Briana Corinthos is a Port Charles High School graduate and a Freshman at Port Charles University and currently hasn't declared a major but is leaning toward journalism. Briana used to be an athlete, mostly playing soccer and basketball but quit after her older sister Leah died and put herself in her academics. Briana graduated top of her class and was valedictorian like her sister Leah was supposed to be. Briana is very strategic and witty and is full of compassion for others and loves to help people (i.e Noah's drug addiction) Briana used to be best friends with her aunt Josslyn Jacks but they stopped being friends because Josslyn was too controlling and used Briana. to Briana, family always comes first and is there whenever her younger sister Trinity needs her and did her best to stay strong after Leah's death to help her cope. upon finding out her mother was pregnant again, Briana was furious claiming they were trying to replace Leah but later learned that the pregnany really was a surprise and they weren't trying to replace Leah. Briana is best friends with Emma Drake, Jenny Martin and sister Trinity Corinthos, she is the daughter of Michael Corinthos III and Chloe Mathers-Corinthos, Grandaughter of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and rap legend Marshall Mathers. she is married to long-time boyfriend Noah Drake and enemies with aunt Josslyn Jacks. Briana is portrayed by Ashley Benson

Early Life

In The Series

Season 1

Briana is first seen in 1.01 Pilot getting her schedule with aunt and best friend Josslyn Jacks. The two meet up with Josslyn's boyfriend Noah and the three go to class and get their sophomore year started. Briana later learns that her older sister Leah is running for class president against Sierra Morasco, Briana then starts to help with her campaign along with younger sister Trinity.

1.03 On The Line, Briana is home with her family when the phone rings, Leah is in the kitchen helping Trinity with her algebra homework and Chloe is making dinner so Briana answers and its someone from the hospital and wants to talk to Chloe so Briana brings the phone to her mom and immdiatly knows something is wrong and later is informed about the possiblity the baby switch never happened and Leah might not be her sister. Briana is there for Leah along with Trinity and Emma when Leah breaks down with the possibility of not being a Corinthos and being a Spencer. When the news comes back that Leah is a Corinthos, Briana, Trinity, Leah and Emma are ecstatic.

1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect Briana and Leah know something is wrong with Trinity and can't figure out what it is until Trinity finally tells them that Trevor pressured her into sex. Briana and Leah comfort Trinity as she breaks down about it and she and Leah decide not to tell their parents knowing Michael will possibly kill Trevor over it. When Trevor comes around to see Trinity, Briana and Leah let him know tha
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Briana recovers in the hospital after Alcohal Poisoning

t he isn't allowed to be around their sister anymore and is lucky their dad doesn't know what he did.

1.06 The Party Scene, Josslyn decides she wants to go to Sierra Morasco's party and she convinces Briana to go. upon arrival, Josslyn ditches to go hang out with boyfriend Noah and leaves Briana alone. Briana is later met by Cameron Webber who talks her up. He then gets them both drinks and the two find a quieter place to talk. As the two continue to talk, Cameron continues to give her drinks, not to long, Briana passes out. Madi Morgan sees and calls Briana's sister Leah who arrives with Emma and finds Briana passed out. With the help of Spike Lavery, Briana is taken to Leah's car and Leah and Emma take her to the hospital where Patrick and Robin are working. They quickly get Briana's stomach pumped and Leah calls her parents. When Briana recovers from getting her stomach pumped, she explains that Josslyn made her go to the party and then ditched her and Cameron pressured her into drinking.

1.08 Someone Who Cares, Briana is there for sister Leah when she learns that Ian slept with her best friend Jenny.

Briana is a dear in head lights when the car comes straight for her

1.09 Get Out Alive, Briana is out for a walk when she crosses the street and is hit by a car. Briana is then rushed to the hospital where she has her spleen removed because of the damage. After emergency surgery, it is unsure if she is going to make it. Michael instantly knows that it was mob r
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Briana lies on the side of the road after being hit

elated and goes to Jason while Chloe stays at the hospital with Trinity and Leah and Josslyn shows up. Not to long after that, Josslyn is given medical attention because of her kidneys and it is revealed that they are both failing and her only hope is to get a tranplant from Briana. Patrick gets them into the OR and does the transplant

1.10 Make It Right, Briana wakes up and recovers from the surgery and is doing great. Drake Niles comes to visit her and brings her flowers saying he has been admiring her for a while and wants to go out with her. Briana agrees that when she is released from the hospital to go on a date with him.

1.11 What Does It Take Briana has to go to a safe house along with Leah, Trinity, Sydney, Elena, Christian, Madi and Ali because there is a hit out against the organization.

1.12 Fire In My Eyes Briana gets to go home after the situation gets under control.

1.13 You've Been On My Mind Briana tells Ian that he isn't welcome around their house and that he should be ashamed for what he did to Leah.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black Briana attends the Winter Formal with Drake and notices that Leah isn't there and when she talks to Emma about it, Emma volunteers to go to their place to see what is taking Leah so long, not aware of the attack.

1.15 Never Surrender, Briana hangs out with Leah in the hospital and talk about what happened and is there for her sister.

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose Briana is in school with Josslyn on the second floor getting ready for class when they hear the gunshots go off. they instantly run for one of the stair cases but Briana gets pushed down and nearly trampled while Josslyn runs off. Someone finally grabs the scrambling Briana by the waist and lifts her up as they ran, Briana looks around for Josslyn and realizes she is gone, Briana is then grabbed by Leah and Emma and then rush into a room as the lockdown announcement goes on. Briana asks whats going on and Leah tells her she needs to stay quiet. Leah puts her arms around her sister and holds her close as she tries to calm Briana down. After about forty five minutes, they hear Drake call out Briana's name very madly. Leah and Emma react fast by bringing Briana over to the teachers desk and have her hide under it, Leah tells Briana that no matter what happens don't come out. Drake then makes his way into the room and points his gun at Emma and rants about how she has what he doesn't when it comes to a father. Briana hears a gunshot go off and Emma scream, going against what Leah told her, Briana leaves her hiding spot and gets up and sees Leah on the ground and Emma next to her. Drake then sees Briana and grabs her and yanks her out of the room and into the hallway. They are then met by SWAT and Drake pulls Briana against him and puts his gun to her head saying he will shoot her. after many words are exchanged between SWAT and Drake, Drake is gunned down and Briana falls to the ground with him, thinking she was shot too, SWAT comes over and gets Briana away from Drake's dead body as they rush over to it and remove the gun.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Briana is pulled away from Drake as he bleeds out and becomes hysterical. After a few minutes, Dante takes her to the hospital to meet up with her mother and father. They are then informed Leah didn't make it. Briana becomes hysterical again and Chloe tries to keep her calm while father Michael looks like he is out for blood.

2.02 The Worst Parts Briana has a hard time mourning her sister's death. Her grandfather Marshall comes to town and she still has a hard time processing what happened that day. Leah died to protect Emma. She was willing to die to protect her too. Her boyfriend had killed her sister, Her boyfriend had tried to kill her.


2.03 It's All Over Briana doesn't want Trevor anywhere near Trinity after he left her there to die after she was shot. Because of him, she almost lost two sisters. She also has a heart-to-heart conversation with her grandfather Marshall about what happened.

2.04 Cry For Help before Leah's funeral, Briana is bitter about the whole thing, not ready to say goodbye to her older sister. She is bitter through the service until its time to lower the coffin in the ground and she finally gets emotional and grandfather Marshall tries to console her crying. When she gets home, she locks herself in her room and avoids her family.

2.05 Disparity By Design Briana goes back to school with everyone else. She goes to Kelly's after school to see Josslyn and Noah get in an argument and overhears them breaking up. She sees Josslyn storm off and asks Noah what happened. Noah doesn't want to talk about it but Josslyn later tells her that Noah is doing heroin. Briana figures that this could help her get over what happened to Leah and decides to help him get clean.

2.06 Second Chance Briana confronts Noah about his addiction and after much arguing, Briana tells him that it's not healthy and that he needs help. She later takes him to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to help him.

2.08 Somewhere I Belong Briana is seen at home talking to Noah on the phone.

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies Briana is again seen at home and at school talking to Noah.

2.10 Going Under Briana tells Trinity to give her performance her all.

2.11 Anywhere But Here Briana notices her mom isn't feeling well and thinks it has something to the loss of Leah.

2.12 Going Through Changes Briana goes to another Narcotics Anonymous meeting with Noah and continues to encourage his progress with giving up heroin. He kisses her after the meeting.

2.14 One Day Too Late Briana confronts Noah about their kiss and how it happened, Noah tells her that he does have feelings for her and she has helped him. He and Josslyn had been having problems for a while and is happy they broke up. After hesitation, Briana agrees to go out with him.
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Noah thanks Briana

2.15 Stand Up Noah and Briana are together at school when Josslyn notices and freaks out even though she broke up with Noah. She calls Briana a boyfriend stealer and is furious. Briana finally stands up for herself since Josslyn has been pushing her around since they were young. Briana tells her that she broke up with him because of a problem he had, Briana helped him fix that problem and it's not her fault that they grew closer.

2.17 Believe In Me Briana watches and cheers Trinity on at the talent show.

2.18 What's It Gonna Be Emma asks Briana if Leah had a speech prepared for the end of the year since Leah planned ahead all the time. The two search Leah's room and find a speech, Emma asks if Briana will read it at the graduation ceremony since she was Leah's sister.

2.19 Recovery Begins Michael and Chloe tell Briana and Trinity that Chloe is pregnant again. Trinity is furious and storms off while Briana listens to what they say. She has a hard time taking it in since Leah just died but understands it wasn't on purpose to replace Leah.

2.20 Day Of Reckoning Briana goes to the graduation ceremony and reads the speech Leah had written as class president and likely valedictorian. Briana later goes to the graduation party and is seen in the crowd with Noah as Tyler's body is taken away by the paramedics.

Season 3

3.01 Last To Know Briana returns to school with everyone else.

3.06 The Sound Of Madness Briana returns home from school after witnessing the fight between Madi and Fiona and finds her parents arguing about her mother's pregnancy. Briana and Trinity over hear her dad blaming her mother for forgetting to take her birth control. The end up hearing that their mother's pregnancy is having complications that could kill her, but also realize that they were not trying to replace Leah.


Briana sees the Facebook page.

3.07 I Lose Control Noah texts Briana after school to check Facebook. She does and finds out that Meghan Spencer has created a Facebook page titled "I Hate Trinity Corinthos." Briana is furious and tries to hide it from Trinity and keep her off Facebook, but Trinity sees it and fakes being sick the next day. Briana doesn't want to stress out their mother anymore because of her pregnancy.

3.08 World So Cold Briana confronts Meghan at school for the page. She returns home to find her parents not home but hearing Trinity sobbing. She finds Trinity in the bathrooms with a handful of sleeping pills in her hand. Briana instantly grabs her hand and Trinity tries to get free. Briana desperately tries to get her to drop the pills. Their arguing gets louder and Chloe comes home and hears. Briana explains what happened at school and with Facebook doing anything to get Trinity to droop the handful of pills. Chloe is able to help Briana convince Trinity to drop them and the two help her out of the bathroom and console her, Chloe saying she will talk to Siobhan and make it stop.

3.09 Noah asks Briana why she has been so distant lately and she tells him her mothers pregnancy could kill her.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Briana is pissed at Meghan for the death threat sent to her sister and Noah has to hold her back before she hurts her.

3.11 Keep Holding On Briana helps Trinity return to school after the death threat.

3.14 Far From Never Briana and Trinity learn they are going to have another sister and start helping their parents look at baby names.

3.15 The Story Of Us Briana helps Trinity cope with Max cheating on her with Meghan.

3.16 Running From Lions Briana goes to Emma's place and the pair have a girls night with Jenny.

3.19 In Fate's Hands Briana and Trinity are doing their best to give their mother a stress-free pregnancy after the whole Facebook incident. Chloe later passes out and they have to rush her to the hospital and call their dad and their mother has an emergency c-section.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Briana waits with Trinity in the waiting room for word on their mother. She also hears that Madi is flatlining. After all the commotion Michael comes out and tells them to meet their new sister, he tells them that their mom is going to be okay, but she did lose a lot of blood so it may be a while. Briana goes with Trinity to meet their little sister. When Chloe wakes up, Briana is the first to hug her.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Trinity, Michael, Chloe and the newest addition to their family arrive home from the hospital. There is a package on the doorstep and Michael asks Briana to get it. Briana grabs it and heads into the kitchen when she realizes its addressed to her. Upon opening it she sees a few items from her room including her snowglobe from Disney World that she always keeps on her shelf. There is also a detailed description of what she did the day before. She calls for Michael who comes in and sees what it is, calling Jason. Jason is still dealing with his fractured family, making Michael have to call in Milo. After putting Violet down for a nap, Chloe talks to Michael about how this is similar to the same guy who stalked her while she was pregnant with Briana. Briana is told she isn't leaving the house without Milo near her and debates calling the police or having the organization deal with it.

4.04 The Answer To Everything Briana is forced to stay home when her two cousins Grace and Rory move to town so they have dinner at their house. Briana is curious if its that big of a deal or not and if someone is trying to just scare her.

4.05 Work It Out Briana, still under house arrest, she is also furious when she finds out that Trinity is in a relationship with Trevor again.


Briana texts Noah

4.08 A Party Song (Walk Of Shame) Josslyn throws a party and Briana is furious she can't go because her parents have her on lockdown, especially since she hasn't seen Noah in forever. She texts him to meet her at the park, when Noah shows up, someone attacks them, her stalker. Noah is able to fight them off and has Briana run. She is able to get help and but Noah is stabbed. Briana meets him at the hospital and her parents are furious she snuck out. They are interrupted when Emma brings Jenny saying she past out but didn't drink any alcohol at the party. Michael tells Briana he will lecture her later on this.

4.10 Hush Milo goes everywhere Briana goes, including school and Noah is forbidden from going out to see her unless Milo is with her. They are both annoyed by this and Dante asks Michael if he wants to start a criminal investigation and Michael finally agrees since they can't find anything on who is stalking Briana.

4.11 Hit The Floor Briana gets another package in the mail of more stuff from her room and a detailed account of what happened the night before. Michael finally takes up Dante's offer who has Chloe come in. Briana hears in detail what her stalker did to her when she was a little older than Briana.

4.12 My Obsession Briana is at school in between classes when she asks Milo for some privacy to head to the restroom. After using it, she exits and notices Milo isn't there. She starts walking down the hallway looking for him when someone pulls her into a room. Briana tries to scream but something is injected in her neck.

4.13 Eyes On You Briana wakes up in an empty room handcuffed to a wall. After calling out for someone, a man comes in and asks her how she is doing. He acts like nothing is wrong and Briana understands that this guy is not mentally stable. She does her best to gain his trust and listens to how he talks about how his father was once in love with her mother and when he finally started to look into who Chloe Mathers was, he found out about her and thought she was beautiful. Briana tries to gain his trust but not buy into his delusional fantasies.

4.15 Don't Walk The Other Way Briana is able to gain his trust to where he uncuffs her and she realizes she is in an abondones warehouse on the docks. She is able to wait until he is distracted before hitting him on the head with a glass. She then runs and as she is fleeing through the maze that is the warehouse she runs into Jason who then guns him down. He takes Briana outside to Spinelli while he burns the warehouse down. He then tells Briana her cover story. She escaped when they were going to switch vehicles. They wore masks and didn't give her any details. He then drops her off on a road and watches as she flags down a vehicle and Jason follows to make sure she is taken to the police station. After giving an officer her statement she is reunited with her parents, Trinity and Noah.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Briana is invited by Emma to her families cabin for an end of the year bash along with Trinity, AJ, Noah, Hope, Grace and Miranda. Briana asks if she can go and Michael and Chloe are iffy on whether or not to let Briana go, especially after what happened. They finally decide if Milo can check the place out before hand. Briana is happy to go.


Briana sees Trinity

4.18 Death and All His Friends Briana leaves to the cabin with Trinity, Jenny and Emma, Noah going to arrive with Trevor later. Briana feels a little bit off, but thinks it might be because of what happened recently. She talks to Trinity on if she is sure that she trusts Trevor this time and tells her that in her opinion Max treated her better. Trinity tells her she is happy with Trevor and asks Briana that she respects her decision. When Noah and Trevor don't show up after a few hours, Briana calls and Noah lets her know that they got a flat tire and should be there within the next hour or so. Briana starts to help Emma in the kitchen when she hears Hope arguing with Grace and AJ and storm off. Briana walks into the room and asks whats going on, Miranda tells her not to worry about it. Briana is confused but okay. After a while, Miranda comes in and tells her that AJ left after Hope stormed off AJ went after but hasn't come back yet. She was wondering when Noah and Trevor were going to get there. Trinity tells her that she will go out and check, this isn't Friday the 13th. Briana exits the cabin and tries to call Noah again only to see she doesn't have a signal. She hears yelling from the yard and runs to find Trinity laying on the ground bleeding from her left shoulder, no longer having an arm there. Briana acts quickly grabbing Trinity and bringing her into the house. She yells for them to lock the doors, someone's out there. As Grace goes to lock the front door, Noah and Trevor come in to see the chaos. Briana screams for someone to help before Trinity bleeds to death. Noah thinks fast and goes into the kitchen grabbing a pan they were cooking with and cautarizes Trinity's wound. Trevor is in shock at what's going on and freezes up. Grace says she is going to go find help since they can't get a signal and leaves, grabbing a knife from the kitchen. Noah does his best to care for Trinity's wound with Emma's help and Briana just next to her begging for her to wake up.

Season 5

5.01 Some Things Burn The episode resumes with Briana crying by Trinity's unconscious body in the kitchen while Noah and Trevor barricade the doors. Noah comes back over and takes Trinity's pulse and lets Briana know she is alive and should be okay, he stopped the bleeding but they need to get her to a hospital ASAP so she doesn't get a nasty infection and that if Emma got a signal, that help should be there within ten minutes. Briana continues to stay by Trinity and relives some of her favorite memories with her including snow days and helping Trinity dye her hair for the first time. There is a knock at the door with someone identifying themselves as the police, Noah and Trevor peak through the window and sees flashing lights and many officers so they unbarricade the door and let them in, Noah lets them know Trinity needs medical attention ASAP. Paramedics come in and bring Trinity out separating her from Briana. The officers lead Jenny, Emma, Miranda, Noah and Briana out of the cabin. Outside Hope and AJ's body are posed and Noah pulls Briana close so she can't see the mess. She is transported to the hospital where she is reunited with her parents. They are later told that Trinity is going to be fine, she lost a limb but because of Noah's quick thinking he stopped the bleeding and kept her from bleeding out.

5.02 Erase This Trinity is released from the hospital and their grandfather Marshall comes to town to help out. Briana does her best to help Trinity cope with losing an arm and tries to be there for her. She later discusses the issue with Marshall who tells her she just has to be there for Trinity and let her know that she loves her and will support her no matter what.

5.03 Your Love Was A Lie Briana attends both Hope and AJ's funeral and witnesses Cole create a scene by attacking James.

5.04 No More Sorrow Briana sees both Trevor and Max have sent Trinity flowers. Trevor talks to her about how he had no idea Trinity's favorite flowers were tiger lillies and got Sunflowers because she always has a sunny atitud. Briana tells him Trinity will like them because they are from him. She still thinks Max is a better fit for Trinity but doesn't tell her that.

5.05 Not Enough Trinity is still pretty upset over the incident which is understandable. Briana then rents Soul Surfer to hopefully cheer Trinity up. They make a movie night out of it but it doesn't go as planned. Trinity still is really upset and continues to isolate herself.


Briana is skeptical of Josslyn

5.06 Everybody Hurts Briana is very confused that her cousin Grace's mother could kick her out for simply being gay but is welcoming when Chloe lets her stay with them. Grace is thankful and says she will try not to get in the way but Briana assures her that she won't and if she needs anything to let them know.

5.07 Never Go Back Noah calls Briana and lets her know that Josslyn talked to him about being friends again. Briana is shocked, especially when Josslyn shows up on her doorstep attempting to make amends. Briana isn't sure how to take it, especially after everything Josslyn did to her when she found out that Briana was helping Noah get clean and it wasn't her intent to date him. Briana tells her that right now she has a lot going on, especially with Trinity but will think about it and see how the school year progresses.

5.08 All I Wanted Briana finds out that the school is doing a summer production of Beauty and the Beast to help with the tragedy of what recently happened. Briana asks Trinity to audition but Trinity tells her she doesn't plan on it. It's hard to act and dance with one arm. Briana asks her to think about it.

5.09 All I Need To Be Briana talks to Trinity again to see if she will audition. Trinity continues saying no. Briana than reaches out to Bethany Hamilton on twitter hoping she can get a response to give Trinity. She DM's her with what happened and how Trinity has isolated herself from the things she loves and hopes that maybe Bethany can give her some advice. Instead Bethany Hamilton shows up in Port Charles to talk to Trinity face-to-face. Briana thanks her talking to her. Trinity then decides to audition.

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulders Briana wishes Trinity luck before she goes to rehearsal.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Briana says goodbye to Grace as she heads home.

5.15 What I've Done Briana goes with her family to visit Leah's grave on her birthday and also introduce her baby sister Violet. Noah and Trevor come along for moral support. Briana has a hard time still with knowing Leah died to save her.


Briana talks to Trinity

5.16 Feels Like Home Briana walks in on a frustrated Trinity trying to play the piano and possibly write a new song. Briana sits with her and Trinity helps teach Briana the part so she can be her other hand. The two are able to play and Briana lets Trinity know that they make a great team.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Briana wishes Trinity luck before the show and sits with her parents and Noah. She has no idea Aiden has a gun and is shocked when Noah sees it and tackles him to stop from hurting someone.

Season 6

6.01 Brick By Boring Brick Briana finds out that grandfather Marshall is permantly moving to town from Detroit.

6.02 Chalk Outline Briana attends a family dinner to welcome Marshall to town. Noah and Trevor also come. She listens to the stories Marshall tells about her parents when they were younger. She is later seen helping her mom do the dishes.

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless Briana worries about Trinity adjusting to school with only one arm. Briana offers to help her but Trinity wants to be independent. Briana supports Trinity's decision to get a prosthetic but realizes it is more trouble then help.

6.04 Should've When You Could've Briana is at home when Chloe brings Grace in to stay with them again.

6.06 Crazy Beautiful Life Briana spends the day with Noah. Upon returning she realizes her mother is furious over something.

6.09 Cross The Line Briana comes home from school to see her aunt Lainey and Chloe fighting. She decides to let it be and disappears to her room.

6.10 She's A Rebel Briana notices Trinity has been distancing herself from Trevor. Briana asks Trinity if everything is okay and Trinity assures her she is fine. Just trying to get settled and catch up on school.

6.12 This Is My Last Goodbye Briana is at home when Trinity returns crying. Briana asks her whats wrong and Trinity explains that she broke up with Trevor and is with Max again.


Grace tells Briana Violet was taken to the doctors

6.13 Remember When Briana comes home from school to see Grace pacing. Briana asks what's happening and Grace explains that Violet had a fever so Chloe took her to the hospital afraid it could lead to measles since she hasn't been able to vaccinated yet. Briana makes a comment about how stupid anti-vaxxers can be. She waits up with Grace and Trinity until Michael and Chloe get back happy that she is fine and was able to get the vaccination.

6.14 Got Me Going Crazy Briana wakes up to balloons in her room to celebrate her 18th birthday. She meets her family downstairs where the give her her presents. At school Noah gives her flowers and in the evening she goes out to dinner with her family.

6.15 Careful What You Wish For Briana listens as Jake and Amanda explain that Trevor didn't come home the previous night and is furious when they blame Trinity.

6.17 Space Bound Briana tells her parents that since Emma's roommate is going home for the weekend, she she is going to stay with her that weekend on campus. After school she and Noah head off to Atlantic City for the weekend. The two spend some time at the casino before going to the bar. The next day Briana wakes up in a veil and a killer hangover to see Noah looking at something with a panicked face. She gets up and walks over and sees it's a marriage certificate.

Season 7

7.01 New Perspective Briana is in shock over seeing the marriage certificate and asks Noah what happened the night before. Noah tells her he can't remember. Before Briana can freak out, she runs to the bathroom and throws up due to her hangover. When she emerges from the bathroom, Noah jokes about how bad her reaction was. Briana lets him know this is serious. The two sit down and think about what they got themselves into. Briana has no idea what to do with the situation and tells Noah they have to figure out a way to undo it and asks about annulment. Noah tells her that they may be able to use the incapacitated clause because they both weren't of sound mind but that is usually due to mental illness, not being drunk. Briana then starts to pack up her stuff and tells him they better get back home and figure it out.


Briana returns home

7.02 Don't Let Me Get Me Noah drops Briana off at her house and tells her he will call and they can figure out what to do. Briana enters the house and is shocked to see a huge portion of their carpet missing and blood splatter on the wall. She sees her dad walk in and asks what happened. Michael explains what happened with Trevor and Trinity. Briana runs to Trinity's room and Trinity tells her she is fine, she just needs time to process everything. Briana tells her that if she needs anything, just let her know. She then goes to call Noah and tells him they can't tell their parents right now and explains what happened to Trinity. Noah is shocked to hear what Trevor did and agrees to not tell their parents what happened and he will look into annulment on his own. Briana thanks him before going to talk to her parents to get the story on exactly what happened.

7.03 The Strength To Go On Briana returns to school with Trinity and wants to help her. During the day she sees Amaya Martin trip her. She helps Trinity get her stuff and takes her straight home. She then gets a call from Jenny saying that she wants nothing to do with Briana anymore. Briana is confused and Jenny explains that with what Trinity did, she can't be around Briana anymore.

Briana looks over annulment papers.

7.04 You Can Talk Me Into it Noah gets papers drawn up from an attorney and gives them to Briana to look over. Briana later looks them over at home before her parents get home. When Chloe arrives she hides them in her backpack before heading out to Kelly's to meet Noah. She and Noah get coffee and sit down. Briana explains she looked over the papers and thinks they could use the clause Noah mentioned, but that would lead to a court hearing and with what is going on with her family, she can't do that right now. Noah tells her they have a three year period to file but the sooner the better for their case. Briana asks him if he's okay and Noah asks Briana how she would feel about staying married. Briana is confused and thinks he means wait longer but Noah explains that he wants to stay married to her and not get an annulment or divorce. He then explains that for a while he has been thinking about where their relationship was going and was thinking about what they would do after high school. After some thought Briana agrees to see where this goes since they have three years.

7.05 Don't Let Me Down Noah and Briana talk at school and decide they should tell someone about what happened, even if it's not their parents so they decide to tell Emma. After school she and Noah meet Emma at the student union building at PCU to talk. Emma is happy to see them but confused on why they need to talk to her. Noah explains what happened and Emma is shocked to say the least. Noah then explains they are going to try it out and if it doesn't work, they can get an annulment. Noah then asks if she can not tell anyone until they figure out a way to tell their parents. Emma agrees and Briana asks about Jenny. Emma explains that since they haven't been able to balance out friendship and Emma's course load, Jenny hasn't spoken to her and she has tried to reach out after what happened to Trevor but Jenny is ignoring her. Briana thanks Emma and tells her to let her know if Jenny returns her calls. Noah and Briana then leave and talk about who to tell next. Briana recommends his parents since her parents are still dealing with what is happening to Trinity.

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7.06 Fall Into Me Briana sees Meghan trying to bother Trinity and Briana tells her to back off. After school, she and Noah go to the Drake house when both Robin and Patrick are there. Noah tells them that they have to talk to to them about something. Robin is nervous and fears that Briana is pregnant but is not happy to learn what really happened. Patrick asks Briana if he and Robin can speak to Noah alone and Briana agrees and steps outside. After a half hour Noah meets up with her and tells her his parents aren't happy but support the decision to stay married. The pair then go to where Marshall is staying and tell him. Marshall is shocked but says as long as Briana isn't pregnant and they are serious, he isn't going to do anything.

7.07 Grim Goodbyes Trinity tells Briana she wants to go to Trevor's funeral and feels she owes it to him. Briana agrees to take her if they sit in the back and don't draw attention, the Martin's won't want to see Trinity there. Trinity agrees and Briana takes her but are stopped outside the church by Charlotte who refuses to let Trinity in. Briana lets the two talk but when Charlotte tells her she won't let Trinity ruin her brothers funeral, Briana tells Trinity it is best if they leave and Trinity reluctantly agrees.

7.08 Come Clean Briana and Noah agree that they need to tell her parents since everyone else has been told. After school Noah comes over when both Michael, Chloe and Trinity are home and tell them they need to talk. Again, both her parents fear that Briana is pregnant but have little relief after finding out they got drunk and married in Atlantic City. Chloe does her best to stay calm and stops Michael from getting up and hurting Noah. She asks Briana if she is sure about this and Briana tells her she is. Michael lets Noah know that if he hurts Briana, he will kill him. Noah accepts the threat and tells him he won't, before Noah leaves for the night, he gives Briana a proper ring. Trinity is mad Briana never told her and Briana tells her that she didn't want this to overshadow what happened with Trevor.

7.09 Won't Back Down Noah rents an apartment with money he has saved up over the years. Briana starts packing up her stuff but notices Trinity still is having problems with what is going on at school. Trinity later logs into Facebook on her laptop in the kitchen and Briana sees her looking at Meghan's Facebook page. Briana asks why she hasn't told anyone, especially since Meghan isn't supposed to be on social media sites.Trinity tells her she is too numb to care.

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best Briana continues to pack so she can move in with Noah. In a few days they will be able to sign a lease and pick up their keys. She notices Trinity is still struggling with everything that has happened. She talks to Chloe about the problem of wanting to be there for her sister and also wanting to take what happened with Noah seriously. Later in the day when Noah comes by Chloe sits them down to talk. She offers to let Noah stay for a while until Trinity is back up on her feet and they can get a place together. The pair discuss it and Noah agrees to move in temporarily until Trinity is okay and they can get a place together.

7.12 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Briana finds Trinity sobbing by the door and she asks what happened and Trinity tells her what Charlotte told her.


7.13 We Stitch These Wounds Briana witnesses Amaya trip Trinity again, causing her and Max to get her up off the floor. Briana asks Trinity if she wants to go home and Trinity nods in tears and before they leave, she yells out that she didn't kill Trevor.

7.14 Like I Care Briana overhears her grandfather talking to her parents about him moving back to Detroit after what happened, especially since Trevor acted out one of his songs.

7.16 Only God Can Change Me Josslyn confronts Briana at school about her marriage to Noah. Briana tells her this isn't the time or place to discuss this and blows her off. When she is getting coffee from Kelly's that night, Josslyn also happens to be there and decides to make a scene. Josslyn tells Briana that she ruined her relationship with Noah. Briana is shocked and thought that they were over this. Josslyn continues on until Briana interrupts her and tells her that despite Josslyn being her aunt, she has always treated Briana like dirt. Briana then tells Josslyn to grow up and leaves.

7.18 The Good Left Undone It's graduation day. Briana arrives to the school early to help set up and get ready to give her speech. She sees Josslyn again and does her best to avoid her. When it's almost ready to go on, Briana notices the notecards of her speech are missing and goes on without it. She is able to remember most of it and delivery it correctly.

Season 8

8.07 Something New Trinity prepares for her senior year at Madison Prep.

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy Grandpa Marshall comes over to spend time with Briana, Trinity and Violet. As he leaves, Briana and Trinity overhear him telling Chloe she did a great job.

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Briana testifies.

8.09 Falling Apart Jenny stops by the Corinthos house and asks to speak to Briana. Briana goes to the door and Jenny asks her to please testify against Ian about how what he did effected Leah. Briana refuses and as a reason, mentioned that Jenny can't even look Trinity in the eyes and just left her because of what happened to Trevor. Jenny begs her to put this behind them and to please do what is best for the child. After Jenny leaves, Trinity tells Briana she has to testify because if Ian gets custody of that child, it won't end well. She understands that she hates Jenny for what she did to her and how she treated her after the Trevor incident, but she needs to do it. Briana reluctantly agrees and shows up to testify that what happened really effected Leah negatively and is lucky to have survived it. Jenny thanks Briana afterwards, but Briana tells her she did it for her daughter, not her.

8.10 The Game Is Over As Trinity spends more time with Beth, Noah and Briana decide she is well enough for them to move out and into their old place. Noah is able to get the lease for the place they were looking at before and Briana packs up her stuff and the pair move out. Before leaving, Briana tells Trinity that if she ever needs anything, no matter what, she can always call her.

8.12 You and Me, Can't You See Briana and Noah adjust to married life and living together, which includes him going to work and her getting things settled in the house as they prepare to start college at PCU. Briana has a little trouble and burns dinner and worries that she isn't "wife material" but Noah assures her that everything is fine.


Briana walks in on Ian attacking Jenny

8.14 Because Of You Briana decides she needs to talk to Jenny quick about the trial and see if things can be patched up. Noah drives her but Briana is nervous and tells him if she isn't out in five minutes or have texted him that things go well, to come get her because they could be arguing. Noah agrees. Briana knocks on the door and calls out for Jenny. When she hears Jenny yelling something she goes inside and looks for her, only to come across Ian having tied up Jenny. Briana tries to run but Ian tackles her and then ties her up too. Briana warns him that Noah is outside and if she doesn't come out in five minutes, he will come inside looking for her. Ian doesn't believe her but in five minutes Noah goes inside looking for her and finds them both tied up. Ian attacks him but Noah is able to fight him off and Ian flees. Noah unties them and calls the police.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Briana is recovering from the attack and Trinity

comes to visit her and the pair talk. Trinity tells her what happened with Beth and Briana assures her things will be okay. Jenny later comes by after Trinity leaves and talks to Briana about what happened. She thanks her for helping, even if it resulted with Ian trying to kill them. Jenny then tells her she is moving back to Pine Valley. Briana asks if she is sure and Jenny tells her it's the next step for her. She then leaves.

Briana is questioned over Ian's murder

8.16 That's What You Get Ian's body is discovered and the police immediately suspect Briana, Noah, Jenny, Michael and Chloe. Briana is utside her apartment building when Ronnie shows up and arrests her, which results in him handcuffing her on the ground in one of the decorative gardens. Briana is furious and tells him she was cooperating. She is then taken to the police station and questioned by Ronnie who is adamant she had something to do with it. Briana tells him she was home the other day and didn't leave the apartment. Both Trinity and Jenny Martin can verify that along with the security cameras at the apartment building. After being there for a long time, Ronnie finally has to let her go telling her not to leave town. Briana responds she has nowhere to go. She meets her parents, Trinity, and Noah outside who were also questioned by the police. She and Noah head home. Noah asks if her dad had anything to do with what happened to Ian and Briana tells him he doesn't want to know the answer, plausible deniability is a good thing to have.

8.17 Let It Die After Ronnie is unable to pin Ian's death on anyone, so the case is closed. Noah once again asks Briana if Michael had anything to do with it. Briana again tells him he doesn't want to know the answer. Noah tells her he does and Briana explains the less he knows the better, when Noah presses her, Briana tells him that when she was kidnapped, Jason found her and killed the guy before burning down the place he held her. Everything she told the police was a lie and Jason dropped her off by a high traffic road so she could say she got away at a transfer point. Noah is in shock and Briana repeats that he doesn't want to know what her dad did Ian.

Season 9

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginnings Briana gets a call from her mom informing her of Grace's suicide. Briana is shocked.

9.03 I've Become So Numb Briana sees that Grace's suicide has made headlines. Noah asks if she is okay and Briana tells him she is fine, just shocked that it happened and explains what Grace's mother did.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Briana attends Grace's funeral and witnesses her mom tell her Aunt Lainey that this is her fault. Briana and Noah try to keep Chloe but she storms off. Briana followers her and listens as her mother vents about how Grace didn't deserve this, she deserved a family that accepted her. Briana agrees with her but tells her there is nothing they can do now.

9.06 Savior Briana helps her mom, Rory, Savannah and Miranda plan the charity concert Rise Against wants to put on in Grace's honor.

9.07 Don't Tell Me Briana tells Chloe she is doing a good thing by letting Rory stay with her and not go back to her parents.

9.08 Make It Stop, Let This End Briana attends the Rise Against charity concert with Noah and has a good time.


Briana talks to Emma about her future.

9.12 You're The Reason Briana starts wondering what classes to take for her next quarter now that the only mandatory one she needs to take is a math course. She has no idea what to major in and goes to talk to Emma and explains the situation. Emma has always known she wanted to be a doctor and Leah always knew she wanted to be a lawyer, but Briana has no clue what to do. Emma tells her to finish with the required classes for a basic associates and to just take electives that sound interesting.

Season 10

10.02 Memories Of A Broken Heart Briana is still having a hard time declaring a major or what she wants to do. She goes to visit her mother at home and talks to her about it. Chloe just gives her the same advice both Emma and Trinity have told her. Briana then asks if she can take a gap year. Chloe then tells her that she never had the privledge of attending college. She was pregnant the year after high school with Leah, then two years later with Briana and than Trinity. She never got the opportunity to go out and experience life and expand her education because she was taking care of them. While she doesn't regret her choices or her life, but she wants better for her and Trinity, which is why Briana will not be taking a gap year. Briana returns home and once again thinks about what she is doing.

10.07 Let Love Bleed Red Winter quarter begins at PCU and Briana ends up taking her required math course, an engineering course and a history course on The Middle East. She is surprised to see Spike in her engineering course and asks why he isn't recording. Spike then tells her that he quit the band and he and Madi broke up. Briana is shocked and Spike tells her he is happy where his life is going.


Briana gets a call from a distraught Trinity

10.08 Briana gets a call from a distraught Trinity saying she went to Bensonhurst to visit Max, only to walk in on him with another girl. Briana asks Trinity if she wants to meet up and hang. Trinity tells her she is going to hang out with Taylor but she just wanted to talk to her sister. Briana tells her Max is a dick and he doesn't know what he just lost.

10.10 Open Your Eyes Briana is assigned a project in her engineering class and partners up with Spike. The pair work on it in the Union building after class and she sees Noah talking to another girl who is visibly flirting with him. Briana tries to push away jealousy and just works with Spike. She goes home that night and casually asks Noah who the girl was, saying she saw them when she and Spike were working on their engineering project in the Union building. Noah explains that she is Lila Alcazar and new this quarter, she just moved from Pine Valley and they are in the same English class.

10.12 Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend Briana continues to see Lila around Noah and flirting with him but he seems completely oblivious which gives her some comfort, knowing he doesn't seem interested. She tries to let it go and not be the jealous wife. She continues to spend more time with Spike. At home, she gets a text from an anonymous number with a link. She goes to and it's the Raw. Real site with a story claiming she is cheating on Noah with Spike Lavery. Briana calls Trinity and asks her what the heck Raw. Real is and Trinity explains it's a gossip site run by someone who likes to remain anonymous, she and Taylor think it's Meghan but Meghan usually likes to take credit for her work. She then asks why she asks and Briana explains that there is a story about her apparently cheating on Noah with Spike Lavery. Trinity tells her not to worry, no one believes most of the stuff posted, and judging by what she is seeing with the story, it's just her and Spike hanging out doing school work. Briana is annoyed with the site but doesn't think much of it after Trinity gives her an explanation. Noah arrives home from work and Briana tells him about it, saying that she would rather him hear about the bullshit story from her than from someone else. Noah looks up the story on his computer and laughs at how ridiculous it is.

10.15 Imperfections Briana is tired of seeing Lila constantly flirt with Noah and decides to talk to her about it. When Lila is walking to a different building between classes, Briana introduces herself to her as Noah's wife. Lila says she had no idea Noah was married and never mentioned even having a girl in his life. Briana tells her that is unlikely, especially since he has a wedding ring. Lila asks Briana what this is about and Briana tells her she has seen her first with Noah countless times, she isn't going to play the role of the jealous wife, she is just letting her know that he is married, not just has a girlfriend, but married. Briana then tells her to have a nice day and goes to her next class. Briana is at home that night when Noah gets off work. He asks her if she threatened Lila. Briana tells him she has no idea what he is talking about. Noah angrily tells her that Lila told him that she threatened her and told her to stay away from your man. Briana tells him that she noticed Lila kept flirting with him so she just talked to her and let her know nicely that he's married. She didn't threaten her or anything, even told her she wasn't playing the role of the jealous wife. Noah tells Briana that she is unbelievable. Briana asks him if he is really trusting Lila over her and when Noah doesn't say anything, Briana informs him he is sleeping on the couch that night.


Briana talks to Emma about her and Noah's problems

10.18 Keep You With Me After class is over, Briana goes to Emma's dorm room and waits for her there. Emma arrives four hours later, shocked to find Briana sitting at her desk reading a medical textbook. Emma asks her what she is doing there and Briana asks if they can talk and if it would be weird if it was about Noah, despite him being Emma's brother. Emma sits down and tells her that they can talk about whatever she needs. Briana tells her what happened recently, starting with Lila arriving in town and flirting non-stop with Noah to what she said to Lila yesterday and what Lila told Noah she said. Emma tells her Noah can be stubborn. She has no advice for relationships considering she isn't in one and hasn't been since sophomore year, but as for what to do about Noah, he should trust her, he married her. He may have been drunk but wanted to marry her. He should trust her over Lila. Briana thanks Emma and returns to hers and Noah's place. He asks her where she was and Briana tells him that she went to see Emma. Noah apologizes for the way he acted the night before. He should trust her and he will tell Lila to stop the flirting.

10.20 No News Is Good News Briana goes to class and she and Spike turn in their project. In the hall, she asks if the stupid Raw. Real post got Madi upset. Spike explains that he is at peace with his and Madi's break up, they were able to talk about it when she came to talk to him about song rights. Plus, she has been hanging out with Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and he thinks Andy has a thing for her, probably can lead the life she wants. Briana asks him about how he is able to let Madi go, she is his first love. Spike tells her he will always love Madi but she wants a life he can't give her. He never thought their band would get big but always supported her dreams of being a rock star. She can have that now and he could lead an ordinary life, what he always wanted.

Season 11

11.01 To Live and To Lose Briana returns home from the last day of class and relaxes, happy that her first year of college is over. She starts to make dinner when Noah comes home. She asks how his last day of class went and Noah tells her it was fine, he's just tired and probably going to head to bed after dinner. Briana is confused but assumes that he studied late for finals.

11.03 Long Live Us Briana attends Trinity's high school graduation, when she gets there, her parents ask where Noah is and Briana tells them he had to work. She sits with them and baby sister Violet and is happy when Trinity gets her diploma. Afterwards, she congratulates her and Taylor.


Briana notices Noah is acting a little "off"

11.06 Say Goodbye Briana notices that Noah has been acting a little distant and always seems to be busy with work. When his phone rings from the living room and he is getting dressed in the bed room, Briana approaches it, only to have Noah rush over and grab it before her, saying it might be work. Noah answers and tells Briana it is in fact work and he has to go in since his coworker called in sick. Briana kisses his cheek and tells him to have fun before he leaves. She then decides to go talk to Emma and see what she is up to. Since it's summer, Emma moved out of her dorm and back into her parents place so Briana heads there. Emma answers the door and tells her that her parents are both at work. The pair sit down in the kitchen and Emma asks how things are going. Briana tells her they seem okay but something just doesn't feel right. Briana then tells her about what's been going on with Noah and Emma asks her if she wants her to talk to Noah for her and Briana tells her she doesn't need to, just that she hopes it had to do with finals and now that they are over, things can go back to normal.

11.08 Why Can't You Just Be Honest Briana decides to stop by Noah's work during his lunch hour so they can hang out a little and even picks up a couple Subway sandwiches. She
Ashley+Benson+Troian+Bellisario+Pretty+Little+apSzi RpaiIl

Emma comforts Briana.

stops by the Comcast headquarters where he answers the phone and does customer service. When she enters she sees his coworker and introduces herself, asking where Noah is. The guy is confused, saying that Noah went outside ten minutes ago with some other girl he assumed was his wife. Briana's heart starts racing and hoping maybe he saw Emma arrive and just give him a hug and asks if it was a brunette he was with. He tells her no, a strawberry blonde. Briana's thinks her worst fear is coming true. She exits the building and goes around to the employee entrance and sees Noah and Lila close together. Lila laughs at something he says before kissing him. Her heart breaks when she sees Noah kiss her back. She feels like a deer caught in headlights before making her presence known. Noah is shocked to see her and Lila just smiles. Briana informs him that his stuff will be packed up by the time he gets home. Noah tries to explain or say something but Briana just tells him to have a nice life. Briana books it out of there and goes straight to Emma's. Once again, Patrick and Robin are at work. Emma notices Briana is sobbing and she explains what happened. Emma is shocked but hugs Briana as she cries and tries to be there for her friend.

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me Briana returns to hers and Noah's place to start packing up her stuff. Noah begs her not to go but Briana tells him that she is not going to stay with someone who cheats on her, especially with a girl who openly flirted with him in front of his wife. Noah tries to talk to Briana but she continues to pack her basics, saying she is moving back in with her parents until she can get something figured out. She also informs him she will be talking to Diane Miller later that day to get the divorce papers together. Noah continues to beg Briana not to do this, but Briana tells him that the moment he decided he wanted to kiss Lila instead of her, he ended everything they had built. Noah begs her one last time as Briana grabs the rest of her stuff and leaves. She arrives back at her parent's place while Michael is at work. Chloe is confused on why she is there but notices Briana is crying. Briana explains what happened and Chloe hugs Briana as she cries once again. When Briana is able to compose herself, she asks Chloe to call Diane and get divorce papers drawn up. Chloe sadly tells her she will do that. Briana then heads up to her old room and puts her bags in there. She sits on her bed and just thinks. Trinity later comes in and asks what happened, Chloe told her she moved back in but not why. Briana sighs and explains what happened. Trinity does her best to try and support her but Briana tells her she just wants to be alone right now.

11.11 Lonely As You Briana hasn't left the house since she came back and Emma practically drags her out of the house, telling her she understands she is upset, but can't mope. The two go into town and grab coffee at Kelly's. Briana stays silent and Emma tells her that she is thinking of getting an apartment and not living on campus this year. Briana tells her that's a good idea, dorms sound awful. Emma then offers for Briana to move in with her and be roommates. Briana tells her she will think about it, she is at the age where it's kind of pathetic she moved in with her parents. Emma tells her it's not true, but the pair are interrupted by someone saying it is. The pair look up to see Lila standing next to their table smirking. Briana rolls her eyes and Emma stands up and tells Briana they are leaving. The pair attempt to leave but Lila follows them. Emma tells her she needs to back off. Lila continues to taunt Briana and Emma stops walking and looks at Lila. She tells her that "if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you," before grabbing Briana by the arm and heading home.


11.12 Revenge & It's Thrills Chloe tells Briana she needs to leave the house. Briana tells her she left a few days ago with Emma and Chloe tells her that she understands her heart is broken, but she needs to get out. Briana then goes off on how she doesn't know what heart break is since she married the only man she ever loved. She then storms out and ends up in the Port Charles park. She sits down on a bench and doesn't know how long she is there for before Spike sits down next to her. Spike asks how she is doing and Briana replies sarcastically that everything is great. Spike then tells her he heard what happened and Briana gets even more upset. Spike tells her not to worry too much, he heard it from Noah when he was trying to figure out how she was doing. Briana is confused and Spike tells her that he must assume that they hang out more since they were partners for that Engineering project. Spike then tells her if she needs to talk, he's here to listen, he did just get out of a long term relationship. Briana then comments that he chose to end that one, Noah ended hers by screwing someone else. Spike apologizes and let's her know that if she wants to talk, he's there. Briana thanks him before leaving to head home. When she gets home, she apologizes to Chloe for what she said. Chloe tells her it's fine, she understand she is dealing with a lot. She then gives Briana the finalized divorce papers Diane drew up for her to sign. Briana happily signs them before giving them back to Chloe.

11.14 Tragedy + Time While her parents are out, Briana is home when there is a knock on the door. Rory answers it and Briana hears her telling whoever it is that Briana isn't there. Briana goes toward the front door but stays hidden. She then hears it's Noah. She tells Rory it's fine and goes to the door. When Rory goes back into the house, Briana tells Noah he needs to leave. Noah begs for Briana to give him another chance. Briana tells him he lost her the moment he thought of screwing someone else. Noah tells her they can work this out, they can go to couples therapy, he will transfer out of classes with Lila, he will do anything. Briana tells him he can't do anything to change her mind, and he better leave before her dad gets home, because he definitely doesn't want to see him on his property.


Briana talks to Diane.

11.16 Space Enough To Grow Briana hears her parents talking about perfecting their plans for their vowel renewal. She gets a text from Diane saying she is on her way to talk about the divorce papers. She signs and waits for Diane to show up. When she does, she and Diane head into the kitchen to discuss it since her parents are in the dining room. Diane informs her that Noah is not responding to the paperwork despite a "notice of appearance." Briana asks her to please dumb down her legal jargon, Leah was the one who wanted to be a lawyer, not her. Diane then explains that using the adultery claim, she has grounds for a divorce and with the way Noah has been acting, he is not denying he cheated. Their next step is to hire a process server who will personally deliver the papers and sign an affidavit saying the documents were delivered, if he doesn't respond, she can move forward with or without his consent. Things should go well from there since Briana isn't asking for anything in the divorce with their apartment as their only shared asset and her saying Noah can have it. Briana tells her to do that and let her know when the next step needs to be taken. Diane then asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. Briana assures her it is. She understands that no relationship is perfect, especially in this town, but cheating is a deal breaker. Diane then asks why she isn't asking for an annulment considering how their marriage started. Briana tells her that an annulment will act like nothing happened at all, she wants Noah to remember this and hopefully, he won't hurt another girl like this in the future.

11.17 Everybody Breaks A Glass Briana wakes up and rushes to the bathroom only to empty the contents of her stomach. She tries to get her bearings but ends up throwing up again before dry heaving. Emma walks into the bathroom and sees her and pulls her hair back as Briana continues. When Briana's stomach calms down, she asks Emma what she is doing here and Emma tells her she hasn't heard from her in a couple of days and just wanted to make sure she was alive, and by the looks of it barely. Briana gives her a humorless laugh and tells her that she has been extremely nauseous the past few days and hasn't been feeling too great and is worried she caught a stomach bug. Emma tells her it could be the stress she is under with divorcing Noah.Briana tells her she would rather have a bug, that would end sooner. Emma then stands up and tells her to get dressed, she is checking out a few apartments and as her potential roommate, Briana has to come with her too. Briana nods and gets ready to brush her teeth before telling Emma she will meet her downstairs in ten minutes. After getting ready, the pair head out to meet with the real estate agent. Before returning home, she picks up some ginger ale from the grocery store and sees Lila. She rolls her eyes and avoids Lila and tries to check out. Lila sees her and tries talking to her but Briana ignores her, Lila asks her what it's like knowing her husband chose her over Briana. Briana then turns to Lila and tells her that she is happy Lila showed her that Noah was a cheating scumbag and their divorce is in action, while she doesn't appreciate what Lila did, it helped her dodge a bullet, and for that, she is thankful.


Briana talks to Chloe.

11.18 Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way Briana is still feeling off but doing her best to show her excitement for her parents vow renwel ceremony. Chloe comes into Briana's room and asks her how she is doing. Briana tells her she is doing fine, just fighting off a stomach bug. Chloe tries to talk to her about Noah and Briana tells her she doesn't want to, it's over between them. She never should have agreed to try the marriage after she figured out they could get it annulled. She was so caught up in the idea of a "fairtytale marriage" that she and Michael seem to have. They were high school sweethearts and are still together after twenty three years. Chloe tells her she got lucky and is thankful for that, She tells her that before she and Michael got together, she was with another guy, Kiefer. While Kiefer never hurt her, he hurt her aunt Kristina and wasn't a good person, Kristina later got with Ethan Lovett and he treated her the way she deserved, first relationships usually don't work out, and neither do first loves. While she got lucky, Kristina didn't but Kristina still found someone who loved her and has been with him ever since. She needs to get over Noah, telling her she knows it won't happen overnight and it will take a while, but she will eventually find "her Ethan."


11.19 We'll Be A Dream Briana is rushing and getting ready to go to her parents vow renewal. She sees she is running late and tells her parents and Trinity to go without her, she will text Emma and arrive with her. Michael and Chloe tell her to not be late. Briana assures them she won;t. When she is sure they are gone, she grabs a bag she had hidden into her room and rushes into the bathroom, revealing it to be a pregnancy test. After taking it she texts Emma as she waits for the results. Emma arrives not too long after and asks her what's taking so long. Briana points to the sink and Emma sees the positive pregnancy test, Emma tells Briana not to worry and after the ceremony, they will talk and figure out what to do and what Briana wants to do. Briana nods and gets her shoes on and the pair arrive at the venue. Emma tells her to stop acting like she has seen a ghost. Briana tries to keep calm and goes to meet her mother and Trinity to prepare for the ceremony. The ceremony goes as planned and when Michael and Chloe are finally renewing their vows, the ceremony is interrupted.

Season 12

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12.01 The Last Great Love Story Briana is shocked when the ceremony is interrupted, especially when the woman claims to be the mother of Michael's son, her half-brother. Emma puts her arm around Briana trying to keep her calm as Michael and Chloe sidebar. Trinity announces that things will resume shortly but Chloe comes out saying the ceremony is canceled. Emma escorts a surprised Briana to her car, and instead of taking her back to the Corinthos House, she takes her to the Drake home. Briana starts crying over everything that has happened in the past few weeks and tells Emma she has no idea what's going on and just feels like she is drowning. Emma tells her to forget about her parents for the day and think about what she wants to do. Briana tells her she doesn't know, she just knows that she doesn't want to be around Noah right now.

12.02 New Modern Love After spending the night at Emma's house, Briana returns home to see her father leaving with a suitcase. She is too afraid to ask what happened and her mother is in no mood to talk. She asks Trinity and Rory what happened and Trinity tells her that she and Rory eavesdropped on their argument, Apparently, after Trinity was born, there was a rough patch the pair went through and Michael got black out drunk one night where he may or may not have slept with someone else and may have fathered another child. Briana hears this and then excuses herself to her room where she breaks down crying again.


Briana talks to Emma

12.04 Life Goes On Briana meets Emma for coffee to discuss her options. Briana tells her she isn't sure what to do. She knows she and Noah have problems and she isn't sure she can be with him. Emma tells her that if she plans on not terminating, she needs to tell Noah. Briana tells her that she can't tell him, he will use this to try to reconcile. Emma asks if it's that bad and Briana points out he cheated on her with someone she had expressed worry about. Emma tries to continue to talk to her about it but Briana tells her that her mind is made up. Briana gets up and leaves and Emma follows her and the pair continue to bicker they run into Spike who asks if everything is okay. Briana says everything is peachy fine and walks off. He turns to Emma who repeats what Briana said and walks off in the other direction. Spike follows Briana and finds her at the Port Charles Park. He then asks her what all is going on. Briana tells him everything that is happening right now, including her parents' problems.

12.05 Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? Trinity and Taylor leave for school in Oregon. Trinity asks Briana to keep her in the loop over her parent's problems. Michael later goes to get his DNA tested to see if he is the father of the ladies son.

12.07 Fear Hate Love Emma takes Briana to Planned Parenthood two cities over for a checkup. Briana gets an ultrasound where she learns she is four months along, too late to terminate but chooses not to learn the sex. The doctor prescribes her some vitamins and gives her a printout. Emma and Briana then go and grab lunch and Emma asks Briana what she thinks, adoption or raising it. Briana tells her she doesn't know if she can be a mom right now. Emma tells her that she needs to tell Noah. Briana tells her she doesn't know about that, she knows it will lead to him wanting a reconciliation and she can't do that. Emma tells her she is going to have to say something in the future, especially when she looks like she swallowed a watermelon.

12.08 In Silent Seas We Drown Briana is at home and hears her parents talking. Michael isn't the father of the ladies son. She hears her parents talking about the next step and trying to work things out. Briana thinks about what she should do, debating on whether or not to tell Noah.


12.09 Patchwork Love Briana meets up with Spike to hang out at the park and talk. Briana tells him that she fears coming forward with her pregnancy to her parents and Noah because she knows it will change a lot. Her parents are still trying to work out what happened with them and she doesn't want to deal with all the stress of Noah knowing and then him trying to use this as an excuse to get back together and she can't handle that. The stress will not be good, she already feels like a hormonal mess and this would just add more stress she doesn't need. Spike asks her if she can be a single mom, and Briana tells him she's not sure but has experience with her little sister since she was born but doesn't want to rely on her parents for everything but since she is still a student with no job, she will need some help and may be a terrible mother. Spike tells her that she has parents and friends who will help her out, she won't be a terrible mom. Before Briana can respond, the pair is interrupted by a shocked Noah asking Briana if she's pregnant, obviously overhearing the last part of the conversation. Briana is a deer in headlights and Noah repeats himself, asking if she is pregnant. Spike thinks fast, confirming that Briana is pregnant, but he is the father before putting his arm around Briana and leaving the area and Noah there shocked.

12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Nights Briana is in the kitchen starting her day where there is a knock at the door. Briana goes to answer it and a very angry Emma is on the other side. She walks in and past Briana into the kitchen grabbing the coffee pot from Rory and pouring herself a cup. Both Briana and Rory are confused and Emma tells Rory that she and Briana need to talk. Rory pours her own coffee before walking out of the room. Briana asks what's going on and Emma asks why Noah called her last night sobbing saying Briana got knocked up by Spike Lavery. Briana is quiet Emma is furious. She then tells Briana that when she went to go check up on him a month ago, he had purchased heroin and was ready to take it, because apparently, he had an addiction that neither of them told her about which is why they got together in the first place and Josslyn dumped him. Briana starts crying and tells Emma that she didn't say anything, Noah was there and heard she was pregnant and Spike said that before she could even react. She didn't mean for this to happen. Emma tells her that she has to tell Noah the truth. Briana tells her she will, she just needs time. Emma then tells her if Noah doesn't know the truth by the end of her second trimester, she will.

12.12 The Downfall of Us All At home, Chloe is going through Briana's
bathroom and finds prenatal vitamins in her medicine cabinet. Chloe then goes down stairs where Briana is watching TV and throws the bottle at her. Briana catches it and realizes what Chloe knows. Chloe asks how far along and Briana tells her about five months. Chloe asks who the father is and Briana doesn't say anything. Chloe walks out of the room not knowing what to say. Briana grabs her bag and leaves the house before calling Spike and meeting up with him at Elm Street Pier. Briana tells Spike what happened. Spike tells her that he is sorry for putting her in the position, he just knew she was freaking out over everything. Briana thanks Spike for being a good friend, Emma gave her another month to tell the truth, she can figure things out by then.

12.13 This Is Gospel Trinity texts Briana wanting to skype. Briana answers her call on her laptop and talks to Trinity about how school is going. Trinity is happy that Taylor is her roommate, her classes are going okay and she loves Portland, although it does seem to be a knockoff of the 90s Seattle Grunge Movement when it comes to fashion. Trinity asks how things are at home and Briana tells them that they don't have a brother and their parents are trying to work things out. Trinity tells her she knows something is up and asks Briana what it is. Briana tells her that she is pregnant and Noah thinks Spike is the father. Trinity tells Briana she needs to tell the truth. Lies never last, especially in this town.

12.17 Idle Minds Michael and Chloe try to bring normalcy back to their lives and have a family dinner. Michael discovers Briana is pregnant and Noah doesn't think he is the father. Michael lectures Briana which results in Briana telling him that he has no right to lecture her on anything, especially when he cheated on her mother, which resulted in him being questioned in the paternity of someone else. Rory tries to calm everyone down which results in Briana storming out and Rory following her, leaving Michael and Chloe there. Rory tries to calm Briana down which results in Briana telling her to leave her alone, she needs time to think.

12.19 The Divine Zero At the six month mark, Briana has another ultrasound at Planned Parenthood, still not wanting to bring the drama to GH. Spike goes with her and Briana finds out she is having a boy. She is now obviously pregnant. Briana tells Spike she has to tell Noah the truth and that she made a deal with Emma. Spike tells her that nothing changes, he still cares about her and she is a friend and he will be there if needed.

12.20 The Politics of Love Briana prepares to come up with how to tell Noah he is her the father but making it clear that she isn't getting back together with him, but will allow co-parenting.

Season 13

13.01 Bed of Thorns

13.03 I Am The Fire

13.04 Fake It

13.06 If It Means A Lot To You

13.08 In a Place of Solace

13.09 There'll Come a Day

13.10 Life Screams

13.12 Thank You For The Venom

13.15 We Were Doomed From The Start

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle


  • First character to get married in the series (to Noah Drake)


"Ian was an unhappy individual, how do we know that he didn't jump in the dumpster and shoot himself ten times." (Briana when questioned about Ian's murder)

"You know, when I was kidnapped, I didn't escape at a transfer point like I told the cops. Jason found me and killed the guy and burned down the place he was keeping me in to get rid of evidence. He then dropped me off on a high traffic road and told me to flag down a driver. With knowing that, do you really want to know what my dad did to Ian." (Briana to Noah when he asked what Michael did to Ian)

"I spent so much of my life wanting to follow my parent's footsteps with the fairytale life of marrying your high school sweetheart and having that relationship last over twenty years that I didn't think about how unlikely it was for that relationship to fully last for other people."


Drake Niles

  • Start Up: 1.10 Make It Right
  • Breakup 1.17 Nothing Left To Lose
    • Reason: Drake shot up the school then committed suicide by cops
Noah Drake
  • Start Up: 2.14 One Day Too Late
  • Break Up: 11.