Gabbi Montgomery is currently a senior at Port Charles High School. Since her mother is a lesbian, Gabbi learned at an early age, love is love, no matter race, nationality, religion or gender. Gabbi started the series when she was a freshman and was seen to be boy crazy, she and her sister even fought over Spencer Cassadine when Miranda said she was thinking about asking him out. Gabbi is shown to be intelligent and a go-getter and can be very caring and compassionate girl. she loves her family and will fight and defend, escpecially when someone makes a homophobic remark. Gabi loves hanging out with friends and a lot like a lot of people her age, she has no idea where she is headed in life, whether its pyschology or political science. Gabbi loves who she is and does her best not to let mean girl Meghan Spencer get to her. Gabbi is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery, sister of Miranda Montgomery, niece of Kendall Hart, cousin of Ian Slater, Spike Lavery, and Yasmin Castillo, and granddaughter of Erica Kane. she is currently dating Aiden Cassadine and is portrayed by

Demi Lovato

Early Life

Gabrielle Amelia Montgomery is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery and Reese Williams via artificial insemination (with Bianca's brother-in-law Zach Slater as the biological father) but is raised by Bianca and Reese. She was born on October 21, with the help of her father, Zach. She was born seven weeks early. She is the second daughter of Bianca Montgomery, the second granddaughter of Erica Kane She lived with her father and mothers during the first couple months of her life while her aunt was in her coma. When Kendall woke up, Kendall ordered both Reese and Bianca, along with her nieces out of her house, because of her being hurt that both Zach and Bianca lied to her about the baby being Zach's. Her mothers were married in February. Her mother (Bianca) returned to Paris to figure out if she wanted to try again with her (Reese). Bianca took both girls with her. Bianca and the girls are scheduled to return in the winter of 2010. After Bianca returned to Pine Valley to search for her missing mother in July, she decided to bring the whole family back.

In The Series

Season 1


Gabbi makes her first appearance in 1.01 Pilot, Gabbi gets out of the car with friend Lucy Hubbard who she carpooled with, the two say thank you to Lucy's dad Jesse and head into the school and get their schedules, and talk about how excited for their first year of high school. The pair get their schedules and get to class and are seen in class with other freshmen, Christian Zacchara, Trinity Corinthos, Anna Drake, Taylor Lovett, Malaya Bhandari, Aiden Cassadine, Meghan Spencer, Ali Morgan and Kenzie Ford.


Gabbi talks about Spencer

1.03 On The Line, Gabbi sees Spencer Cassadine in the hallway and notices how good looking he is, Lucy tells her to stop dreaming, he is a senior and won't look at her twice and Gabbi says that she is going to change that and Lucy just laughs telling her to dream on. That night, at home Gabbi tells Miranda about Spencer and Miranda tells her not a chance, she likes Spencer. The two then argue about it and Bianca comes in to find them arguing over this and tell them to knock it off and they are sisters and shouldn't be fighting over a boy. the next day at school, both Miranda and Gabbi dress in a sort of provocative way to get Spencer Cassadine's attention who notices and smiles at both of them. Gabbi later tries talking to Spencer but he tells her he can't talk now and goes off with Madi, Spike and Ian to band rehearsal. Gabbi later tries to talk to him but Spencer tells her he isn't interested. Gabbi later goes home and Miranda tells her Spencer told her the same thing and the two make up.

1.06 The Party Scene, Gabbi is seen sneaking into the party with Lucy Hubbard

1.07 Courage, Meghan Spencer makes a homophobic remark and Gabbi

Gabbi is humilated by Meghan

tells her to shut up and that she shouldn't be making ignorant comments like that and when Meghan asks why she cares so much, Gabbi replies saying her mom is a lesbian and if Meghan wants to keep her face intact, she will shut up. The next day at school, FAG is written on Gabbi's locker and Meghan walks by and smirks at her. Lucy tells Gabbi to let it go, some people are just ignorant and stupid, Gabbi follows Lucy's advice and gets it cleaned off her locker but later at lunch Meghan throws her food at Gabbi and calls her lesbo, Gabbi then retaliates by jumping at Meghan and the two get into a fight only to get in trouble and brought to the principals office where their moms are called in, Bianca is furious that someone would be so cruel and to tease her daughter because of her mother's sexuality and Siobhan is very disappointed in Meghan. the two are given two weeks detention for the fight and Meghan another week for destruction of school property.

1.08 Someone Who Cares, Lucy confides in Gabbi that after looking through baby pictures she realizes that she looks nothing like her parents and fears she may be adopted, Gabbi is there for her as she looks for answers, including lookng through files in her house that are in a locked cabinet.

1.11 Miranda confides in Gabbi that AJ wants to be more then friends and that she doesn't.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Gabbi is seen at the dance with Lucy and having a good time


Gabbi sees Drake with a gun

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose, Gabbi is at school at her locker when Ryder Ford comes up and starts talking to her, before they can get in a real conversation, a gunshot goes off and Gabbi looks down at her stomach, only to see a blood stain forming, Gabbi then falls to her knees and to the ground and as Ryder flees he gets shot in the back. not too long, Lucy comes over to see whats going on and gets shot in the stomach too. Gabbi loses consciousness soon and is taken to a room by Miranda and AJ where she is still unconscious until the three are evacuated by SWAT.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Gabbi is taken into surgery and the damage is repaired. AJ, Miranda, Bianca and Marisa wait by her bedside after surgery.

2.05 Disparity By Design Gabbi along with everyone goes back to school.

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2.09 I Believe In Butterflies Gabbi decides that since she almost died, she is going to live life on the edge. She starts staying out after curfew and Bianca is furious that Gabbi is acting like that. She understands that she almost died, but being reckless is not good or safe.

2.15 Stand Up Gabbi and AJ start a friends-with-benefits relationship.

2.16 Breaking Inside Miranda finds out that Gabbi and AJ have been sneaking around behind her back.

2.19 Recovery Begins Miranda and Gabbi argue over Gabbi and AJ's relationship. Gabbi is having fun and they are being safe, there shouldn't be a problem with it. Miranda finally confesses to Gabbi that she is in love with AJ but doesn't want to ruin their years of friendship. Gabbi then breaks things off with him.

2.20 Day of Reckoning Gabbi is at the party and is later seen in the crowd when Tyler's corpse is taken away.

Season 3

3.02 Feeling Alive Lucy confides in Gabbi about her birth mother finding out about her.

3.04 All The Things I Hate (Revolve Around You) Gabbi says goodbye to Lucy when she leaves town with biological mother Maya.

3.05 4 Words (To Choke Upon) Gabbi is ecstatic when she gets a new English teacher that shares the same favorite book as her, The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and also hates some of the required reading such as Catcher In The Rye and The Scarlet Letter.


Gabbi misses Lucy

3.07 I Lose Control Gabbi bumps into Aiden when they are out and about in town. They both miss Lucy and form a friendship.

3.08 World So Cold Gabbi continues to hang out with Aiden. He invites her over to Wyndemere to hang out and watch a movie in their home theater system. The pair watch a few movies and afterwards when discussing the special effects of The Matrix, Aiden kisses her.

3.09 No More Sorrow Gabbi does her


Gabbi calls Lucy

best to avoid Aiden, not sure how to react to the kiss, knowing she has growing feelings for him, but also knows that he is still technically Lucy's ex and the last thing she wants to do is betray her. Aiden confronts Gabbi at school after she is avoiding him. The two discuss the kiss and Gabbi tells him she doesn't want to betray Lucy. Aiden tells her that Lucy would be fine with it. They were more of a fling anyway and bonded over daddy issues. Gabbi later calls Lucy to make sure and she gives Gabbi the go ahead and the pair try out a relationship.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Gabbi and her English teacher discuss The Lost World after class. Things go great until he touches Gabbi's leg.

3.12 Through Tomorrow Gabbi was able to convince Aiden not to tell anyone about their teacher touching her leg. But he has been acting up again but it gets worse causing Aiden to punch him in the face and causing the police to come. Gabbi explains what happened and Aiden isn't arrested but her English teacher is.

3.19 In Fate's Hands Gabbi is walking to Kelly's to meet Aiden when she notices someone is following her. A few men try to talk to her but she avoids them. Aiden is able to get in the middle and a fight is started. Gabbi then runs to Kelly's and gets Mike to call 911.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Gabbi rushes to the hospital and tries to figure out what's happening with Aiden. After Nikolas arrives, the two are informed by Patrick that Aiden got lucky and there was no permanent damage. Gabbi then goes to sit by Aiden to wait for him to wake up.

4.02 Just Hold On and We'll Make It Through Aiden is awake and gives his statement to the police saying he didn't remember their faces. Gabbi later asks him why he lied and Aiden tells her that Spencer's uncle is Sonny Corinthos, he knows what happens to snitches and witnesses. If she wants to live, it's best she forgets what happened.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Aiden is released from the hospital and Gabbi takes him to Kelly's before helping him get settled in at Wyndemere. She later hangs out with him a few days later and notices he is jumpy, Aiden just tells her that he is still a little shook up over the incident.

4.04 The Answer To Everything Gabbi is seen at school with Aiden and then later talking to Miranda about how she was scared that she almost lost Aiden. She is later mentioned by Miranda to AJ that she is at Wyndemere.

Hqdefault (2)

Gabbi worries about Aiden's paranoia

4.07 Here I Stand Gabbi is getting increasingly worried about Aiden and how he is acting paranoid. Gabbi confides in Miranda that she is worried about him. The next day at school Aiden nearly attacks a student who resembles the gang member. Gabbi then breaks up with him. She then goes home upset and talks to Miranda and AJ about the incident.

4.13 Eyes On You Gabbi is having a hard time dealing with her breakup with Aiden and Miranda does her best to be there for her. Gabbi tells her not to worry about her and have fun with AJ. Miranda later cancels a date to have a movie night with her.

Season 5

5.02 Erase This Gabbi is worried about Miranda. She hasn't spoken since she was reunited with Bianca after returning from the cabin. Gabbi tries to get Miranda to talk but she just nods and isolates herself. Gabbi talks to Bianca on how Miranda is going to need to talk to someone after what happened, especially losing AJ. The two had known each other since they were born. Bianca agrees with Gabbi and sets up an appointment for her. Gabbi goes and waits in the waiting room trying to be supportive. Miranda exits after an hour but doesn't say anything to Gabbi or Bianca.

5.03 Your Love Was a Lie Gabbi attends AJ's funeral. Afterwords Miranda breaks down and finally speaks saying that she saw his corpse all bloody along with Hope's and finally cries over losing him and her best friend. Gabbi does her best to be there for her.

5.07 Never Go Back Bianca returns home from running errands and Gabbi can tells something is bothering her. Gabbi asks and Bianca just tells her that some people need to learn to live in the 21st century.

5.09 All I Need To Be Gabbi auditions for the musical and gets the role of one of the villagers.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Gabbi throws a party for Miranda hoping to get her more social since she continues to isolate herself. Gabbi invites pretty much everyone from school. At the party she notices Madi Morgan drinking alone. Gabbi starts talking to her and Gabbi talks to her about how she broke up with Aiden because he was acting paranoid. Madi tells her she had to do what was healthy. Gabbi asks Madi to talk about what is really going on and Madi tells her that she is being blackmailed. Gabbi tells her maybe letting the secret out will help but she doesn't know what it is so she can't say. Gabbi then rejoins the party looking for Miranda. Madi calls for an announcement and confesses that she was raped the day Drake shot up the school. Gabbi is shocked by the confession but Madi did take her advice. Gabbi gets back to the party and sees that it did not help Miranda at all.

5.16 Feels Like Home Miranda is finally out with Gabbi and the two go to
Fhd010CRO Demi Lovato 016
Kelly's. Gabbi sees Aiden. He weakly smiles before leaving and Gabbi notices he has a gun in his waistband. Gabbi tells Miranda that she will meet her back at home. Miranda says thats fine, she is just happy to finally be out of the house. Gabbi goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas she saw a gun in Aiden's waistband and she fears he is getting even more paranoid. Nikolas thanks for her bringing that to his attention and Gabbi leaves.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Gabbi wakes up and hears Miranda throwing up in the bathroom. She asks if she is okay and Miranda tells her she thinks she ate some bad sushi and should be fine once she gets this out of her system. Gabbi gets ready to go to the musical and lets Miranda know if she needs anything to call her. Gabbi is later seen in the performance and when the gun goes off she rushes over to Nikolas and Aiden.

Season 6

6.01 Brick By Boring Brick Gabbi hears Miranda throwing up again and Gabbi asks her if she is okay, if its a bug, it should have passed. Miranda asks her if Bianca is gone and Gabbi tells her Bianca left for work early. Miranda then tells her she is pregnant. Gabbi is shocked to learn it and asks if Miranda is sure, Miranda tells her she took multiple tests. The night AJ died is likely the conception date and she knows she wants to keep the baby since it's all she has left of him. Gabbi asks Miranda what she needs her to do. Miranda tells her she needs time to figure out how to tell their mom and Gabbi lets her know she will be there for her, no matter what.

6.07 It's Complicated Gabbi does her best to help Miranda cover up her pregnancy and not let Bianca know. She helps cover her increased appetite and morning sickness. Miranda later has an appointment at Planned Parenthood and Gabbi goes with where she learns that her baby is healthy. Her doctor gives her some vitamins to take and asks if the father is in the picture. Gabbi explains he passed away recently. The doctor apologizes and tells Miranda when to come back. When they get home Bianca asks where they were and Gabbi tells her they went to get coffee after Miranda helped her with her homework.

6.17 Space Bound Miranda notices she is starting to show and knows she needs to tell Bianca soon. Gabbi tells her she will support her no matter what. Gabbi comes home from school to see Miranda talking to Bianca. Gabbi asks what's going on and Miranda says she is ready to tell Bianca. Bianca asks what's going on and Miranda tells her she is pregnant.

Season 7

7.01 New Perspective Gabbi listens as Miranda explains that the condom must have broken the last time she and AJ slept together. Gabbi supports Miranda through telling Bianca. Bianca then asks if she can speak to Miranda alone. Gabbi is hesitant to leave but Bianca assures her that Miranda isn't in trouble like that, they just need to discuss some things. Gabbi then leaves the room. Miranda later comes to her room and thanks Gabbi for being a good sister, they just went over plans and Bianca is supporting her choice to keep the baby.

7.06 Fall Into Me Gabbi and Bianca go with Miranda to her doctors appointment, now at GH and not Planned Parenthood. and this time with Kelly Lee as her doctor. Gabbi is in the room when Miranda finds out she is having a daughter.

Maxresdefault (4)

Gabbi stands up for Miranda

7.08 Come Clean Miranda's baby bump is now visible and it becomes common knowledge around town that she is pregnant. No one says anything to her, but Gabbi knows people are judging. Gabbi goes about her day at school when Meghan Spencer comes up to her. Gabbi asks what Meghan wants, knowing it can't be good, especially since the last time Meghan bothered her, she harrassed Gabbi because her mother is gay. Meghan asks Gabbi in front of everyone if it's true that Miranda is pregnant. Gabbi tries to blow it off and continue to her next class but Meghan stops her and asks the question again. Gabbi just nods before attempting to walk away when Meghan refers to Miranda as a slut. Gabbi turns around annoyed and notices people are looking. She then tells Meghan that her sister is the one who sent nude photos to every guy in school she wasn't related to, so she doesn't get to talk about slutty sisters.

7.13 We Stitch These Wounds Aiden approaches Gabbi at school and asks if they can talk. Gabbi is hesitant but is okay with it. Aiden then tells her that he thinks he is being followed again, causing Gabbi to roll her eyes and tell Aiden he is being paranoid and it's probably best if he talks to someone about what happened. When Aiden tries to explain that he recognized the guy as one of the guys that jumped him. Gabbi responds by saying he thought he saw someone he recognized and that resulted in him nearly shooting Kenzie Ford. Gabbi then leaves annoyed at Aiden's paranoia.

7.15 From Heads Unworthy Gabbi is walking home from school when a white van pulls up beside her and a man in a mask pulls her inside, causing Gabbi to drop her book bag. One of the men grabs her phone out of her hoodie pocket and throws it out the window as the van takes off.

7.17 Why Is Life Like This Gabbi is rushed down the hallway at GH unconscious on a gurney. She is taken to the ER where she is hooked up to an IV. Bianca, Aiden and Miranda wait in the waiting room for information of Gabbi. Gabbi later wakes up with both Miranda and Bianca by her bedside. She is confused on how she got there and Dr. Frankie Hubbard asks her how she is feeling. Gabbi responds she is in some pain and asks how she got there. Bianca and Miranda both look heartbroken at her not knowing what happened. Dante then comes in the room and asks Gabbi what the last thing she remembers is. Gabbi tells him that she doesn't remember anything from when some guys pulled her into a van after school. Frankie then explains that she sustained a head injury, it is possible she won't remember the attack at all, or will remember it later. Dante then explains what happened and Gabbi realizes Aiden wasn't being paranoid, he was right. She asks about him and Dante tells her he is okay, but was jumped again by the gang. He is also very worried about her.

7.19 All I Want is Everything Gabbi is doing better in the hospital and
Tumblr m6vm2gd76O1rafkzfo7 250
should be able to leave soon. She is still in some pain but it is getting better. Aiden drops by to see her and tells her he is sorry that she was attacked and blames himself. Gabbi tells him it isn't his fault, and she is the one who didn't believe him. Aiden tells her he is just happy she is okay. A nurse then comes in telling Aiden she needs to update Gabbi's chart and he leaves. Later on Bianca comes by to visit and Gabbi asks about Miranda who is about ready to pop. Bianca assures her Miranda is fine and went home to get some rest but will be back as soon as she can. Bianca then asks if she wants to talk about what happened, Gabbi knowing she means the rape. Gabbi honestly tells her she doesn't know what to say because she doesn't remember it. Before Bianca can respond she gets a frantic call from Miranda saying she is at home and her water broke. Bianca hurries to leave to get Miranda back to the hospital. Gabbi tries to get up but is still in too much pain. Nurse Amy comes in and explains she can help Gabbi into a wheelchair when Miranda arrives, but right now, staying put is best for her. Gabbi nods annoyed. After what feels like forever she comes back and helps Miranda into a wheelchair and takes her to the delivery area. She awaits news and Kelly Lee later comes out and tells her Miranda had a girl and is ready for her. She wheels her into Miranda's room and meets her niece, Amanda Joy Chandler.

Season 8

8.01 Prayer For The Refugee Gabbi returns to visit Miranda and baby AJ. She is still feeling off.

8.02 Audience Of One Gabbi meets up with Aiden after being released from the hospital and the pair talk about what happened. Aiden apologizes and blames himself for what happened and blames himself. Gabbi assures him that it's not his fault. Aiden tells her he loves her and just wants things to go back to normal.

8.03 End of The Dream Gabbi helps Miranda get adjusted back at home after giving birth.

Fhd010CRO Demi Lovato 018

Gabbi talks to Aiden

8.05 Somewhere I Belong Gabbi goes to talk to Madi before the band leaves for Canada. She asks if they can talk and Madi agrees and the two go to Kelly's and get coffee. Madi asks Gabbi what she wants to talk about. It takes a moment but Gabbi finally explains to Madi what happened, including being raped but having no memory of the assault but still feeling disgusting. Aiden wants to get back together with her but she feels that he will be disgusted or not want her. She wants to know how Madi dealt with being raped by Drake. Madi explains to Gabbi that it was hard. She then opens up about how she resorted to cutting herself and how she even ended up in the ER because of it. She then tells Gabbi that she needs to speak to someone about it, whether its a friend or a therapist. She may also want to learn some self-defense techniques to feel better. Madi finally tells her that keeping it bottled up inside can kill her and she has to tell people what she is thinking. As for Aiden, it's his choice to make and if he can't accept that, then he doesn't deserve her. Madi then gives Gabbi her number and tells her to call her if she needs anything. Gabbi thanks Madi for talking to her and then heads to Wyndemere to talk to Aiden. She tells him about what happened to her, that she loves him but doesn't want to hold him back with what happened. Aiden assures her he doesn't see her any differently and that he loves her and still wants to be with her.

8.10 The Game Is Over Gabbi hears Bianca talking to Miranda about being a mother and assuring her she is doing a great job.

8.13 Points of Authority Gabbi volunteers to babysit while Miranda goes out with Grace. She takes AJ and meets up with Aiden at Kelly's and the two talk and take care of AJ. When she returns home, Miranda thanks her.

Season 9


Gabbi learns of Grace's suicide.

9.02 I'm Going Mobile Gabbi arrives home to find Miranda sobbing. She asks her what's wrong and Miranda explains that Grace killed herself. Gabbi is shocked and asks Miranda for more details and Miranda tells her that she left a note. She felt unaccepted because of her sexual orientation and decided she was better off dead. Gabbi is in shock, especially after hearing the reason. She sits next to Miranda and does her best to be there for her.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Gabbi attends Grace's funeral to support Miranda.

9.05 Prepare Your Weapon Gabbi notices Trinity is having a hard time at school now that Max is gone along with Charlotte. She and Aiden sit with her at lunch and later in physics, letting her know she isn't alone, especially when it comes to Meghan.

9.06 Savior Gabbi is talking to Trinity when Taylor approaches and tries to speak with Trinity. Gabbi asks Trinity if she wants her to go but Trinity tells her it's fine and explains that Taylor that she isn't interested in being friends, especially after Taylor taunted her along with Meghan.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Gabbi attends the Rise Against charity concert in honor of Grace. She meets Aiden there and they talk about what happened. They later speak with Trinity and express their condolences. When she returns home, she tells Bianca she is proud to have her as her mother and wouldn't change anything for the world.

9.09 How Does It Feel Gabbi returns home from school and sees Miranda struggling to get stuff done and making sure baby AJ has what she needs. Gabbi offers to watch AJ while Miranda does her homework. Miranda is thankful for Gabbi's help.

9.10 On My Own when Trinity is talking to Gabbi at school along with Aiden they notice Ali Morgan is back and since she doesn't have Madi or Liam to hang out with, she seems to be on her own. They sit with her at lunch and later in class.

9.11 Things Will Never Be The Same Gabbi, Trinity and Ali make plans to grab coffee after school. She and Trinity make it to the parking lot just in time to see Yasmin shove Ali down, Gabbi helps her up as Trinity asks Yasmin what her problem is. Yasmin and her friends walk away and she and Trinity make sure Ali is okay.

Tumblr me7olgxTIW1rgkclyo6 250

9.13 New Perspective Gabbi returns home and finds Miranda sobbing in the living room while baby AJ is also sobbing in her crib. Gabbi goes in and changes AJ's diaper. She calms her down before going into the living room and asking Miranda what happened. Miranda tells her she doesn't know. Gabbi is concerned and calls Bianca. Bianca tells Gabbi she found Miranda sobbing earlier that day also and has been noticing that she has been acting off and she found her having a panic attack a few days earlier. She thinks she may be suffering from a form of postpartum depression and if she doesn't start acting normal within the next week, she plans on taking her to the doctor.

9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Gabbi returns from school and AJ's babysitter is still at home saying that Miranda never came home. Gabbi tries calling Miranda but her phone goes straight to voicemail. She tries calling Briana Corinthos who is also a student at PCU but Briana tells her she doesn't have any classes with Miranda and hasn't seen her. Gabbi then calls Bianca and meets her at campus and the two look for her and talk to her professors, one who states Miranda was in class that morning and acting normally, the other two claiming that Miranda never showed up.

Season 10

010CRT Demi Lovato 008

10.01 Burned At Both Ends Gabbi and Bianca are still unable to find a trace of Miranda and neither can Aiden. There is no trace of her anywhere on campus and the security officer even lets them look through security tapes and it just shows Miranda leaving her one class and she doesn't show up again. Gabbi is freaking out and worrying about what will happen to her and if she was taken or just ran away.

10.03 We Fall Apart Gabbi returns to school with Trinity, Taylor, Ali and Aiden and see the makeshift memorials by Kaylee and Amaya's lockers. Trinity asks Gabbi how the search for Miranda is going and Gabbi tells her that after school she and Bianca are meeting with John McBain. The school day goes by slowly and finally she and Bianca go to the police station and meet with John McBain. John sits them both down and apologizes for the wait, the station is shorthanded and have been using a lot of resources on the car accident. John then tells them that there isn't much he can do. There was no sign of foul play, she just disappeared and she is being marked down as a runaway. Bianca and Gabbi are furious, with Gabbi telling him there is no way Miranda would leave her daughter like that and John tells them that in the past few years, Miranda has been through a lot of trauma, including the cabin incident, her pregnancy and giving birth and Grace's suicide. It is possible she just snapped and ran. He also says that Bianca thought she was having signs of postpartum depression. Gabbi is still angry at John for not helping, saying that no matter what happened, Miranda would not leave her daughter like this. John apologizes to her and Bianca before having an officer escort them out of the building.

10.05 This Is Raw. This Is Real. Bianca decides that if the police aren't going to look for Miranda, then she is. She and Gabbi print off a lot of missing flyers. Bianca tells Miranda to watch the baby while she is gone, she doesn't know how long she will be gone but she isn't coming home without Miranda. Gabbi tells her she will watch AJ and Aiden volunteer to help. Gabbi continues to worry about Miranda while taking on the role of "mom" for baby AJ and hopes Bianca can find something.

10.06 The Crow and the Butterfly pictures of Miranda appear on the
Demi lovato 1242621106

Gabbi misses Miranda.

new gossip site, Raw. Real and Gabbi immediately goes to John McBain who tells her once again, there is nothing he can do about it because there was no foul play. She is a runaway and of legal age. Gabbi and Aiden show up at the Spinelli house and Gabbi tells Spinelli she knows what he does and needs his help finding Miranda. Spinelli and daughter Hayley take pity on the Montgomery's and they attempt to trace the IP address of the poster but whoever is running the site is using advanced software, making the signal bounce all over Eastern Europe, one minute in Warsaw, then Kiev, L'viv, St. Petersburg, Budapest and Krakow. It is not very likely the maker of the site is as far as Eastern Europe. The best they can do is look at the background of the photo of Miranda and try to find the location it was taken. After an hour, Hayley is able to tell them the photo was taken in Jersey City by the downtown area.

10.08 The Heart Is A Hole Bianca makes it to Jersey City to look for Miranda but she is gone. New photos of a now blonde Miranda now circulate on the blog. Gabbi and Aiden go to Hayley Spinelli again and she is able to track the street sign in the photo to Baltimore, Maryland. Bianca heads there next.

10.10 Open Your Eyes a photo showing Miranda in Charlotte, North Carolina appears on the website and Hayley is able to track it pretty fast because it was taken in downtown near a Starbucks. Bianca rushes there and Gabbi and Aiden wait by the phone for an update. Bianca finally calls saying she just missed her. She is going to look around the county until another photo circulates.

10.13 Hard To Find Hayley tracks the newest photo of Miranda to

Nashville, Tennessee but once again, Bianca just misses her causing Gabbi to break down fearing that baby AJ won't know her mother. Aiden assures Gabbi everything will be okay.

10.15 Imperfections The newest photo of Miranda takes Bianca to
Tumblr mxt2morNUt1sm3akxo1 500

Austin, Texas. Gabbi is at home with baby AJ and Aiden helping out when Marisa comes by with Diane Miller and Brot Monroe. Gabbi is confused and asks Marisa what she needs. Diane then tells her she rushed custody papers to the courthouse. With Miranda MIA and Bianca looking for her, it is in the best interest if the child goes into the custody of Marisa Tasker. Gabbi looks at the paperwork confused and hurt saying Miranda will be back. Marisa tells her that when Miranda returns, they can look into this again but right now, two teenagers and a baby sitter are not equipped to take care of a child. Marisa then takes AJ from Aiden and she and Diane go into the house to pack what she needs. Gabbi is in shock and Brot apologizes for being there but Marisa was certain Gabbi wouldn't give up the child willingly without an officer.

10.18 Keep You With Me Bianca calls and Gabbi tells her that Marisa got custody of AJ. Bianca asks Gabbi to explain and she does, including the fact that they arrived with Brot as a police presence. Marisa also wont let Gabbi see her. Bianca is shocked and tells Gabbi that they will figure everything out when she gets home, but Gabbi fears everything will be too late and Marisa could try to get custody permanently. Aiden does his best to try to assure her that things will work out.

10.20 No News Is Good News Nikolas agrees to try and help Gabbi and Bianca get custody of AJ back, but tells them that no matter how good of a lawyer he hires, Miranda is still missing and Bianca is the adult in the situation and has left Gabbi alone for a long time. Gabbi tries to say she is 18 in a month but Nikolas says it doesn't matter, they can bring that up, Bianca leaving Gabbi on her own while won't look good. Gabbi starts to lose hope of ever finding Miranda.

Season 11

11.03 Long Live Us Gabbi attends the graduation with Aiden. She is upset that Miranda and Bianca are still making the drive from Mesa. Aiden tries to make her feel better but Gabbi is just anxious to see Miranda. The pair graduate with the rest of their senior class.

11.04 You Make Me Sick Gabbi is ecstatic to see Miranda and happy she is home. They embrace and she tells Miranda she is so happy she is okay. When Miranda asks about AJ, Gabbi looks to Bianca not wanting to be the one to break the news. Bianca explains to Miranda that her daughter is in the custody of Marisa Tasker right now. Bianca then takes Miranda to the doctor, telling Gabbi not to worry.


Gabbi calls Marisa.

11.05 ...And Then She Bled Miranda breaks down desperate to see baby AJ. Gabbi calls Marisa and asks what it would take for her to let Miranda see her and Marisa tells her that Miranda abandoned her daughter, she wont be seeing her without a court order. Gabbi tries to explain that Miranda has no memory of what happened to her and just wants to see her daughter. Marisa repeats what she told her before and doubts Miranda has no memory, saying that she couldn't handle motherhood so she split.

11.12 Revenge & It's Thrills Gabbi vocalizes her worry about Miranda to Bianca after she starts isolating herself after remembering what happened. Bianca tells Gabbi that she thinks only a professional can help. Gabbi assumes she means more therapy but Bianca tells her that her PTSD is so severe, she thinks an inpatient program will be best and that Dr. Maddox recommended a good one. Gabbi asks if she's sure and Bianca tells her that right now, they can't help Miranda. Gabbi is with Bianca when she tells Miranda about it and when they drop her off. Gabbi tells her that she loves her and will visit her. She needs help. Gabbi hugs her before she is taken into Shadybrook. When she gets home, she calls Aiden and breaks down telling him what happened.

11.14 Tragedy + Time Gabbi visits Miranda and lets her know that her daughter is doing great and will be excited to see her when she gets out. Miranda tells Gabbi she doesn't know if she will get better. The nightmares are getting worse and more vivid as she remembers what she was forced to do. Gabbi tells her that it takes time and also informs her that the FBI may have a lead on one of the men and may visit soon so she can ID them. Gabbi is then told their time is up and she tells Miranda to stay strong and that she loves her before leaving.

11.16 Space Enough To Grow Gabbi realizes that she isn't going to be able to go to college in the fall with Aiden at Colorado State. She tells Bianca that she is staying in Port Charles until Miranda gets better. Bianca tells her she understands but wants to make sure Gabbi is sure. Gabbi tells her she can't leave Miranda right now, she needs family. Gabbi then goes to meet up with Aiden and tells him the same thing. Aiden is shocked and asks if she wants him to stay too. Gabbi tells him to go without her, he needs to focus on his education. Aiden tells her that he will wait for her.

Season 12 and Exit

12.02 New Modern Love Gabbi and Bianca rush to the hospital where Miranda is at. They are informed Miranda attempted suicide and now is on level 3, the highest level when it comes to the patient being dangerous to themselves or others. Both Gabbi and Bianca are worried and the doctor tells them they will be notified when Miranda regains consciousness. Gabbi later goes to the airport with Aiden and sees him off to Florida. She assures him that as soon as Miranda is better, she will meet him down there.

12.06 The Young and Hopeless Bianca and Gabbi visit and Miranda
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tells them that she is determined to get better for herself and her daughter. She will be herself again and hopefully soon. At home, Gabbi calls someone she hasn't spoken to in years, Lucy Hubbard. Lucy answers and is happy to hear from Gabbi but shocked when she hears about Miranda. The pair talk for a while and Lucy tells her that if she ever needs to talk again, don't be a stranger. She misses her.

12.13 This Is Gospel Miranda is down to level 1 which results in her being an outpatient and residing in a nearby apartment. Bianca and Gabbi come to visit and help her settle in and are happy Miranda is doing better. Miranda tells them she isn't giving up and is sorry for what her problems have done to them. Bianca and Gabbi tell her it's okay.

12.18 The Sky Under The Sea Gabbi goes to visit Miranda. The two watch a movie before Miranda tells her that she loves her and she has been an amazing sister, but she is close to getting back on track and that she should follow her dreams and go to school. Gabbi asks her if she is sure but Miranda tells her she is close to no longing needing therapy every other day and is about to start once a week which will later become once every two to once a month. She doesn't want Gabbi giving up on her education for her. Miranda hugs Gabbi and tells her to follow her dreams. The next day, Gabbi says goodbye to Bianca and catches a flight to Florida. Aiden meets her at the airport and the two embrace.





AJ Chandler

  • Start Up: 2.15 Stand Up
  • Break Up: 2.19 Recovery Begins
    • Reason: Gabbi realized Miranda loved AJ

Aiden Cassadine

  • First Attempt
    • Start Up: 3.09 No More Sorrow
    • Break Up: 4.07 Here I Stand
      • Reason: Aiden was paranoid the gang was coming back
  • Second Attempt
    • Start Up: 8.04 Together Again