Drew is the son of Destiny Evans and Matthew Buchanan.

Early Life

In April 2011, After having feelings for each other for a long time, teen couple Destiny Evans and Matthew Buchanan begin dating. After confessing to Destiny about killing someone, they end up having sex. After getting in a fight with Nate Salinger, Matthew hits his head and is left in a coma, with a little chance of living. In June 2011, Destiny learns she is pregnant. Since she is a teen mother and most likely will be a single mother if Matthew doesn't wake up, Destiny straggles if she get an abortion or not. After thinking about it, she decides not. In a miracle, Matthew wakes up on Thanksgiving day in 2011 and doesn't want anything to do with his baby. After getting guidance from his brother David, Matthew decides to be there for the baby. Destiny gives birth to the baby on January 13, 2012, with no problems. They decide to name him after Matthew's deceased brother Drew.

In 2013, Destiny is aged to a 21-year-old college student and single mother to Drew, acknowledging Matthew's limited parental involvement and his parents Bo and Nora providing support with financial assistance and babysitting to their child.

In The Series