to get away from their controlling parents. Aiden is still angry his parents kept his mothers fate from him.

2.16 Breaking Inside Aiden and Lucy are located by Tree Hill police department thanks to Lucy's father and his police connections. After he returns home, he and Nikolas get in a huge argument about running away and Nikolas is adamant about fixing their relationship. It takes a while but Aiden eventually realizes his dad kept what happened to Elizabeth a secret because he didn't want Aiden to have that memory of his mother.

2.20 Day Of Reckoning Aiden goes to see Spencer's graduation and later is seen at the crowd as Tyler's body is taken to the morgue.

Season 3

3.04 All The Things I Hate (Revolve Around You) Aiden says goodbye to Lucy when she leaves town and she tells him she will never forget him.

3.07 I Lose Control Aiden bumps into Gabbi out and about and they both really miss Lucy. The pair then form a friendship.

3.08 World So Cold Gabbi and Aiden continue to hang out and become closer. After a conversation about a movie they just watched, Aiden ends up kissing Gabbi, causing both of them to freak out.

3.09 No More Sorrow Aiden confronts Gabbi at school after she is avoiding him and the two discuss the kiss and their feelings for each other, deciding to try a relationship.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Aiden sees Gabbi's english teacher touch her leg.

3.12 Through Tomorrow Gabbi convinced Aiden not to tell anyone about what happened with her English teacher, but it gets worse and Aiden punches him in the face causing the police to come, Aiden is about to get arrested and taken in to the station when Gabbi tells the police what the teacher has been doing to her.

In Season 3 Finale, Aiden is jumped by a gang

3.19 In Fate's Hands Aiden is on his way to meet Gabbi at Kelly's when he sees some men bothering her. He tells them to back off and a fight is started, Gabbi runs to get help while Aiden is getting beat up. After being knocked down, one of the guys pulls out a gun and shoots him in the chest, leaving him to bleed out in the streets.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Aiden is rushed to the hospital where he is taken into emergency surgery by Patrick and Frankie. It is touch and go for a while but Aiden makes it through surgery with no permanent damage.


4.02 Just Hold On and We'll Make It Through Aiden recovers in the hospital. Nikolas along with Dante ask him what happened. Aiden tells them what happened, a few guys were harassing Gabbi and he tried to get them to stop. It happened fast and a lot of them blended together but one stood out. Aiden recognizes him in a few photos but doesn't say anything, knowing these guys meant business. Gabbi asks him why, and Aiden tells her he doesn't know what he's talking about. Later when she's gone, and Nikolas asks, why he didn't say anything, Aiden continues to claim he can't identify them, knowing they will kill him if he speaks.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Aiden is released from the hospital and

Aiden starts thinking he sees gang members everywhere

Gabbi takes him to Kelly's before helping him get settled into Wyndemere. While there she notices he is acting paranoid. Aiden is looking at everyone around him a few times more than normal. After going back to Wyndemere he continues to second guess every sound and every footstep. After napping he wakes up to one of the maids cleaning and nearly hits her with a lamp before realizing whats going on. He later goes into town again with Gabbi and again acts paranoid. Gabbi asks him about it and Aiden says he still is a little jumpy but not to worry.

4.04 The Answer To Everything Aiden returns to school

4.07 Here I Stand Aiden continues to act paranoid, even at school. After he nearly takes out a random student who somewhat resembles the guy, Gabbi breaks up with him. Aiden goes home pissed and skips the next day.

4.13 Eyes On You Aiden is seen at school alone.

Season 5

5.03 Your Love Was A Lie Aiden realizes that he is living in fear too much and needs to protect himself in case there is retaliation against him. He is shown searching on the deep web for a place to buy one and later meets up with a guy in the park who sells Aiden the gun, telling him the basics and if he gets caught and rats, there is a community on the deep web that will go after him. Aiden assures him he won't rat, that kind of confrontation is what he is trying to avoid.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Aiden goes to the party at the Montgomery house but lays low watching Gabbi from afar. When Madi makes her announcement, Aiden is shocked.

5.16 Feels Like Home Aiden goes to Kelly's trying get his life back to normal and runs into Gabbi. Gabbi sees a gun in Aiden's wasteband unknown to Aiden. Aiden returns home, stashing his gun in a hidden area of the castle. Nikolas confronts him about a gun and Aiden plays dumb and says he has no idea what Nikolas is talking about. Nikolas then tears apart Aiden's room looking for it, but doesn't find anything. Nikolas then tells him that if he finds out Aiden bought a gun, he is going to be in a huge amount of trouble and warns him about the danger of firearms.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Nikolas forces Aiden to go to the schools performance of Beauty and The Beast to get his mind of everything. Aiden is certain he sees the man that tried to kill him so he pulls out his gun and stands up, planning to leave but Noah sees and tackles Aiden causing it to go off and hit the stage, luckily no one is hurt.

Season 6


Aiden lays low after the gun incident

6.01 Brick by Boring Brick Aiden and Nikolas meet with Diane who goes over the plea deal with the judge. He is going to plead guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm and get one hundred hours of community service. Nikolas than lectures Aiden on what happened and Aiden tells him he understands what he did was wrong and he won't buy guns on the deep web again. Aiden goes into the courtroom and the judge gives him the sentence. He tells him if he can give him the source of the gun, he will get rid of the community service. Aiden remembers what the guy who sold him the gun said and tells them he can't remember. After being sentenced and leaving, Nikolas asks Aiden why he wouldn't give up the source and Aiden tells him he is just digging himself into a bigger hole. It is best if he doesn't do anything and lays low. He doesn't want anymore trouble.

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless Upon returning to school, part of Aiden's community service is being in the mentor program for new freshman. Aiden is assigned Hayley Spinelli, an awkward, quirky girl who isn't sure about anything. Aiden tries to talk to her and show her around but Hayley stays quiet.

6.15 Careful What You Wish For Aiden is seen in class and talking to Liam.

Season 7

7.10 Just The Way I'm Not Aiden goes to school and sees Hayley has changed her style a bit and he asks her if everything is okay. Hayley assures him she is fine, just trying something different. Aiden then asks if she needs any help with homework or anything. Hayley thanks him but tells him she is good. Aiden later sees her studying at Kelly's alone and sits down with her and the pair talk. They later make plans to meet there again.

7.13 We Stitch These Wounds Aiden continues to hang out with Hayley, he becoming a good friend since Gabbi broke up with him and is helping him return to normal. He is out with her when he notices he is being followed. He recognizes the guy as one of the gang members. Hayley asks him if he is okay and Aiden tells her he is fine. The next day at school he approaches Gabbi and asks her if they can talk. Gabbi is hesitant but says okay. Aiden then tells her he thinks he is being followed again. Gabbi rolls her eyes and tells Aiden he is being paranoid. Aiden tries to tell her that he saw him and Gabbi responds by saying he thought he saw someone earlier and nearly shot Kenzie Ford. She tells him to leave her alone and maybe he should try talking to someone. Later that day, he meets up with Hayley again and she asks him if he is okay, Aiden tells her he is fine, just tired.

7.15 From Heads Unworthy Aiden continues to feel like his being followed

Aiden is attacked again.

but now thinks Gabbi is possibly right about him being paranoid. At school he asks Hayley if she wants to go to Kelly's afterward to study and mentions he could use some help with his chemistry homework, knowing she is pretty much a genius. Hayley agrees. After class, the pair walk from the school to Kelly's and Aiden realizes he wasn't being paranoid. He notices several people dressed in gang colors on the other side of the street, coming out of an alley and behind him. He yells at Hayley to run before a few of them attack Aiden. Hayley makes a run for it while Aiden is beaten up again, the only thing stopping them from finishing him off is the sounds of sirens approaching.
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7.16 Only God Can Judge Me Aiden wakes up in the hospital confused on what happened. Patrick explains he was brought in severely beaten and Aiden remembers everything. He asks about Hayley and is told Hayley is fine, just a few bruises and Mike scared off her attackers with a shotgun. He is then informed that Gabbi was abducted on her way home. Aiden freaks out and asks about where she is. Patrick tells him he will have to ask Dante when he comes in to take his statement. Aiden is restless as he waits and finally Dante comes in and Aiden asks about Gabbi. Dante tells him they are looking for her but don't have any leads. Aiden is frantic and tells Dante they need to find her. Dante tells him he needs to calm down and they are working on it. He then shows Aiden a few mugshots and asks him if recognizes any of the men and Aiden is able to identify three of them as the guys that jumped him and have followed him a few times. Dante thanks him and leaves. Hayley later comes to visit and asks him how he's doing. Aiden tells her he is okay, just worried about Gabbi. Hayley tells him that she is happy he is okay before leaving.

7.17 Why is Life Like This Aiden is released from the hospital and heads straight to the police station. He asks Dante about Gabbi and is told they might have a lead but he can't tell him. Dante then gets a call and leaves. Aiden asks if it's Gabbi and Dante tells him to go back to the hospital. Aiden arrives and sees them wheeling and unconscious Gabbi. Aiden tries to follow but Frankie Hubbard tells him they need to treat her. Aiden then waits in the waiting room as Bianca and Miranda arrive. The three wait for word on Gabbi. Frankie later comes out and tells them that she is fine, but was found on the side of the road, unconscious with her jeans undone. He tells Bianca they are running a rape kit right now. Bianca collapses and starts sobbing, knowing the damage rape can do to someone. Miranda tries to comfort Bianca, knowing she is the product of her being raped. Aiden just sits their furious and then asks when they can see her. Frankie tells them he will let them know, probably when she is awake. A few hours later they are told she is awake and Bianca tells him she will let her know he is there. Dante then arrives and tells Aiden that the guys that did this are behind bars, he needs him to come down to the station to ID them. Aiden goes with and is able to identify five of the men.

7.19 Aiden goes to visit Gabbi in the hospital and tells her he is sorry that this happened to her. Gabbi tells him that she is fine and that she is sorry she didn't believe him. Aiden tells her that he is just happy she is okay. A nurse then comes in and tells Aiden that she has to update Gabbi's chart. Aiden then leaves.

Season 8

8.02 Audience Of One Aiden meets up with Gabbi when she is released from the hospital and the pair talk about what happened. Aiden apologizes for everything that happened because of him. Gabbi assures him that she is fine but Aiden doesn't believe her. He tells her that he loves her and just wants her to go back to normal.

8.05 Somewhere I Belong Gabbi shows up at Wyndemere needing to talk to Aiden. Aiden is happy to see her but confused. Gabbi talks to Aiden about what happened to her. She loves him but she doesn't want to hold him back with what happened to her. She was raped. Aiden assures her he doesn't see her any differently. He loves her and wants to be with her.

8.13 Points of Authority Gabbi meets up with Aiden at Kelly's with baby AJ, saying she volunteered to watch her for the day so Miranda could hang out with Grace.

Season 9

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Aiden attends Grace's funeral


Aiden attends Grace's funeral.

with Gabbi to support Miranda who lost her best friend.

9.05 Prepare Your Weapons Aiden goes with Gabbi to sit with Trinity at lunch and later in physics, understanding that she needs a friend.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Aiden attends the charity concert with Gabbi. They give Trinity their condolences while there and then discuss what happened and how Gabbi feels awful about it despite barely knowing Grace.

9.10 On My Own Aiden is talking to Trinity and Gabbi before class when they see Ali Morgan is back at school. They later sit with her at lunch giving her someone to hang out with since both Liam and Madi are gone.

9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Aiden gets a call from Gabbi saying that she is unable to find Miranda and neither can Bianca. Aiden tells her he will help look. He is unable to find anything.

Season 10

10.03 We Fall Apart Aiden returns to school with Gabbi, Ali, Trinity and Taylor and see the makeshift memorials by Kaylee and Amaya's lockers. Trinity asks Gabbi how the search for Miranda is going and Gabbi says that she and her mom are going to talk to John McBain after school. Aiden tells her to keep him updated.

10.05 This Is Raw. This Is Real. Aiden helps Gabbi print off missing posters of Miranda. Bianca tells them she is leaving and not coming back without Miranda. Aiden offers to help watch baby AJ.


10.06 The Crow and The Butterfly Gabbi tells Aiden that photos of Miranda showed up on Raw. Real but John won't do anything because no foul play was involved. Aiden then tells her he knows where they can go and the pair head to the Spinelli house. Gabbi explains the situation and Hayley and her father agree to help. They attempt to trace the IP address of the poster but whoever is running the site is using software to make their signal bounce around Eastern Europe, going from Warsaw to Kiev, L'viv, St. Petersburg, Budapest and Krakow. Hayley tells them the best she can do is try to find out where the photograph was taken. She is able to find the location as downtown Jersey City.

10.08 The Heart Is A Hole A new photo of a now blonde Miranda circulates the website. Gabbi and Aiden go back to Hayley again who is able to use a street sign and send them to Baltimore, Maryland.

10.10 Open Your Eyes Hayley traces a new photo for Aiden and Gabbi to downtown Charlotte, North Carolina at a Starbucks.

10.13 Hard To Find Hayley tracks the newest photo to Nashville, but Bianca just keeps missing her, making Gabbi fear AJ may grow up without both parents. Aiden assures her everything will be fine.


10.15 Imperfections Aiden is helping Gabbi at her place with baby AJ when Marisa Tasker comes by with Diane Miller and Brot Monroe. Gabbi is confused and Diane tells her that she rushed custody paperwork to the court house. With Miranda MIA and Bianca looking for her, it is in the best interest of the child to be in the custody of Marisa and not Gabbi and Aiden. Marisa then takes AJ from Aiden and she and Diane go to back what is needed. Brot apologizes for being there but Marisa doubted Gabbi would give up the child willingly.

10.18 Keep You With Me Gabbi continues to worry about Miranda returning and Aiden does his best to keep her calm and tell her everything will work out. Aiden then goes to Nikolas and asks for his help to get AJ back to Gabbi. Nikolas tells him he can try to find an attorney but it may not go well.

10.20 No News Is Good News Nikolas sits down with Aiden and Gabbi tells them he can help and try to get baby AJ back, but no matter how good of a lawyer he hires, Miranda is still missing and Bianca is the adult in the situation who has left Gabbi alone for too long. Gabbi explains she will be eighteen in a month but Nikolas tells her it doesn't matter. Bianca leaving Gabbi on her own to look for Miranda won't look good.

Season 11

11.03 Long Live Us Aiden goes to his and Gabbi's high school graduation. Aiden does his best to be there for Gabbi since both Marisa and Miranda are both unable to be there.

11.12 Revenge & Its Thrills Gabbi calls Aiden crying and tells him that Miranda was admitted to Shadybrook because her PTSD is so severe.

11.15 When I Come Around Aiden goes to Kelly's for some time alone when he sees Hayley Spinelli there. He sits down across from her and says it's been a while since they've talked. Hayley comments on how he got back together with Gabbi and she has been hanging out with Yasmin. Aiden tells her he can tell something is wrong. Hayley explains her sister Sera is coming back from boarding school in Melbourne and that she is the perfect sister and everyone adores her. With her here, Hayley will fade into relative obscurity. Aiden tries to assure Hayley that won't happen but Hayley tells him he doesn't know Sera.


11.16 Space Enough To Grow Aiden meets Gabbi at Kelly's. Gabbi informs him that she isn't going with him to start at Florida State in the fall, she needs to stay in Port Charles until Miranda gets better. Aiden is shocked and asks her if she wants him to stay also. Gabbi tells him to go without her, he needs to focus on his education.

Season 12 and Exit

12.02 New Modern Love Aiden goes to the airport with Gabbi and he checks in. He asks her if she is sure she doesn't want him to stay. Gabbi tells him that he needs to put his education first. She assures him that as soon as Miranda is better, she will meet him down there. Gabbi hugs Aiden goodbye before he gets on his flight and tells him that she loves him.

12.18The Sky Under The Sea Aiden meets Gabbi at the airport in Florida and the two embrace as they are reunited.


  • The reason Aiden was absent most of Season 6 is actor Luke Bilyk was filming movie The Cycle Of Broken Grace. 
  • Aiden is one of the only character shown to be in an interracial relationship. He dated Malaya Bhandari (Indian) and Lucy Hubbard (African American). The others are Cody Ford (Dated Lucia Martin who is half Latina) and Liam McBain (Dated Yasmin Castillo, also half Latina) 




Malaya Bhandari

  • Start Up: 1.06 The Party Scene
  • Breakup: 1.17 Nothing Left To Lose
    • Reason: Malaya was killed by Drake

Lucy Hubbard

  • Start Up: 2.07 Just Tonight
  • Breakup: 3.04: All The Things I Hate (Revolve Around You)
    • Reason: Lucy left town

Gabbi Montgomery

  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: 3.09 No More Sorrow
    • Break Up: 4.07 Here I Stand
      • Reason: Gabbi broke up with him because Aiden was too paranoid about the gang
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: 8.02 Audience of One