Chloe Mathers-Corinthos is currently a stay at home mom and does the best to be the best mother for her three daughters. When her oldest, Leah Corinthos was killed in the school shooting, Chloe was devestated and soon after that found out she was pregnant again. Her pregnancy was highly dangerous and she needed it stress free and it didnt help that her youngest daughter at the time Trinity Corinthos was being cyber bullied. Chloe was able to surive and have now youngest daughter, Violet Corinthos. Chloe is currently married to high school sweetheart Michael Corinthos and raises a happy family with him while he works in the coffee importing business with Jason Morgan and Johnny Zacchara. She is the daughter of rap star Marshall Mathers and his high school sweetheart, Kim Scott. Chloe is very sympathetic and sweet and will do whatever it takes to protect her girls. she doesnt let anyone mess with her family and will defend it at all costs. As a teenager, Chloe was attacked, kidnapped, beaten and almost died on several occasions which has made her a warrior. As a teenager, Chloe worked at Crimson for Kate Howard until Chloe was twenty four and decided to be a stay at home mom for her daughters.

Early LifeEdit

Born to Marshall Mathers III and Kimberley Scott in April 3, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan. She has a half sister, Whitney Scott who lives with her mom in L.A.

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Marshall with Chloe when she was 7

Her parents met in high school while her dad was performing in underground rap contests when he was known as M&M. later, in 1992, Chloe was born

Her father got his big break as a rapper in 1999 as Eminem or Slim Shady. He was very famous having out many albums The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, Encore, Curtain Call, Relapse, Refill, and Recovery. Chloe is mentioned in a lot of songs like Cleaning Out My Closet, Brain Damage, Forget About Dre, Chloe’s Song, Déjà Vu, Beautiful, 97 Bonnie and Clyde, Going Through Changes, and Your Never Over. She even recorded with song My Dad’s Gone Crazy with him when she was younger. He even has a tattoo of her on his arm. In 2003, her father did a semi-autobiographical movie on his life before fame and he let her play the role of his ten year old sister who went through a lot of abuse with there mom and he tried to protect her from it while trying to start a rapping career.

During his rapping career, he and Kim split up because things weren’t working out. She left Chloe with Marshall and went and did her own thing.

After the release of Curtain Call, his childhood best friend was killed, Marshall became addicted to pain killers and was performing while high and distanced himself from Chloe before one day, a year after DeShaun died, Chloe went out with her then boyfriend, Casey to the movies, but after getting in an argument which ultimately ended in their breakup, Chloe went home and found her father passed out in the bathroom after an overdose. She quickly called 911 and her dad was rushed to the hospital where it was said that if he was taken two hours later, he would be dead.

After leaving the hospital, Marshall went to rehab and got out two months later. He then decided to make a better life for himself and his daughter, so he moved them out of L.A and to Port Charles, New York. (When she was 15, he knew Sonny growing up in New York where he lived a while before his mom moved them to Detroit where he met Kim)

He moved in next to Sonny Corinthos, so Chloe met his son Michael and the two became good friends. He is a year older then her, so she was fifteen when they first met and he was sixteen.

General HospitalEdit

She starts school at Madison Prep with Michael and gets all the same


Taylor Spreitler as a teenaged Chloe Mathers

classes as him upon her fathers request so she will no someone, even though he is a year older then her, Chloe gets the same classes because she is a very smart person. But, being the new girl was hard for her. She got teased a lot. Mostly by Beth Montgomery, a popular girl at school. After several bad experiences, Chloe can’t take it anymore. She talks to her dad about it and he calls into the school. They try to stop Beth it doesn’t work. The bullying gets worse, to the point where Chloe thinks about taking her own life. Beth taunted her all day and Michael was the only one who would stand up for her, but the abuse traveled online to cyberbullying and an “I Hate Chloe Mathers” Facebook page where nasty comments are posted about her an
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Chloe centemplates Suicide after the Facebook page by drowning herself off of Elm Street Pier

d her dad’s old drug addiction and her absent mother, saying that she must have been a terrible disappointment for her mother to leave.

After that, she goes and finds some of her dad’s old sleeping pills and takes the bottle and this time, she is passed out on the bathroom floor when her dad found her. she is rushed to the hospital and has her stomach pumped and her dad calls Michael who rushes there and Marshall is a mess and the are finally given the news that Chloe is alive and when she wakes up, she sobs and tells them everything, even about the webpage and Marshall has Spinelli get all the info and he then contacts Alexis and asks her if she can be a lawyer in a defamination case.

Marshall then sues Beth Montgomery for slander and defamination for every time she called Chloe a slut and whore on the webpage and other mean things including lies about Chloe sleeping around when she wasn’t. Alexis does her job and they win the lawsuit and Beth leaves the school and Chloe returns.

Marshall writes her the song Beautiful. Michael was really there for Chloe during it.

Chloe when she meets Kiefer the first time

Michael and Chloe have a really good friendship, she goes to him for everything and vice versa. They become really close and her dad likes that she is friends with his best friend’s son. A month after her suicide attempt, local Kiefer Bauer asks her out. Chloe accepts and they date for a while.

One summer night, when Claudia is driving out on the road, she is ran off by Kristina, Michael is also driving and thinks he caused her accident. He says he is going to run away and Chloe joins him because he is her best friend. So together, they runaway to Cancun Mexico where they get jobs at a tourist place. Not long after that, Michael meets Marita, a French tourist who takes an interest in him. He takes her on a date, but he doesn’t like her that much. He realizes he has fallen for his best friend. Chloe Mathers.

Later, Michael fesses up his true feelings to her and kisses her. Chloe instantly kisses him back telling him she feels the same way about him. Sometime while becoming friends, she fell for him. So while being in Cancun, they continue to have a romantic relationship, until one day Jason and Brooke find them when there is a fight about to break out in the store between Michael and some rich tourist. Jason scares them off and then takes Michael and Chloe home, where they are not greeted happily by their parents. But also informed of the news that it was Kristina who caused the accident, not Michael. She was out driving because she was mad Kiefer liked Chloe, not her.

Chloe and Michael get grounded by each of there parents. As soon as Chloe is home at her house, Kiefer comes over telling her how much he missed her. Chloe then breaks up with Kiefer so she can be with Michael. Kiefer gets really mad but doesn’t show it. He then goes home and starts to plot revenge on Chloe and obsess over her. He hatches the plan to date Kristina Davis and use her to get to Chloe.

Chloe and Michael start to have a great relationship as a couple. Later, Her dad later decides to go back and be Eminem. He is healthy and wants to make a rap comeback. He has tons of new material and asks her if its ok, and Chloe says she doesn’t mind. It’s who he is. But she wants to stay in Port Charles. So Marshall lets her stay at the house in Port Charles on one condition, there is no partying, drinking, smoking or drug doing, because he knows what its like to be messed up by those things and doesn’t want it to happen to her. Chloe agrees to those conditions and ends up staying in Port Charles alone.

One night during summer, Michael knows Chloe is at Sonny’s house for a while because a pipe burst and she needs a place to stay, so Michael decides to go over there to hang out with her so he does. Morgan and best friend Stella Russo decide to go exploring in the woods at night because there is nothing else better to do so they sneaks out and goes over there through the woods. When Carly can’t find them, she calls Michael’s cell phone and tells him. So he and Chloe go looking through the woods for him.

Morgan and Stella are walking through there when Dominic (who is really Dante) shows up and takes them hostage. Morgan tells him that he is Sonny Corinthos’s son Morgan Stone Corinthos and Stella is his goddaughter and that if he hurts them he’s a dead man. Dominic says that he is then the perfect hostage. But, all he wants is to get to the road. So Morgan helps him with that by finding the GPS app on his PDA. That’s when Carly shows up. Dominic freaks and points his gun at her while holding Morgan against him. He then sends Morgan over to Carly. That’s when Michael shows up and attacks Dominic. Chloe is right behind him. Dominic then grabs control of the situation and holds Michael hostage along with Chloe. After a while, He lets them both go and runs for the road.

One October night during her Sophomore year, Michael takes Chloe with him to the Metro Court for his step-moms birthday. Sonny, not knowing they are there, goes off on Claudia on how he knows she is the one that ordered the hit that ended up with Michael getting shot in the head and going into a coma for a year when he was fifteen. Claudia flips out and pulls a gun and takes Chloe hostage knowing that neither Sonny or Jason will risk hurting her.

Claudia then steals a car and takes her out somewhere near the woods. Chloe tries to escape but ends up crashing the car instead. Claudia goes unconscious and Chloe is very disoriented from the crash but escapes and gets to a nearby cabin where she hides and tries to find a phone to call for help. Claudia shows up. she tries to run again but Claudia stops her and shoots her in the leg and shoulder. Claudia is about ready to finish her off when Michael shows up and stops her from shooting her by grabbing an ax and swinging it at Claudia. It kills her instantly. Michael saves her and calls Jason who comes instantly with Brooke and Sonny. Brooke takes Chloe to the hospital while Jason and Sonny call Max and Milo and they destroy the cabin and bury Claudia’s body in the middle of the woods covering it up

One night, Michael takes her with him to the Metro Court for a charity event when masked gunmen storm the lobby and hold them hostage along with Sonny, Carly, Stella, Morgan, a Pregnant Brooke, Nikolas, Emily, Layla, Cristian, Starr, Max and Lulu. What Chloe doesn’t tell Michael is that she is pregnant. Surprise!

After a series of events, the hotel ends up exploding and Michael and Chloe don’t make it out in time. But they survive the explosion. Michael finds her unconscious and quickly gets her out of there and to an ambulance, which takes them both to the hospital. During the ambulance ride she reveals that she is pregnant. Michael then gets really nervous because he didn’t know and they were just in an explosion. When they get to the hospital the get her hooked up to a fetal monitor and establish that the baby is ok. Both of them are relieved.

Marshall comes back to Port Charles after the hostage crisis to see how she is doing to find out she is pregnant. She expects him to freak, but he doesn’t. instead he talks to her about how this happened to him and her mother when they were teenagers, he couldn’t expect her to do any different, but to be careful from now on. She agrees and he heads back out on his Shady’s Back Tour and recording his next CD trio, Relapse, Refill, and Recovery.

Chloe and Michael plan on moving into Sonny’s old penthouse next to Jason’s to live together when the baby is born so they work on fixing it up. Around then is when Dante goes public with being an undercover cop and tries to shut down Sonny’s organization and pin Claudia’s murder on him. Michael freaks and does not want his dad to go to jail for something he did. Chloe, along with Carly, Sonny, Jason and Brooke try to convince him not to confess to Dante or the police about what happened, and that Sonny is not going to get arrested because there is no way they have enough evidence.

Which is wrong, they do. So Sonny pleads Self Defense, saying he arrived when Claudia was about to kill Chloe when he swung the ax to save Chloe’s life.

When the trial approaches. Michael is forced to go to the island his father owns to stay away from the trial while Chloe, who is now five months pregnant with there baby has to stay in Port Charles to testify saying that Sonny saved her life in cabin, and Michael wasn’t there.

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Chloe finds out she is having a girl.

He leaves the day they were gonna have the ultrasound to see if it was a boy or a girl and he misses finding out they are having a daughter. That same night, Michael’s sister Kristina blows off her date with Kiefer so she can hang out with Ethan Lovett, (all part of his revenge plan) That night Ethan tells Kristina he is not interested. Kristina goes to Chloe’s place to talk because she needs advice. Chloe arrives. The first think Kristina asks if she is having a boy or a girl. Chloe tells her a girl and Kristina then goes to get some food for them while they talk (and Chloe is hungry because of her pregnancy) While she is in the kitchen there is a knock at the door and Chloe goes to get the door and an angry Kiefer is there. He tells Chloe he misses her and wants to get back together. Chloe tells him she doesn’t want to, she loves Michael and they are having a baby together. Kiefer then tells her ‘not if I have anything to do with it’ He then hits Chloe and shoves her down. Punches her several times in the face. She tries to get away but he continues the beating. Kristina is just frozen there watching not knowing what to do.

By the end of her beating, Chloe has a huge black eye that is swollen, a split lip and severely bruised and she is unconscious also. Kiefer flees the house. Kristina freaks and once he’s gone she goes over to Chloe’s unconscious body. She is bent down by her crying and trying to figure out what to do when Ethan comes in and finds them. He helps Kristina up and bends down to Chloe and tries to pick her up, but, she is semi conscious and she scratches him thinking he is her attacker. Ethan then does pick her up and takes her and Kristina to the hospital. Chloe is rushed in and they get her hooked up to a fetal monitor worried about her baby while Kristina waits in the waiting room worried about her friend and crying. Epiphany calls Sonny and Alexis and tells them to get down to the hospital.

Kristina is freaking out that Chloe is going to tell them it was Kiefer who attacked her so she keeps saying she needs to see her. Alexis calms her down while Sonny calls Marshall who is in Seattle on stage so he has to leave a message with Dr. Dre for Marshall to call him. That Chloe has been admitted to the hospital. Kristina finally gets free from Alexis and goes into the room they have Chloe in. she has no memory from answering the door (not seeing Kiefer’s face) to when she woke up here. Kristina is relieved, not wanting to tell them it was Kiefer. Lucky arrives from the police station to take their statements and start the investigation. Chloe states that she doesn’t remember anything about the attack or what Kiefer said to her. But Kristina says that Ethan Lovett did it.

Chloe, who is extremely worried about her baby, keeps asking if she is ok. Kelly Lee, the baby doctor there keeps avoiding telling her that there is no way her baby survived that attack.

Marshall gets off stage and gets his plane to take him to Port Charles immediately and is there within hours. He gets to the hospital just after Kelly finally tells Chloe that her baby is dead. Chl

Marshall comforts Chloe after she learns her baby is dead

oe is crying hysterically and he runs in and goes to her and hugs her with tears in his eyes.

Sonny is almost crying also, because he just found out, his unborn granddaughter is dead. He then leaves the hospital and calls Jason. He wants Ethan Lovett dead.

That puts Jason in a dilemma because Ethan is Brooke’s brother. Jason talks to Brooke and Brooke says its impossible Ethan attacked them, she was at the Haunted Star Casino from two minutes after Kristina left to when Ethan left to go talk to her and found them like that. There is not a big enough time period for what Kristina to be saying is true. That puts Jason in a even bigger dilemma because he is not going to kill Ethan. He is innocent. He tells Sonny that and he tells him what he knows. Sonny then accuses him of defending Ethan because he is his girlfriend’s brother and his daughter’s uncle.

Back at the hospital, Robin talks to Marshall about the surgery that they need to give Chloe to go in and take out her dead daughter. Marshall is devastated by this but tells them that they have to do what they have to do. He then goes to Sonny and tells him he wants Ethan dead. But Chloe doesn’t think Ethan did it. She says she’s certain it wasn’t him because Luke is a friend of her dads and his son wouldn’t do this to her. So she tells her dad that and convinces him there was no way Ethan did it. After that she has to go into surgery to get her dead daughter out of her. She goes in crying because of how sad she is.

During her surgery, Marshall went back to the house and looks at all her stuff from when she was little and looks at all her baby pictures and pictures of her when she was younger Marshall then has lyrics come to him because of his creative brilliance in rapping.

‘now I am sitting in this empty house/just reminiscing/looking at your baby pictures/it just trips me out/to see how much you’ve grown now/daddies still here/I like the sound of that yeah/its got a ring to it/shh… I’m only gone for the moment/

he then writes the song Mockingbird using those lyrics. He wrote especially for Chloe. The lyrics especially for her like:

‘Chloe, I know you miss your mom/and I know you miss your dad/when I’m gone/but I’m trying to give you life I never had/I see your sad/even when you smile/even when you laugh/I can see it in your eyes/deep inside you want to cry/cause I ain’t there/ daddies with you in your prayers/no more crying/wipe them tears/daddies here/no more nightmares/we’ll pull together through it/Chloe, daddies crazy/ain’t he/ but I love you girl/and you better know it/ what we got in this world/when it spins/when it swirls/ when it whirls/ when it twirls/ one little beautiful girl/ looking puzzled/ in the day/ I know its confusing you/ daddies always on the move/ momma’s always on the news/ I try to keep you sheltered from it/ but somehow it seems/ the harder I try to do that/ the more it backfires on me/ all the things growing up/ daddy had to see/ daddy don’t want you to see/ but you see just as much as he did/ we did not plan it to be this way/ your mother and me/ but things have gotten so bad between us/ I don’t ever see us being together ever again/ like we used to be when we were teenagers/ but then of course/ everything happens for a reason/ but its just something’s/ we have no control over/ and that’s what destiny is/ but no more worries/ rest your head and go to sleep/ maybe one day we’ll wake up and this will all be a dream/ now hush little baby/ don’t you cry/ everything’s gonna be alright/ stiffen that upper lip little lady/ I told ya/ daddies here to hold you through the night/ I know mommies not here right now/ and we don’t know why/ we feel how we feel inside/ it may seem crazy/ pretty baby/ but I promise/ everything’s going to be alright/ its funny/ I remember back one year/ when daddy had no money/ mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up/ and stuck under the tree/ and said some of em were from me/ cause daddy couldn’t buy them/ I remember that Christmas/ I sat up the whole crying/ cuz daddy felt like a bum/ see daddy had a job/ and his job was to keep food on the table/ for you and mom/ and every house that we lived in/ kept getting broken into and robbed/ or shot up on the block/ and your mom was saving money for you in a jar/ trying to start a piggy bank/ so you could go to collage/ almost had a thousand dollars in it/ till someone broke in and stole it/ I know it hurt so bad/ it broke your mommas heart/ and it seemed like everything was falling apart/ mom and dad were arguing a lot/ so momma moved back on the Chalmers/ in the flat one bedroom apartment/ and daddy moved back to the other side of 8 Mile and Novera/ and that’s when daddy went to California with his CD/ and met Dr. Dre/ and flew you and momma out to see me/ but daddy had to work/ you and momma had to leave me/ then you started seeing daddy on the TV/ and momma didn’t like it/ you were way to young to understand it/ while papa was in Rolling Stone/ momma developed a habit/ and it all happened way to fast/ for either one of us to grab it/ I am just sorry/ you were there and had to witness it/ first hand/ cause all I ever wanted to do was make you proud/ now I am sitting in this empty house/ just remising/ looking at your baby pictures/ it just trips me out/ to see how much you have grown now/ daddies still here/ I like the sound of that/ yeah/ its got a ring to it/ don’t it/ shh…/ I’m only gone for the moment/ now hush little baby/ don’t you cry/ everything’s gonna be alright/ stiffen that upper lip little lady/ I told ya/ daddies here to hold you through the night/ I know mommies not here right now/ and we don’t know why/ we feel how we feel inside/ it may seem crazy/ pretty baby/ but I promise/ everything’s going to be alright/ and if you ask me too/ daddies gonna buy you a mockingbird/ I’m gonna give you the world/ I will buy a diamond ring for you/ I’ll sing for you/ I will do anything for you to see you smile/ and if that mockingbird don’t sing/ and the ring don’t shine/ I’ll break that birdies neck/ and go back to the jeweler who sold it to you/ they give me every karat/ don’t fuck with that/

He finishes the song and sends it to Dre and heads back to the hospital just in time for Chloe to wake up from surgery. Robin tells her they need a name for the death certificate for her daughter. Chloe says her and Michael were thinking of names for her. If it was a boy they were going to name it Michael Marshall Corinthos, and if it was a girl, it was going to be Phoebe Adela Corinthos. So she names her Phoebe Adela Corinthos on the death certificate. She is then released from the hospital with her dad and they go home. They spend a lot of time together and he shows her the song he wrote for her. She says ‘it’s the most beautiful song in the world’

The next day, Chloe is watching TV while Marshall is on the phone with Dre and Chloe’s phone rings. She answers it and its Michael.He called to see how she was doing and if they were having a boy or a girl. After a bunch of tears and ‘I’m so sorry’s’ she tells him about the attack. Michael tells her that it isn’t her fault and that he is going to slaughter who ever did this to her.

Mean while, Brooke and Dante go into investigating what really happened on Luke’s orders. They suspect Kiefer. So, Dante calls him to Kelly’s to talk about it and Brooke is with them and they become positive that it was Kiefer due to the timeline, the fact that his Harvard buddies say he left the party around 9:30, near the time she was attacked, and the neighbor saw a light colored SUV leaving the time that her attacker fled and Kiefer drives a silver SUV. They tell Luke about it.

Chloe gets the charges against Ethan dropped because she knows he didn’t do it.

Since Dante and Brooke are investigating, and have Kiefer as a suspect, Kiefer freaks. So he heads over to Chloe’s house while Marshall is getting them some food from Kelly’s for lunch. Kiefer tells her to get the charges on Ethan put back on. Chloe refuses because she knows Ethan didn’t do it. As Kiefer gets angrier and starts yelling, Chloe gets her memory back and realizes it was him who beat her. Kiefer then beats her again. He then flees when she is unconscious. He runs out the front door when Marshall is there. He pushes Marshall out of the way. Marshall then runs in and finds his daughter bleeding on the floor unconscious.

He quickly bends down to his daughter and gets her conscious again. Chloe then cries in his arms. Marshall picks her up and takes her to the car and drives her to the hospital. Chloe keeps on going from in and out of consciousness and that worries her father a lot. On the drive to the hospital he sings her Mockingbird to keep her awake. Also on the way, he sees Kiefer walking and he remembers what he saw right before he found Chloe like that, so he speeds up and hits him with his car on purpose and speeds away.

He then gets to the hospital with her and they get her into the ER. Patrick checks her out. She has nothing broken, but she has a concussion. He later calls Alexis and tells her it was Kiefer, and that he only used Kristina to get to Chloe. So as Alexis is on her way to get Kristina and take her to the hospital to visit Chloe.

Dante comes and starts to ask her questions. Every time she about to say who it was. She bursts into tears and cant finish. She is finally able to identify her attacker as Kiefer Bauer, and she remembers he attacked her the time before so she also tells Dante that. When they get to the hospital Kristina then hears Kiefer has been admitted on a hit and run accident and freaks out and rushes to his room where Patrick and Epiphany are trying to restart his heart, but he is unable and Kristina bursts into tears by his parents.

Marshall gets word of that and goes down to see and Kiefer’s parents. His dad starts yelling at him because he can’t control his daughter and she goes around blaming other people for crimes they didn’t do. Marshall then defends Chloe and says if he even threatens his little girl, he will regret it.

Later when Ethan comes in to get some stitches after getting beat up at the precinct, Kristina yells at him and blames him for killing Kiefer.

Mac investigates Kiefer’s death and notices Marshall’s car has front damage. So he goes to Marshall who confesses saying that he never saw him. he was too focused on getting his baby girl to the hospital after the beating Kiefer gave her. Mac let him off with the death being accidental.

The Bauer’s then hear about it and Melinda then goes to Chloe’s hospital room where she and Marshall are talking. She threatens them both saying that they will get revenge for Kiefer’s death. Marshall then tells her she or her husband come even within the same mile as his daughter, she won’t live to regret it.

Chloe is released the next day and when she is home, Mrs. Bauer shows up and gives her a journal of Kiefer where he mentioned how obsessed he was with her.

Kristina still continues to mourn over his death because she loved him, even though he was just using her.

Mr. Bauer shows up at Chloe’s house hours after Mrs. Bauer. He then yells at her and blames her for Kiefer’s death. He goes on and on about how will get revenge from it. Chloe is tough and stands up for herself. But Mr. Bauer goes on about how much he hates her and she will pay for lying about what Kiefer did to her. Blaming him just to save Ethan Lovett and dumping him for ‘that boy Michael Corinthos who is a criminal and knocked you up’. That is the last straw for her and she swings a punch at him, it hits him right in the jaw (she works out at the gym so it hurt him).He then loses his cool and grabs her by the arm and yells at her.Chloe responds by trying to get her arm free but her pulls her closer to him and glares at her and tells her ‘you wont know what hit you when I’m through with you’ He then leaves.

The next day, Chloe gets an anonymous text message telling her to meet the sender at the Elm Street Pier that night at midnight. Hesitant, Chloe goes. She sneaks out after her dad goes to bed and heads out there. Once she is there a figure emerges from the darkness, Michael.

Surprised, Chloe runs up and hugs him and they are reunited after months of being apart. M
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Michael and Chloe discuss their options

ichael returns the hug and quickly kisses her and he explains to her everything that happened on the island and why he is back. He then looks down at her now flat stomach, last time he saw her, she was five months pregnant with their baby. Chloe then cries in his arms about the loss of their daughter.

After the fit, they argue about how if Sonny gets convicted, Michael is going to turn himself in. Chloe tells him she needs him, that when he was gone for that month, it was hard for her, she then begs him not to do that. Michael then tells her that he can’t let his father take the fall for something he did. If he does confess, he will figure out a way for them to be together. That as long as his dad is free, he will be fine, and that means going on the run again with her. He then kisses her gently and tells her that is will be at the Quartermaine boat house hiding out, if she needs him, sneak onto the property through the south woods, hop the brick wall and go towards the lake a quarter of a mile and she will find the boathouse. Knock twice and say ‘Leave Out All The Rest’, their song. He then tells her he loves her more then anything in the world and leaves.

That night Chloe can’t sleep, she keeps thinking about the beating Kiefer gave her. So the next day she tells her dad she is going to Kelly’s for some ice cream and she goes to see him. He can tell something is wrong, and finally Chloe tells him about the beatings from Kiefer, Michael comforts her and lets her know he loves her. They then talk about the loss of Phoebe, Chloe tells him he would have been a great father to her. Michael then tells her she would have been a good mom, even though she is only seventeen. They then discuss, later in the future, when they are old enough, to try to have a baby, if a boy, Michael Marshall Corinthos, if a girl, Chloe Caroline Corinthos.

At PCPD, Mac tells Lucky to go find Michael and bring him in. Lucky goes to the Quartermaine property because Michael is a Quartermaine and goes to the boathouse where he and Chloe are. He walks in to find Michael in his boxers, leaning over Chloe who is in her bra and underwear in the sun-tanning chair, in a deep kiss, getting to the point where they were going to make love. Lucky then tells them to get their clothes on and meet him outside.

A few minutes later, Michael walks out in just a pair of jeans, shirtless, and Chloe wearing his shirt right behind him.

First, Lucky says he should probably arrest Michael for having sex with an underage girl. Then he attempts to take Michael down to the station for Claudia’s murder when Jason shows up. he tells them that he is not going to allow them to convict Michael. That he is going to take Michael and there is nothing he can do about it.

Lucky then pulls his gun and argues with Jason and takes Michael down to the station leaving Chloe and Jason there. Jason then tells her to get dressed and they head to the courthouse where all the madness is happening. Chloe then has to testify again. She lies and says Michael was right behind Sonny, and he got the blood on the shirt because he bent down to see if Claudia was ok. They then bring Michael in and he testifies saying he murdered Claudia and he explains it all. He then is taken into custody for a few days and has to be in a jail cell, which is heartbreaking for Chloe. Chloe then starts to hate Dante for what he did.

She is the first to visit Michael in his cell. Michael keeps assuring her that he will be acquitted, the judge will go easy on him because it was self-defense, and he was trying to save her life. After a while, Sonny comes to see him and asks for some privacy so Chloe heads home where she has a breakdown about all the bad things. Her dad finds her crying on the floor of her room leaning against her wall. She is going over the edge. So many bad things are happening to her, her beating, her miscarriage, Michael’s arrest, her mom doesn’t want anything to do with them, Warren and Melinda Bauer swearing revenge on her because Kiefer loved her and beat her up because she loved Michael, and the fact that her dad was never home anymore, he was out being Eminem.

Marshall then comforts his daughter telling her everything was going to be ok. That Michael will be acquitted, things will work out. Chloe tells him she hopes he is right.

She continues to visit Michael daily. She is with her dad when they get the call that they are sentencing with Michael so they rush to the courthouse. Chloe sees Dante and then yells at him for what he is doing to Michael. It takes Carly, Brooke, Sonny and Marshall to get her to back off and calm down. After that, they go into court and they bring Michael out.
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Chloe enters the courtroom at Michael's sentencing

When the judge calls him ‘the prisoner’, she flinches knowing how he doesn’t deserve to be there. Michael is then sentenced to five years at Pentonville Penitentiary. The whole room erupts in chaos, once the judge gets it calmed down, tears start pouring out of Chloe’s eyes and Dante stands up and tries to convince the judge that Michael doesn’t deserve to take the prison sentence. He then gets yelled at by the judge. Sonny then stands up and says its all his fault, not to punish Michael for it. That Michael’s life is screwed up because of him. The only normal thing that has happened to him is Chloe. The judge then gets mad at him and explains how Michael was a part of the cover up and he needs to be punished and think about what he did even though it was self defense. That is when Chloe stands up and argues that Michael won’t last two days there because Sonny has so many enemies in prison, they will kill Michael. That putting him is Pentonville is giving him a death sentence. They will kill him. he shouldn’t be in trouble for saving her life. He did what he had to do. She would be dead right now if it wasn’t for him. The judge then says he is not changing his mind and then tells the bailiff to get Michael cuffed and transported to the prison. Michael then says his last goodbyes to his parents, Jason and Chloe, who cries in his arms. He assures her he will be ok. That he will be out before she knows it. As they walk him out, Stella, Morgan and Kristina see. He tells them that he is going to prison.

When they get home, Marshall then has an idea to get Chloe’s mind off Michael in prison. He asks her to come on tour with him and perform ‘When I’m Gone’ ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’ and be on stage with him like Proof and rap along. Chloe tells him that she can’t just leave Michael like that.

The next day, she goes to PCPD to say goodbye to Michael before he is shipped of to Pentonville. They have a tearful goodbye, Michael tells her to not worry about him, that he will be fine. He then says, once he gets out in two years on parole, he wants her to marry him. He then kisses her gently, tells her he loves her so much, and leaves as Dante takes him out. Chloe just sits in the interrogation room where they were talking for a while and cries.

Her dad keeps her busy trying to keep her mind off of it, so he will bring her to rehearsal with him for his next tour and have her rehearse When I’m Gone with him with My Dad’s Gone Crazy.

One day, in prison, Michael gets a beating from a fellow inmate before Jason can get to him in time, he makes everyone promise not to tell Chloe, he doesn’t want her to worry. But, later Chloe convinces Brooke to take her with her to Pentonville when she goes there later that day to visit Jason. When she does, she sees his bruises and gets really nervous.Michael says there nothing and he loves her so much. But, since Chloe is underage she can’t come and visit him as often as she wants. She only has one visit a month. So he tells her to go live her life. They have a tearful goodbye and Chloe leaves.

She then tells her dad that she will go on tour with him and be on stage so they rehearse for a week before leaving to go on tour where Chloe has a blast and people know her as Little Em.

Michael is released from prison while they are on tour. As soon as Chloe gets the call, she gets the next flight back to Port Charles leaving just Eminem and Proof in the Shady’s Back Tour featuring Lil’ Em. She gets back to Port Charles

So, as soon as Michael gets out of jail, Chloe is there and they have a great reunion, he is so happy to be with her again and be able to hold her in his arms. He tells her that whenever he was scared in prison or a
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Michael and Chloe are reunited

nything, he would just think of the good times they had and how much he loved her, she is what kept him going. He then tells her he has to live with Dante and Lulu, but, that doesn’t mean he can’t be with her all the time and spend the nights with her.

But when he gets back to his place with Dante, he tells him the rules for living with him. 1. no girls allowed past ten unless he is there. 2. no spending the night with his girlfriend. 3. he has to be home by ten every night. 4. no seeing his father Sonny Corinthos. Michael is mad at the rules. He says he is over eighteen and should have the freedom of any eighteen year old. He should have the right to be with his girlfriend all the time. He should have the right to even live with her. But Dante tells him that he is on parole, and he has to live with under his rules or else, he goes back to Pentonville and not to mention Chloe is still underage and that he could get arrested for being caught having sex with his girlfriend.

Michael tells him that since he isn’t allowed to spend the night with her or be with her late at night, then all the time during that day, she is who he is going to be with. He then storms out and goes over to Chloe’s where they watch a horror movie on the sofa and even get in a whip cream fight in the kitchen and one thing leads to another, next thing they know they are on the sofa in the living stripping when Dante comes and interrupts them. He tells Michael that he doesn’t like the idea of his little brother living with his girlfriend. After he and Dante argue, Dante leaves and they are able to make love again for the first time in months. They are so happy to be back together.

One day while Michael is doing his community service, Chloe slips and falls down her stairs and sprains her ankle so she goes to the hospital to get a check up to make sure its ok. The hospital then goes into lockdown due to the fact that Elizabeth’s and Nikolas’s baby is missing so she goes into a room for the lockdown. She just so happens to be in the same room as Mr. Bauer.

He tells her that it isn’t her fault that Michael, Sonny and her father, Marshall is pressuring her into lying. Chloe tells him that Kiefer did beat her up twice. And he killed her and Michael’s unborn daughter, and he deserved to die, and she is so happy her dad hit him with that car. It spared him the pain Michael was going to give him for killing their daughter. Phoebe Adela Corinthos. He keeps telling her that she is lying. Then she figures out that his father knew what he did to her. she then says ‘Screw You’ and she is so happy her dad ran him over. The argument gets heated and Michael, (who burnt his hand on something at his road crew community service) hears and comes in right when Mr. Bauer is about to hit Chloe and he rushes in to protect his girlfriend. Telling him to not lay a hand on her and punches him in the jaw protecting Chloe, who has had enough abuse already with both beatings she sustained from Kiefer while he was alive, so they get into a fight. Michael tells Chloe to run and get out of there but she refuses to leave him. finally, Lucky comes in with Ethan, Steve and Maya and pull Michael off of him. he demands Michael gets arrested and put back in that ‘cage.’ Warren says that he saw Chloe in a room, he stopped by to see her and her pit bull of a boyfriend attacked him. Chloe and Michael say that’s not what happened.She is about to say what really happened when Lucky tells her to not say a word. That Warren fell and Michael helped him up. he says that’s what he saw. And Maya and Ethan saw the same and Steve was never there. Warren is infuriated and gets mad at Lucky for protecting the mobsters son and rappers daughter. Michael grabs Chloe and holds her close to him getting her away from Warren as he walks out infuriated.

He later returns when Michael and Chloe are in the hallway. He pulls a gun and shoots Mac in the chest twice. He then shoots Ethan in the chest and he takes a bullet for Maya. Brooke comes rushing over and is shot also in the chest. He then turns to Chloe and Michael. Michael puts his arm in front of Chloe protecting her as he glares at him. Warren says ‘my son was everything to me,’ Michael then does his best to protect Chloe and he pushes her behind the sofa they are sitting on and he stands up. he then tells him.

“your son was a maniac abuser who killed my unborn daughter, he deserved everything that happened to him, and you aren’t going to shoot her, because you are going to have to get through me,” Chloe is back there crying scared because Mac was just shot along with Ethan and Brooke when she hears a gunshot. Mac shoots Warren from where he is on the floor and Warren falls to the gound. Michael then rushes to Chloe who is kind of freaking out because of witnessing three people getting shot. Michael then hugs her and holds her close and then has to rush to the ER to get stuff to help Matt, Steve and Olivia save Mac and Ethan. Patrick and Carly then rush over to Warren who is still alive. He looks up at Chloe who is still scared and tells her its all her fault. Carly then goes over to Chloe and hugs her asking if she is ok. Chloe replies she’s fine but obviously not. Carly tells her it isn’t her fault. Michael then returns with more doctors to help. Brooke is coughing up blood alone while Warren dies and Ethan and Mac are unconscious being attended to by Steve, Matt, Olivia and Patrick.

Michael gets back to Chloe and holds her close as she yells that they cant let Mac, Brooke or Ethan die, they have to save them. Its her fault they got shot. She doesn’t want them to die because of her. It should have been her who got shot. Brooke definitely didn’t deserve this, she has been nothing but great to her and she is probably not going to live to see her daughter grow up, and Jason is in Pentonville so little Madison will have nowhere to go.

Michael tells Carly the whole story and then tells Chloe that none of this is her fault. But Chloe cant help but blame herself. If she never broke up with Kiefer they way she did. If she never even went out with him in the first place years before. Michael then argues that if she is going to play the blame game, then its his fault. If he never kissed her while they were on the run. If he never told her how he really felt about her. if he never had feelings for her in the first place. So if she should blame anyone, its him. Chloe refuses to blame him but she continues to worry about Brooke and Ethan and Mac. Brooke the most because she wasn’t getting medical attention right away and she was shot in the lung. She seemed in the worst condition and Mac and Ethan were both getting help before her. Ethan Lovett gets out of surgery first and he survived. Steve saved him by repairing an artery in his neck where he was shot. He was lucky to be alive. Olivia is one of the reasons he is still alive because she helped Steve before they could get him into surgery. They then take Brooke in
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Michael comforts Chloe after the shooting

to surgery and have to insert a chest tube to get the blood out of her lung and work on fixing the damage. Mac then gets out of surgery and Matt and Patrick go into help, which saves Brooke’s life because her heart is about to give out, but they save her.

Chloe and Michael are still waiting in the conference room and Chloe is working on calming down when Sonny gets into the hospital because he heard about everything that happened. He hasn’t called Marshall yet, but he wants to soon but Chloe stops him. she doesn’t want her dad to know about this right away. He will only freak out worse. Sonny then wants to talk to Michael alone. He tells him that he is proud of him for protecting his girlfriend like that. but be careful, his parole could be revoked and he could end up back in Pentonville.

The lockdown is lifted five minutes later and Michael and Chloe then go to Kelly’s to calm down. They see Mike, Michael’s grandfather who gives them ice cream on the house. They talk about what happened and Michael tells her that its not of her fault. He then takes her back to her place and they watch a movie to get Chloe’s mind off of it, where she falls asleep in his arms.

Weeks later, its almost time for school to start and Michael isn’t sure he wants to complete his senior year which he missed due to being on the island and going to prison, Chloe is also going into her senior year and is worried that the girls at school are going to give her crap about Kiefer and make it all her fault that he died. The girls at Madison Prep are really brutal. Chloe wants to transfer to Port Charles High while Michael wants to drop out because teachers and everyone will be afraid of him and thinks he is a killer. Michael jokes he wont leave her side at school so all the mean girls will be afraid of her. and since they both have no choice to but to go to Madison Prep, and they will stick together and not let anyone bother them.

Michael and Chloe later go to hang out at the Kelly’s, turns out Kristina is there and her friend notices how hot Michael is. her exact words are ‘oh my god, who is he and where has he been all my life, I can tell you one thing, that guy is all mine, no other girl will get a chance with him,’

Kristina then replies ‘that is my brother Michael, and the blonde girl next to him, that is his girlfriend of two years, Chloe Mathers, he killed his step mom in self defense to save her life, they had baby that was killed when Kiefer attacked Chloe, he went to prison for saving her life and as soon as he got out, he went running straight to her so they could be together, before he left for prison, he asked her to marry him when he got out in two years, after a month is prison he was released, it is unknown if they are going to get married anytime soon, but, you don’t want to come between them, her father is Eminem, and the last guy he thought hurt her, he hit with a car,’

Kristina is still mad that Kiefer is dead and doesn’t believe Kiefer hurt Chloe the second time, even though she witnessed it the first time, she still loves him and hates Chloe and blames her for everything.

After a few days, Michael and Chloe decide to return to Madison Prep for the school year so Michael can finish his senior year and can do it with Chloe.

At their first day back at Madison Prep, the headmaster calls Michael to the office and tells him that at the first sign of trouble, Michael is being expelled. Later in the hallway in between classes, he is with Chloe at her locker and he notices that she has a picture of her ultrasound in there of Phoebe when she was pregnant. Chloe says that it still hurts so much to not have been able to protect her when Kiefer beat her up. Michael is about to ask her how long she wants to wait for them to try again to have a baby when some jock comes over to them named Bryce, and he starts to taunt Michael, Michael ignores it, knowing that if he causes any trouble, he will be expelled and doesn’t want Chloe at Madison Prep alone. After the guy pins Michael against the wall, he then fights back using the moves Jason showed him in Prison. The headmaster later shows up and takes Bryce’s side. Chloe then defends Michael and says that he was defending himself. Another girl who was in the hallway, Alyssa Shouse speaks up and says that Chloe is telling the truth. Dante gets called down to the school, and is going to arrest Bryce for assault, but Michael tells him to forget it. He doesn’t want any trouble. He is there to learn.

Dante then goes to Carly and Jax to tell them what happened at school. When Michael gets home, Jax and Carly hound him with questions about what happened. Michael says that he didn’t start it. He explains what happens and then leaves to go to Chloe’s to study.

He then brings it up to her about when she wants to try again to have a baby. Chloe is shocked that Michael brought it up. Michael tells her that he loves her and wants to have a baby with her. Phoebe was an unplanned pregnancy, but the more far along Chloe got, the more he realized how happy he was and exciting it was getting. Even though they are eighteen and seventeen, they would make great parents.

They then decide that they really should wait until they graduate, that way they wont have school and can focus on being parents to there baby.

On Christmas Eve, Michael stops by Jason’s penthouse to visit, while Chloe is at the wedding reception for Luke and Tracy. Once he gets there, Molly is also there helping Jason and Brooke decorate their Charlie Brown Christmas tree. After a while, Jason tells Michael there is a place they need to go, and they go over to he Quartermaine’s where they wish Edward a merry Christmas, because he is their grandfather. Edward then tries to convince him to intern at ELQ Industries. Michael says he will think about it, but knows that by the end of the school year, when he and Chloe decide to have their baby. They then go to the wedding reception where Michael meets up with Chloe. After Tracy throws the bouquet and Brenda catches it and she and Sonny announce their engagement, Michael then asks Chloe if she wants to get married before they have their baby, before she’s pregnant or after they have the baby, Chloe says that she has to think about, but she definitely wants to marry him.

After Christmas, they go on a hospital ski trip with Kristina, Taylor, Morgan, Stella, Steve, Olivia, Johnny, Maxie and a bunch of other people (they don’t really know that well). The bus driver swerves the bus and it crashes and tumbles over many, many, many times, injuring many, including Morgan who gets a broken leg.

Chloe awakes in the snow with cuts on her face, and the only person around is Kristina, who was out cold. After Kristina woke up she and Chloe argued for a little bit because Kristina and Chloe currently hate each other but end up working together to get themselves out of their and back to the group and get themselves rescued. While doing that, they mend their friendship and just pretty much blame everything on Kiefer. By the time Kristina and Chloe get back to the group, they find out Morgan is missing so Michael and Chloe set out to find him

They are all rescued by Carly and Jason who know about the crash because Morgan was on the phone with Carly when it happened. After fighting for survival in the wilderness they are rescued and taken back to town and to the hospital where Chloe is suffering from hypothermia but makes it.


Chloe is questioned by the guy about her father

The two rest for a while after the ordeal and try to stay under the radar. But, when Chloe goes out to get a latte at Kelly’s and is on her way home, she runs into a guy who recognizes her as Eminem’s daughter. And with her luck, the guy hates her dad, saying stuff about his lyrics against gays, and quoting his song, Criminal where he says ‘my words are like a dagger with a jagged edge, they’ll stab you in the head whether you’re a fag or lez’ and he says maybe that’s what he should do to her to get it through her fathers head to leave gay people alone, maybe he should rape her also like he rapped about in the song Kill You, raping women, (well, his mom) and that he shouldn’t have written Love The Way You Lie because it glamorizes abusive relationships, Chloe tried to explain that her dad wrote that song because she and her best friend were both abused by the same guy, she was beaten twice to the point of hospitalization and Kristina was in a relationship with him and he hit her all the time, it was supposed to be an awareness song so people know that abuse isn’t good. The guy then threatens to beat her like her dad did to women in his songs and then attacks her but Michael shows just in time and saves her and calls Dante instead of his dad and the man is taking to PCPD where he is arrested for attempted murder but he does get out on bail. He is a known member of an organization against Eminem and in the organization, and Chloe was a target by it, and until they are caught, they want her in police protection, but Michael says no, he can protect her and hires Max and Milo off his dad for Chloe’s protection.

Michael and Chloe try to get past her attack and resume their normal lives. One day she is going to work at Crimson and a random guy enters the elevator with her and he turns it off and tells her that her time is coming up and she better be ready. Chloe later tells Michael about the encounter and he makes it so Max and Milo are around her all the time and she can’t go anywhere alone.

So, with her newfound body guards around, Chloe is able to be pretty safe, until she slips and falls down the stairs. Max takes her to the hospital even though Chloe tries to convince him she is fine. There, they do tests, but before they can x-ray, for all girls, they have to do a pregnancy test, where it comes up positive.

A confused Chloe doesn’t know how that’s possible, she and Michael use protection every time and she is on the pill. Robin tells her that there is a tiny half a percent that can get pregnant using both of those and she must be that half a percent.

Chloe is released and goes home with Max right behind and when Michael comes home, Chloe tells him the good news, she is pregnant again, it’s a few months sooner then they wanted, but it’s still a great thing. Michael then hugs Chloe happy to hear the news.

In The SeriesEdit


Hilarie Burton as an adult Chloe Mathers-Corinthos

Season 1Edit

1.01 Pilot Chloe is first seen knocking on the doors to her three daughters rooms and telling them it's time get up for school.

1.03 On The Line

1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect

1.06 The Party Scene

1.09 Get Out Alive

1.10 Make It Right

1.11 What Does It Take

1.12 Fire In My Eyes


Chloe gets the dreaded phone call about the school shooting.

1.13 You've Been On My Mind

1.14 Falling Inside The Black

1.15 Never Surrender

1.16 In Real Life

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose

Season 2Edit

2.01 We Are Broken Chloe goes with Trinity in the back of the ambulance to the hospital where Trinity is taken into surgery. Chloe tries to call Briana and Leah again but keeps getting their voicemails. She waits until Michael arrives from work and asks about the girls. Chloe explains that Trinity was shot in the leg and is in surgery. Not too long after their arrival Dante brings in Briana and informs them that Leah didn't make it. Chloe does her best to comfort Briana while Michael says he is going to go get some air and Chloe is unaware he is out for blood.

2.02 The Worst Parts

2.03 It's All Over

2.04 Cry For Help

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies

2.11 Anywhere But Here

2.15 Stand Up 2.17 Believe In Me


Michael and Chloe debate what to do about her new pregnancy

2.18 What's It Gonna Be

2.19 Recovery Begins

2.20 Day Of Wreckoning

Season 3Edit


A very pregnant Chloe looks in the mirror.

3.04 All The Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

3.06 The Sound of Madness

3.07 I Lose Control

3.08 World So Cold

3.10 Fall To Pieces

3.11 Keep Holding On


Chloe is admitted to the hospital

3.12 Through Tomorrow

3.14 Far From Never 3.15 The Story Of Us

3.19 In Fate's Hands

Season 4Edit

4.01 Awake
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Now awake and okay, Chloe holds newborn daughter Violet.

and Alive

4.03 The Approaching Curve

4.04 The Answer To Everything

4.05 Work It Out


Chloe returns home after her hospital stay.

4.11 Hit The Floor

4.13 Eyes On You

4.15 Don't Walk The Other Way

4.18 Death and All His Friends

Season 5Edit

5.01 Some Things Burn

5.02 Erase This

5.04 No More Sorrow

5.05 Not Enough

5.06 Everybody Hurts

5.07 Never Go Back

5.08 All I Wanted

5.09 All I Need To Be

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulders

5.12 The Day That Saved Us

5.13 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet

5.15 What I've Done

5.16 Feels Like Home

5.18 Broken Mirrors

Season 6Edit

6.01 Brick by Boring Brick

6.02 Chalk Outline

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless

6.04 Should've When You Could've

6.06 Crazy Beautiful Life

6.09 Cross The Line

6.10 She's A Rebel

6.13 Remember When

6.14 Got Me Going Crazy

6.15 Careful What You Wish For

6.17 Space Bound

Season 7Edit

7.01 New Perspective

7.02 Don't Let Me Get Me

7.03 The Strength To Go On

7.04 You Can Talk Me Into It

7.06 Fall Into Me

7.07 Grim Goodbyes and Happy Beginnings

7.08 Come Clean

7.09 Won't Back Down

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best

7.13 We Stitch These Wounds

7.14 Like I Care

7.18 The Good Left Undone

Season 8Edit

OneTreeHill 1195673722-000

Michael assures Chloe Ian won't get away with what he did.

8.06 How To Save A Life

8.07 Something New

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy

8.09 Falling Apart

8.10 The Game Is Over

8.11 Let It Go

8.13 Point's of Authority

8.15 Call Me When Your Sober

8.16 That's What You Get

8.17 Let It Die

Season 9Edit

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginning


Chloe and Michael attend niece Grace's funeral

9.02 I'm Going Mobile

9.03 I've Become So Numb

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry)

9.05 Prepare You're Weapon

9.06 Savior

9.07 Don't Tell Me

9.08 Make It Stop, Let This End

9.09 How Does It Feel

9.13 New Perspective

Season 10Edit

10.02 Memories of a Broken Heart

10.04 View From Heaven

10.08 The Heart Is A Hole

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

10.11 Home Sweet Hole

10.19 Caught Like A Fly

Season 11 Edit

11.03 Long Live Us

11.06 Say Goodbye

11.07 Bang The Doldrums

11.08 Why Can't You Just Be Honest

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me

11.10 Amid The Roar

11.12 Revenge and It's Thrills

11.14 Tragedy + Time

11.15 When I Come Around

11.16 Space Enough To Grow

11.17 Everybody Breaks A Glass

11.18 Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way

11.19 We'll Be A Dream




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Michael Corinthos

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