Emma Drake is a Port Charles High School graduate and a Sophomore at Port Charles University and planning on going into Harvard in a few years for med school. Emma had to take her senior year twice after failing the second semester because of the emotional damage of losing her best friend Leah Corinthos in the school shooting. Emma is very smart and stratigical and tends to overthink situations. Emma also has a big heart and will fight to the death for her loved ones. Being the oldest of four and living with two of them, Emma has become very responsible at an early age and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Emma does her best to be a good big sister and friend. being raised around doctors for parents aspired Emma to want to be an ER doctor. Emma is best friends with Leah Corinthos, Briana Corinthos and Jenny Martin. She has a rivalry with Sierra Morasco and not a fan of Fiona Spencer or Meghan Spencer. She is the first born daughter of the couple Scrubs (Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio), older sister of Anna Drake, Noah Drake and Drake Niles, granddaughter of Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio. She was on recurring status for seasons 6-10 before coming back in as a series regular. Emma is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.

Early Life

Emma was conceived on December 23, 2007, when a grief-stricken Robin went to Patrick's apartment for comfort after the funeral of her cousin Georgie (the couple had recently broken up). Robin's due date should have been September 2008, but she gave birth in November 2008.

On January 21, 2008, Robin was informed by Dr. Kelly Lee that she was pregnant. Until that point, Robin planned to be artificially inseminated using a sperm donor. At first, Robin decided not to tell Patrick that he was the father of their child; he did not want to be a father, which was the cause of their most recent breakup. On February 29 Patrick confronted Robin with the truth, knowing that he was the father of her unborn child (which Robin confirms). The newly reconciled couple had an ultrasound, which showed that they were expecting a daughter on October 12, 2008.

On October 31, Robin went into labor during her wedding to Patrick. After a few anxious moments, Emma was delivered healthy on November 3. She had a cut on her ear, however, and because Robin was HIV-positive her parents fear that Emma was exposed. Test results later proved that Emma was HIV-negative, much to their relief.

No godparents have been picked, although Robin asked Spinelli to be Emma's honorary uncle. Patrick and Robin eventually married, but without Emma in attendance. In February 2009, when Emma came down with a fever, she was left in the care of an alarmed Maxie. With Johnny Zacchara's help, Maxie brought Emma to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Emma was later cured by the "power of a mother's love".

On Emma's first birthday, Josslyn Jacks was born. In August 2010, Emma and Robin went to visit Emma's grandmother in New York City. On August 17, they returned to Port Charles. On August 20, Patrick and Robin arrived home expecting to see Emma. Instead, the babysitter told them that Dr. Niles took Emma out for ice cream (without permission from Emma's parents). Robin and Patrick searched all of Port Charles for Emma. When Patrick was on the phone with Robin, he walked into his house and saw Lisa with Emma. Patrick informed Robin that Emma was safe at home, and put her to bed. Patrick then accused Lisa of kidnapping and ordered her to never come near his family again.

On September 7, 2010, Emma and Robin moved into Mac Scorpio's house for protection from Lisa. In October (when Lisa was released), Emma suddenly went missing. Later she was discovered around the corner, unharmed. Robin blamed Lisa, although she had no proof. It was later shown that Lisa was the culprit, trying to "gaslight" Robin. In late March and early April 2011, Patrick and Robin began to attend marriage counseling sessions and hired Kristina to be Emma's babysitter. On November 3, Emma turned four. However, in August, Emma was shown as a four-year-old child.

In The Series

Season 1


Nina Dobrev as Emma Drake

Emma makes her first appearance in the Pilot episode as seventeen years old and a high school senior. Emma walks up to best friend Leah and talks to her about their summers and once entering the building, they see on the wall advertising for someone to run of student council president because the one last year moved towns. Rival Sierra Morasco then walks over to them and tells them to not even try, she is going win and rule the school. Emma then tells Leah she needs to run for student council president, that way no one will have to be under Sierra's rule. Plus, it would be great for Leah's Harvard application for Harvard Law. Leah agrees and the two decide to work on their campaign at lunch. they then go to get their schedules and Leah and Emma show their younger sisters around a little before heading off to class. they later work on Leah's campaign and work hard on outdoing Sierra and they also get Emma's sister Anna and Leah's youngest sister Trinity to help out. At the end of the week, Leah is elected and chooses Emma as her vice president.

1.03 On The Line, Leah comes to Emma and tells her that it's a possibility that Lucky and Siobhan are her real parents and Emma hangs out with her along with Trinity and Briana as they wait for the DNA results. Emma stays with her until she finds out that she is in fact Michael and Chloe's daughter, not Lucky and Siobhan's.

1.05 Cries In Vain, Leah and Emma are seperated by their AP Chemistry class so Emma is partners with Spencer Cassadine for the project. Leah also comes to her about her and Ian.

1.06 The Party Scene, Emma and Leah aren't invited to Sierra Morasco's party so they decide to have a girls night at Emma's while at Emma's Leah gets a call from Madi Morgan saying her sister Briana is passed out at the party. Leah and Emma then leave to go get Briana after Emma tells Anna they will be back later and she still isn't allowed to go to the party. Emma and Leah get to Sierra's and find Madi who is with Briana and Spike helps get Briana to the car and Leah and Emma take her to the ER at the hospital where her parents are working. Leah and Emma bring her in and Patrick gets her on a gurney and Emma explains what happened with Leah and Briana is then taken to get her stomach pumped.

1.08 Someone Who Cares Leah comes to Emma saying that Jenny and Ian have been acting weird towards her and asks her to help find out whats going on. Later that day, Emma overhears Jenny and Ian talking and hears that they have slept together. Emma debates a while on whether or not to tell Leah, knowing it will crush her to know that their best friend, Jenny, slept with her boyfriend, but Emma decides that if the roles were reversed, she would want to know, so Emma tells Leah who becomes a mess and later calls Jenny over and confronts her and after Jenny confesses Leah breaks off their friendship and Emma helps her deal with it.

1.09 Get Out Alive Emma comes to the hospital to see how Leah and Trinity are coping with Briana getting hit and hangs out with them while they are waiting for word on her.

1.10 Make It Right, Ian keeps trying to talk to Leah about what happened and Emma does her best to help Leah through this and keep Ian away from her every time he comes around, wanting to talk to her.

1.13 Emma keeps telling Ian to leave Leah alone and every time he comes around, Emma insults him and threatens to kick his ass.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Emma and Leah have got the Winter Formal planned perfectly, and both Emma and Leah leave to change into their dresses and when Emma returns to the dance and it starts, Leah is nowhere to be found, Emma goes to talk to Madi and sees if she has seen her and Madi replies no, wondering if she has seen Ian, they are supposed to go on soon, Madi then asks if she thinks the two got back together and Emma tells her that is highly unlikely, Emma then tries to call Leah and it goes straight to voicemail so Emma decides to go swing by her house and see if she is there, so she leaves Noah in charge and tells Madi to just go on without a drummer. When Emma gets to Leah's house she goes in and calls out her name and hears screaming coming from Leah's room and Emma

Emma goes to Leah's place only to come across her being attacked by Ian

rushes in there and sees Leah being attacked by Ian. Emma tries to help but Ian pulls a knife on her and she and Leah are both tied up and starts to ramble on about his love for Leah, Leah then whispers to Emma to try to keep Ian distracted, Emma is confused on what she means but Before she knows it Leah is able to get free of her restraints and gets out of the room and Ian goes after her, Emma quickly bites off the ducktape on her hands and yanks it from her ankles and runs after Ian and jumps on his back and pulls him down and Ian throws her off of him and turns around only to be shot by Leah who was able to get her dad's gun. After Ian is down Emma gets up and rushes over to Leah who goes to her parents room and grabs the home phone and calls the police and her parents before breaking down.

1.15 Emma visits Leah in the hospital since her injuries were more severe. She and Emma try to cope with the fact that they almost died and when Leah shot Ian, he didn't die. The two continue to talk about what happened and how Leah feels guilty Emma was even brought into this. Jenny then walks in and says she heard what happened and came back from Pine Valley, Leah ignores Jenny tells her that this is all her fault. Jenny apoligizes and Emma tells her its best if she leaves, before Jenny leaves, she tells them that when she slept with Ian, it got her pregnant.

1.16 Emma and Leah discuss the Jenny thing and decide to show up at her first ultrasound and the three repair their friendship

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose Emma is with Leah in the room where the yearbook committee works and are going over what they have so far when the two hear a few popping noises. Emma immediately thinks it's something serious while Leah thinks its a firecracker, Emma is unconvinced and the two walk out of the room to see what's going on to find Briana running and says that someone is downstairs shooting. the two then pull Briana back into the room after the lockdown. the three hide for about thirty minutes until they hear Drake calling out Briana's name. during that half hour, the three had heard more gunshots go off and Drake does not sound very happy as he is yelling Briana's name. thinking quick, Emma and Leah hide Briana under the teachers desk and Drake kicks the door open. When Drake notices Emma he points the gun toward her and rants to her about how she, Noah and Anna ruined his life and he is happy he was able to put a bullet in Anna and now wants to put a bullet in her. Emma tries to talk him down by saying that she will go to their dad and talk to him with Noah and they can talk to him and get him to be a part of Drake's life also. Drake says he would rather kill her and as he pulls the trigger Leah jumps in the way and takes the bullet for Emma. Emma freaks out and bends down to Leah and Leah struggles to breathe as Briana comes out of her hiding spot and is drug out of the room. Leah tells Emma to go after Briana but Emma refuses to leave her. Leah tells her that she's sorry and to tell her family she loves them. Emma replies in tears telling her to tell them herself but Leah repeats that before she stops breathing, initiating she has died.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Emma is pulled from Leah's dead body by a an officer who then pronounces Leah dead.


2.04 Cry For Help Emma attends Leah's funeral and is numb. She doesn't say anything and stares into space. She stays silent as people talk like Michael, Chloe, Trinity, and Briana. She later goes home and tries to cope with Leah being gone.

2.05 Disparity By Design Emma returns to school but remains silent, especially ignoring friend Jenny and is completely oblivious to Noah's new-found heroin addiction.

2.13 Until You're Mine Emma's silence and avoiding everyone has lead her grades to fall and she is informed by the principal that even though she is an amazing student with a promising future in whatever career she wants, but she will have to repeat the senior year. When Emma returns home Robin is furious that Emma failed all her classes, even though Leah had just died. Emma finally speaks up and talks about how this isn't how it was supposed to be. She and Leah were supposed to graduate together and go off to college together and be best friends and be the maid of honor at each others weddings and be old ladies in the nursing home causing trouble. Leah wasn't supposed to die, it should have been her. Robin does her best to try to get Emma to see that Leah wouldn't want her suffering like this. She would want her to be happy. She gave her life for her and wouldn't want her beating herself up everyday. She would want Emma to be happy and go on with life.

2.18 What's It Gonna Be Emma is informed that even though she isn't graduating, she still has to give a speech as acting Class President. Emma thinks about it before talking to Briana, asking her if Leah had anything planned since she always planned ahead. The two later search Leah's room and find one in her desk. Emma asks Briana to read it at graduation instead.


Emma gives a speech at graduation

2.20 Day of Reckoning Emma opens up the graduation ceremony, while speaking she remembers Leah and says that the words are best said by her and has Briana come up and read the speech Leah had written. She later names Leah valedictorian and Most Likely To Succeed. After the ceremony, Emma decides to skip the party and just relax. She later visits Leah's grave and tells her that she misses her and that she will study hard and get good grades so she can later get into Harvard Med, just like the two planned when she was still alive.

Season 3

3.02 Feeling Alive Emma along with her parents and Noah say goodbye to Anna as she leaves to go to boarding school.


Emma talks to Jenny.

3.09 No More Sorrow Noah tells Emma that Briana has been distant lately. Emma tells him to ask Briana what's going on. She may just be having one of those weeks or there could be something up, especially since Leah recently died.

3.11 Keep Holding On Emma finally has time to spend with Jenny. The pair meet at the park and talk about Leah and what happened. Jenny tells her she isn't quite sure what she's doing in life and Emma tells her it's okay to not know, some people never know. Just go to college and take a bunch of random classes that sound fun.

3.16 Running From Lions Emma invites Briana and Jenny over for a girls night where Briana confides in them that her mother's pregnancy could kill her.

Season 4

4.07 Here I Stand Emma is in town when she bumps into Spencer at Kelly's. She is shocked to see him back in town but happy to see an old friend. He asks if she is going to Josslyn's party and Emma lets him know she will be there.

4.08 A Party Song (Walk Of Shame) Emma shows up at Josslyn's party with Jenny who says she doesn't plan on drinking. Emma talks to Spencer a little bit at the party before regrouping with Jenny and discussing the mess that is going on with Briana. Jenny goes to get a drink and not too long after she tells Emma she isn't feeling too well. Jenny then passes out and Emma realizes she is having an allergic reaction. Josslyn begs her to take her and not call an ambulance. Emma yells to see if anyone has an EpiPen. Charlotte who is allergic to nuts grabs hers from her bag and Emma injects Jenny before grabbing her and dragging her out of the party and to her car. She rushes her into the hospital where she runs into her parents, Michael, Chloe, Noah and Briana. Emma explains Jenny us having an allergic reaction and she gave her someone's EpiPen but she needs treatment. Robin takes her back while Patrick asks what happened and Emma explains and then asks why Noah is here and Patrick explains he was attacked by Briana's stalker. Emma goes over to him as he being patched up and Noah explains he is fine, he just wishes he could have got the guy.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Emma decides to throw a graduation party at her families cabin and invites fellow seniors Grace Baker, Hope Thornhart, Miranda Montgomery, Jenny Martin and AJ Chandler along with Briana, Trinity, Trevor and Noah. She decides with the shit that went down with Briana, they all deserve to have some fun.


4.18 Death and All His Friends Emma heads to the cabin with Briana, Trinity and Jenny, planning on meeting everyone else there. Emma is happy Briana is finally okay and doing better after what happened with her stalker and knows not to ask questions about what really happened to the guys. Once at the cabin they get things set up she hears Briana talking to Trinity about Trevor and Max but decides not to intervene. She hasn't been in a relationship and hasn't had the interest so she has absolutely no experience. Emma later asks Briana if she knows what is taking Noah and Trevor so long and Briana calls them from the one area in the cabin with a signal and later lets her know that they got a flat tire and are running late. Emma is in the kitchen when she hears the commotion with Hope and Grace. She is confused with this but figures that it's none of her business. When Hope doesn't come back, AJ goes after her and later Trinity and Briana. She is inside when Briana and Trinity come in followed by Noah and Trevor seeing Trinity bleeding out. Noah instructs her to grab her phone and try to call for help in the few spots in the cabin where she can get a signal and then lock herself and Jenny in the closet and do not come out. Emma nods and grabs Jenny. They go into her parent's room and Emma stands on a chair close to the window and is able to get a signal and dial 911 and tell them what happened and that they need help right away. The dispatcher instructs her to hide. Emma than grabs Jenny and pulls her into the closet locking themselves in. Emma holds Jenny close as the two cry, hoping everything will be okay.

Season 5

5.01 Some Things Burn Emma and Jenny remain in the closet until an officer lets them out and leads them out of the cabin. Emma and Jenny see AJ and Hope's posed bodies. Once in the police cars, Emma asks to be taken to the hospital because that's where both her parents are and the officer agrees. Emma is taken to GH and waits in a separate waiting room not sure she wants to see Trinity or her family. Robin talks to her and tells her that Trinity will be okay.


Emma attends Hope and AJ's funeral.

5.03 Your Love Was A Lie Emma attends both Hope and AJ's funerals.

5.14 Let The Flames Begin Jenny shows up at the Drake house and asks to talk to Emma. She tells Emma they need to talk about what happened at the cabin. Emma agrees and the two go to visit Leah's grave and discuss what happened, including seeing Hope and AJ's bodies posed.

Season 6

6.04 Should've When You Could've Emma starts classes at PCU along with Miranda and Grace. She is going into the pre-med program and moves into her dorm fully.

6.06 Crazy Beautiful Life Jenny calls Emma to see if she wants to go to the movies later and Emma agrees. She starts her calculus homework and loses track of time only to get a call from Jenny asking where she is. Emma explains she forgot and apologizes. Jenny later continues to try and make plans with Emma only for her to get busy and continue canceling plans. Jenny later gives up.

Season 7

7.04 You Can Talk Me Into It Emma receives a call from the courthouse letting her know that Ian Slater is being released early for good behavior. Emma tries to call Jenny but gets Jenny's voicemail and leaves a message.

Normal 012

7.05 Don't Let Me Down Emma meets Noah and Briana at the student union building on campus at PCU. Emma is confused but happy to see them. Noah then explains the situation on how they are married. Emma is shocked to learn this and especially how they ended up getting married. Noah asks if she can not tell anyone until they are ready. Emma agrees and wishes them luck. Briana then asks if she has heard from Jenny. Emma explains that Jenny stopped trying to hang out with her after she had to cancel a few many times. She hasn't tried contacting her but did reach out after she heard about Trevor passing. Briana then thanks Emma and asks her to let her know if Jenny returns one of her calls. Emma agrees and Noah and Briana leave.

7.18 The Good Left Undone Emma attends the graduation of Noah and Briana.

Season 8

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy Emma is asked to testify in Ian's court case for custody of his daughter. Emma agrees and testifies that Ian had tried to kill Leah over a breakup, claiming they were meant to be. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for her showing up. She was also attacked and it deeply effected her, making her paranoid for a while and scared of being alone.

8.10 The Game is Over Emma is in the courtroom when Ian's verdict is read. Jenny thanks her for testifying.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Emma stops by Briana's place with Noah to make sure she is okay.

8.17 Let It Die Emma says goodbye to Jenny before she leaves town.

Season 9

9.12 You're The Reason Briana shows up at Emma's place visibly upset. Emma asks if it has anything to do with Noah, assuming they are having problems but Briana tells her things are great with her and Noah. Briana then talks about how she feels she has hit a dead end. She has no idea what she wants to do in life. Leah always wanted to be a lawyer and knew that for a long time. Emma has known for a long time she wanted to be a doctor like her parents. Emma tells Briana she has a while to declare her major and to just take the required classes now and then take electives that sound interesting. That way she can cross them off her list.

Season 10

10.18 Keep You With Me Emma returns from class to her dorm room to see Briana sitting at her desk reading one of her textbooks. Emma is shocked to see Briana. Briana then asks her if they can talk and if it would be weird if it was about Noah. Emma tells her it's fine and Briana informs her that a new girl, Lila Alcazar who is flirting with Noah. Briana eventually told her kindly that Noah was married and Lila lied to Noah claiming Briana threatened her and Noah believed Lila over her. Emma tells her that Noah can be stubborn. She can't really give her relationship advice because the last relationship she was in was when she was a high school sophomore, but Noah is maried to not Lila. He may have been drunk when they got married, but he married her, not Lila and should trust her. Briana thanks Emma for listening before she leaves.

Season 11

11.06 Say Goodbye Emma is at her parent's place, staying there for the summer and looking into apartments online so she doesn't have to live in the dorm this year. Briana stops by and the pair sit in the kitchen and talk where Briana informs her that Noah has been acting funny and being distant. Emma asks Briana if she wants her to talk to him but Briana declines, saying she just hopes it had to do with finals and things will go back to normal.

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Emma comforts Briana.

11.08 Why Can't You Just Be Honest Briana comes over very distraught, Emma is confused and asks what happened and Briana explains Noah is cheating on her with Lila. Emma is shocked and hugs Briana as she cries, not knowing what the do.

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me Emma calls Noah after giving Briana some time to go and get her stuff. When Noah answers, Emma furiously curses him out for what he did. Noah tells her he doesn't have time for this but Emma continues to tell him how much he screwed up. Noah then tells her he is trying to fix it. Emma, knowing Briana, tells Noah there is nothing he can do to fix it, saying Briana is filing for divorce and moving in with her parents. Noah informs her he knows and that Briana just left telling him the same thing. Noah begs Emma to talk to Briana for him but Emma refuses, saying she is on Briana's side for this one.

11.11 Lonely As You Emma goes to the Corinthos house and Chloe answers the door. Emma asks her how Briana is doing and Chloe tells her that she's still distraught, as anyone would be in the circumstances and hasn't left her room in a while. Emma goes upstairs to Briana's room and tells her to get dressed and that they are going out. Briana tells her she doesn't want to but Emma informs her she can't just mope around and is able to convince Briana to at least go grab coffee with her. The pair go to Kelly's where Emma tells her that she is looking for an apartment and could use a roommate, offering for Briana to move in with her. Briana tells her she will think about it, it's kind of sad someone her age just moved back in with her parents.The pair are interrupted by Lila who informs them it is. Emma grabs Briana's arm and attempts to leave but Lila follows them. Emma tells her to back off but she continues to taunt Briana. Emma than informs her that if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you.


Emma talks to Noah.

11.14 Tragedy + Time Emma stops by Noah's apartment to see how he is doing. She finds him asleep on the sofa and dirty dishes in the sink. She grabs a pillow and wakes Noah up by hitting him repeatedly. He asks her what she is doing and Emma tells him she came by to see how he was, and judging by their surroundings, he's not good. Noah asks her how Briana is doing and Emma informs him she is eating and leaving the house, but not better. She also tells him she is waiting for him to sign the divorce papers. Noah points to the kitchen and Emma finds them ripped in half. She tells him he needs to sign but Noah refuses, saying he and Briana can work this out. She didn't go for an annulment, which means they have to be separated for a year before she can go forward. Emma informs him that she cited adultery as the reason, which means she doesn't need a year of separation. She then tells Noah to let Briana go, knowing how badly he hurt her.

11.17 Everybody Breaks A Glass Emma arrives at the Corinthos house to find Briana throwing up in her bathroom. She quickly rushes in and holds Briana's hair back as she continues to vomit. When Briana's stomach calms down, she asks what she is doing there and Emma tells her she hasn't heard from her in a couple of days and just wanted to make sure she was alive, and by the looks of it, just barely. Briana tells her she hasn't been feeling too great recently and Emma tells her it could be the stress of the divorce. Emma then tells her to get dressed, she is checking out a few apartments and as her potential roommate, Briana is coming with. Briana goes and they check out a few places with a real estate agent. On the way home, Briana asks if they can stop at the store and grab some ginger ale. Emma pulls into the closest grocery store and Briana goes inside. She returns ten minutes later and Emma drops her off at her place before going to check on Noah. Noah doesn't answer the door and Emma enters, shocked to see him sitting on the sofa


Emma checks Noah's pupils

staring at what looks like heroin and a needle. Emma freaks out but Noah tells her not to worry, he hasn't taken any yet. She quickly grabs his head and stares into his eyes to check his pupils but luckily they aren't pinned. Emma then flushes the heroin down the toilet before berating him, telling him they are cutting it with Fentynal now which could easily kill him. Noah tells her he doesn't care, his life is over anyway and Emma asks why he even thought about drugs. Noah then confesses that he used heroin a few times after the school shooting and as a way to cope. It's why Josslyn broke up with him in the first place and Briana helped him get clean and now she is gone and wants nothing to do with him. Emma sits down next to him and hugs him telling him he can't throw away his future, he may be in pain now but he will get through it. Noah then does something he hasn't done in a long time and cries.

11.19 We'll Be A Dream Briana texts Emma and tells her she is running late for the ceremony and asks if she can pick her up. Emma agrees and arrives at the Corinthos house and finds Briana in the bathroom. She asks what's taking so long and Briana points to the sink. Emma approaches it and sees a positive pregnancy test. Emma tells Briana not to worry right now and that they will talk about it after the ceremony and figure something else. The pair leaves and arrive at the venue where Emma tells her to stop acting like she's seen a ghost. Emma is seated in the second row and watches the ceremony, and is shocked when it is interrupted.

Season 12

12.01 The Last Great Love Story Emma is shocked when the ceremony is interrupted, especially when the women claims to be the mother of Michael's son. Emma puts her arm around Briana, trying to keep her calm knowing she needs it. As Michael and Chloe sidebar, Emma stays silent. When Chloe announces that the ceremony is canceled, Emma escorts a surprised Briana to her car and instead of taking her back to the Corinthos House, she takes her back to the Drake home. Briana starts crying over everything that has happened in the past few weeks and tells Emma she has no idea what's going on and feels like she is drowning. Emma tells her to forget about her parents for the day and think about what she wants to do. Briana tells her she has no idea what she wants to do, she just can't be around Noah right now.


12.04 Life Goes On Emma meets Briana for coffee to discuss her options. Briana tells Emma she isn't sure what to do. She knows she and Noah have problems and she isn't sure she can be around Noah right now or even go back to him. Emma tells her if she plans on not terminating the pregnancy, she needs to tell Noah. Briana tells her she can't, if she does Noah will want to reconcile. Emma asks if that is such a bad idea and Briana tells her that her mind is made up, Noah cheated on her with someone she had expressed worry about and lied straight to her face. In this town, honesty is a must. Briana gets up to leave and Emma follows her and the pair bicker outside where they run into Spike Lavery who asks if everything is okay. Briana tells her everything is peachy fine and walks off, Spike then asks Emma if everything is okay and Emma repeats what Briana said and walks in the other direction.

12.07 Fear Hate Love Emma takes Briana to Planned Parenthood two cities over for a checkup. Briana gets an ultrasound where she learns she is four months along, too late to terminate but chooses not to learn the sex. The doctor prescribes her some vitamins and gives her a printout. Emma and Briana then go and grab lunch and Emma asks Briana what she thinks, adoption or raising it. Briana tells her she doesn't know if she can be a mom right now. Emma tells her that she needs to tell Noah. Briana tells her she doesn't know about that, she knows it will lead to him wanting a reconciliation and she can't do that. Emma tells her she is going to have to say something in the future, especially when she looks like she swallowed a watermelon.


12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Nights Emma goes to check up on Noah again and finds him passed out on the sofa. Emma wakes him up and sees he has been crying. Emma asks him what is going on and Noah tells her that he lost all chances of getting Briana back, she got knocked up by Spike Lavery. Emma is shocked and goes straight to Briana's house. When Briana opens the door, she walks in and past Briana into the kitchen grabbing the coffee pot from Rory and pouring herself a cup. Both Briana and Rory are confused and Emma tells Rory that she and Briana need to talk. Rory pours her own coffee before walking out of the room. Briana asks what's going on and Emma asks why Noah called her last night sobbing saying Briana got knocked up by Spike Lavery. Briana is quiet Emma is furious. She then tells Briana that when she went to go check up on him a month ago, he had purchased heroin and was ready to take it, because apparently, he had an addiction that neither of them told her about which is why they got together in the first place and Josslyn dumped him. Briana starts crying and tells Emma that she didn't say anything, Noah was there and heard she was pregnant and Spike said that before she could even react. She didn't mean for this to happen. Emma tells her that she has to tell Noah the truth. Briana tells her she will, she just needs time. Emma then tells her if Noah doesn't know the truth by the end of her second trimester, she will.

12.16 Same Book But Never The Same Page Emma deals with the moral dilemma of keeping Briana's secret from her own brother. She knows she needs to tell Noah soon or she will risk him diving into a deeper depression and possible relapse. She decides to ask her dad what to do without telling him specifics of the situation. Just telling him that she knows someone is keeping a secret from someone and it is a big secret that has major consequences if it doesn't come out and that she is close to both parties and has no idea if she should continue to keep the secret. Patrick tells her that secrets don't last in this town and she needs to tell the truth to both parties, despite the damage this secret can do.

12.20 Politics of Love Briana is now six months pregnant and Emma

Emma tells Noah the truth.

knows that she needs to tell Noah the truth or he could relapse. Emma shows up to Noah's place to find him trying to get back on his feet with cleaning the place up and getting ready to return to school in winter quarter. He tells Emma that he understands his relationship with Briana is over and is ready to put his life back together. Emma asks what changed this and Noah tells her that ironically, it was a conversation he had with Lila Alcazar. Briana hopping into bed with Spike Lavery showed that she wasn't as invested in the marriage and saving it. Emma tells Noah she needs to talk to him and the pair sit down on the sofa. Emma then tells Noah that she doesn't know how invested Briana is in in anything, but he has the right to know this before he gives up on everything. She then tells him that Spike was covering for Briana because she was scared of Noah finding out she is pregnant because Noah is the father.

Season 13

13.03 I Am The Fire

13.04 Fake It

13.06 If It Means a Lot To You

13.08 In a Place of Solace

13.09 There'll Come a Day

13.10 Life Screams

13.17 Lightning In A Bottle


  • One of the few characters to never show romantic interest in anyone
  • One of the few characters to go on a recurring basis for a long period of time, even only appearing once a season.