Grace Baker was a Port Charles High School Graduate and a sophomore at Port Charles University before her death in season 8. while alive, Grace was popular and loved fashion and being glamorous. Grace came to town in season 4 and was the first closeted character. At an early age, Grace figured out she was a lesbian at a young age but never told anyone about it. she first came out to her younger sister Rory who wasn't surprised at all and told her she would support her no matter what happened. After moving to Port Charles, Grace became friends with Miranda Montgomery, AJ Chandler and Hope Thornhart. immdiatly Grace had the problem of falling for Hope and trying to stay in the closet when it came to her homophobic mother. After her death, a whole campaign was started to help parents deal with their children being part of LGBTQ youth and even got the attention of one of her favorite bands, Rise Against. Grace is best friends with Miranda Montgomery, AJ Chandler and Hope Thornhart.

Early Life

Character History

Season 4


Megan Park makes her first appearance as Grace Baker.

4.04 The Answer To Everything Grace makes her first apperance with her parents and sister Rory having dinner with Michael, Chloe, Briana and Trinity at the Corinthos house. Grace is shown to be bubbly and outgoing while Rory is shown to be quieter and withdrawn. The next day Grace meets Hope Thornhart in her English class. Grace invites Hope to sit with her at lunch and introduces her to her friends Miranda and AJ. After school AJ and Hope show her around town.

4.08 A Party Song (Walk Of Shame) Grace spends time at school with Hope. When returning home, her sister Rory asks if they can talk. Grace, thinking something is going on with Rory is concerned, but instead Rory tells her she knows that Grace is gay. Grace denies this but Rory lets her know she is her sister and isn't stupid and oblivious like their workaholic parents. Rory tells her she is letting her know she knows because they are sisters and she will love her and support her no matter what, she doesn't need to keep it a secret, not to mention the way she looks at Hope. Grace thanks Rory for keeping her secret. She is later seen at Josslyn's party hanging out with Hope.

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Grace apologizes after running into Nathan Martin

4.09 Misery Loves Its Company Grace is seen throughout the day talking to Hope and accidentally runs into Nathan Martin.

4.15 Don't Walk The Other Way Grace asks Rory if she is okay before school, getting a snarky response from her.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Grace is invited along with Miranda, Hope and AJ to Emma's cabin to celebrate the end of their senior year.

4.18 Death and All His Friends Grace arrives at the cabin with Hope, Miranda and AJ. Things go okay for a while and she hears that Trevor and Noah got sidetracked by a flat tire that apparently neither one of them know how to change. Grace gets an off feeling but ignores it and tries to hang out with Hope. Later in the night, AJ confronts her, saying he knows she has a thing for Hope. Grace denies it, fearing being hated for her sexual orientation but AJ tells her that Miranda's mom is a lesbian, he's the last one that's going to judge her. Grace then confesses but begs AJ not to tell anyone. Before AJ can respond, Hope makes her presence known and is furious that Grace kept that from her, Hope storms off and AJ stops Grace from following her, letting her know that Hope needs space. Miranda tries to keep Grace calm. and after an hour, AJ goes after her. After another half hour, Briana and Trinity go out looking. Grace is inside when she hears the screaming and Briana, Trinity, Noah and Trevor coming inside with Trinity bleeding out. Grace locks the door behind them and watches with Miranda as Noah thinks fast and cauterizes Trinity's arm with a pan that Briana was cooking with. Grace realizes that if they can't get a signal, she needs to go for help. She grabs her phone and knife and leaves the cabin.

Season 5

5.01 Some Things Burn Grace is about a quarter of a mile away from the cabin when police cars start arriving. They stop when they see her a few officers get out. Grace explains that everyone is up at the cabin. The police cars and ambulances continue up the road except for one. The officer removes the knife from Grace's hands and lets her know everything is going to be okay now. Grace breaks down sobbing and the officer helps her get into his car. She is then taken to the police station where she is reunited with her parents.

5.03 Your Love Was A Lie Grace attends both Hope and AJ's funeral

Grace breaks down after Hope's funeral.

and deals with survivors guilt. When she tries talking to her mom about it, Lainey tells her it is normal since she survived a traumatic experience. Grace keeps the reason Hope left the cabin a secret not wanting to come out yet to her mom. Lainey tells her it will get better in time. Grace then goes to her room and breaks down sobbing while continuing to blame herself for Hope's death along with AJ's.

Grace tries to cope with everything that happened.

5.06 Everybody Hurts Grace can't deal with her survivor's guilt anymore and decides to come out. She calls a family meeting and comes out. Her parents are shocked to say the least, her father Calvin asks if she's sure and Grace lets him know she is. She knew when she was seven and had a crush on Britney Spears instead of Justin Timberlake. Lainey is shocked and then goes on a rant on how bad gay people are and that what they do isn't natural. Rory tries to get in the middle of it but Lainey tells her to stay out of it. Lainey then lets Grace know if this is how she chooses to live her life then she can't live there anymore, Once again Rory tries to intervene but her mom threatens to kick her out as well. Lainey then takes Grace to her room and watches her pack before throwing her out the door. Grace calls Aunt Chloe and explains the situation. Chloe drives to pick her up and tells Grace she can stay with her. Chloe takes Grace to the Corinthos house and sets her up in the guest room. Grace thanks Chloe and tells her she can babysit Violet if they need her to in order to earn her stay. Chloe tells Grace she doesn't need to, she's family and this is what family does. She then leaves Grace to get settled.

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Grace meets Savannah for the first time

5.07 Never Go Back Grace eats breakfast with the Corinthos family the next day and again thanks both Michael and Chloe for letting her stay. Later in the day Chloe comes to talk to her and asks how she is doing. Grace tells the truth, her best friend just died and left the cabin in the first place because she found out she was in love with her, her other friend died, her last friend refuses to talk to her or anyone and her mother just kicked her out for being gay. Life is pretty tough right now. Chloe gives her some space but comes back that day with Bianca Montgomery. Chloe introduces the two and explains the situation. Grace knows Bianca as simply being Miranda's mom and doesn't know her very well. Grace looks nervous but Bianca explains she is gay too but not a lot of people know because she doesn't date, instead focusing on raising Miranda and Gabbi. She tells her about the time she came out to her mother when she was 16. Initially her mother didn't accept her and was even called LesBianca. She eventually was able to make amends with her mother. Bianca lets her know it gets better and she just needs to surround herself with people who love her right now. Grace takes Bianca's story in and thanks her for talking with her. She then leaves and goes for a walk where she runs into Savannah Wilde.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Grace wakes up to find Lainey in the kitchen talking with Chloe. She tells her that Bianca talked to her and she is sorry for how she reacted. She undertands if Grace doesn't want to come home but she is welcome back. Grace is hesitant but knows that she does need to surround herself with family and Rory always has supported her. Grace tells her she needs to think about it. Grace goes and meets Savannah and comes out to her explaining her situation, Grace is surprised to learn that Savannah is gay as well and her father had a hard time accepting it also. Savannah tells her the same thing Bianca did, to surround herself with a good support system and her mom will come around. Grace goes back to the Corinthos house and backs her stuff. She makes sure to thank both Chloe and Michael for letting her stay before returning home. Once home Rory is happy to see her and asks how she is doing. Grace explains that she is doing better and just needs to adjust.


Grace and Savannah kiss.

5.15 What I've Done Grace hangs out with Savannah again and the two grow closer. Savannah catches Grace off guard by kissing her. She apologizes but Grace says its okay and then kisses Savannah. The pair decide to start a relationship, Grace telling her this is her first one so she has no idea how to even date a boy, let alone a girl. Savannah tells her they will take it slow and keep it on the down-low since Grace is only just out with her family and doesn't know how her mother will react.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Grace goes to the musical to support Rory.

Season 6

6.04 Should've When You Could've Grace feels that her mom has had enough time to deal with Grace being gay and asks her and her father to meet Savannah. Lainey tries to be supportive and tells Grace to bring Savannah to dinner. Grace invites Savannah to dinner with her family. Savannah is extremely polite but Lainey is not happy with how the two interact. Savannah


Grace awakes to her mom kicking her out.

leaves after dinner and Grace thanks Lainey. The next day, Grace awakes to her mom packing her a bag. Grace asks what's going on and Lainey tells her she thought she could do it but she can't. She cannot support her lifestyle. Grace is then kicked out once again. She calls Chloe from a payphone and asks if she can stay with her. Chloe picks her up and brings her back to the Corinthos house. She tells her she can stay as long as she needs.

6.06 Crazy Beautiful Life Grace readjusts to life living with Michael and Chloe. Chloe asks if she wants to tell Savannah and Grace begs her not to, Savannah is out with an accepting family and doesn't need to deal with this. Grace later sees Chloe come home angry and have a heated discussion with Marshall on how if Lainey couldn't handle having a gay kid, she shouldn't have had any in the first place and when you become a mother, you stick by children, no matter what.

6.07 It's Complicated After class at PCU, Grace meets up with Savannah. Savanah asks What Lainey's favorite dish is, hoping she can make it and get to know Grace's family better. Grace tells her not to worry about it, Savannah asks a few more questions and finds out Lainey kicked Grace out again and is staying with her aunt again. Savannah takes off angry. Grace later goes to her place and explains she didn't want her to worry. This is her problem and she doesn't want Savannah to worry. Savannah tells her that for a relationship to work, they have to be open and honest with each other.

6.09 Cross The Line Grace is on her way home from class when she sees her mom's car parked in the Corinthos driveway. She sees Chloe arguing with Lainey. Grace asks what's going on and Lainey tells her that she can come home. Grace is confused and Lainey tells her she had time to think again and Grace can come back home. Chloe looks furious and Grace repeats what she heard Chloe and Marshall talking about the other day, that if she couldn't handle having a gay kid, she shouldn't have had kids. Grace then takes off and goes to Savannah's place. She explains to Savannah about what happened. Savannah tells her she is lucky to have an aunt like Chloe.

6.10 She's a Rebel Grace is seen at the Corinthos house studying for a math exam.

6.13 Remember When Grace is helping out with Violet when she notices she has a fever and lets Chloe know. Chloe worries it could turn into measles since there has a been a recent outbreak due to anti-vaxxers. Grace assures her she was vaccinated and Chloe decides to take her in just in. Grace asks her if she wants her to go with and Chloe tells her not to worry, she's got it covered. Chloe later comes home and tells Grace that she is fine.

6.14 Got Me Going Crazy Grace goes with the Corinthos' to Briana's birthday dinner.

6.15 Careful What You Wish For Savannah and Grace


Savannah asks Grace to move in.

spend the day together. Grace tells her that she is getting worried she is imposing on Michael and Chloe with how long she has been staying. She has been helping out with Violet to say thank you. Savannah then asks Grace if she wants to move in, it can be as roommates if she is uncomfortable with moving in as a couple so soon. Grace thinks about it before agreeing. She ends up going to her parent's house to continue packing. Lainey is surprised to see her and Grace explains she and Savannah are moving in together and she is just getting the last of her stuff. Lainey seems uncomfortable with the idea but Grace explains she is 18 and can do what she wants and that Aunt Chloe has done an amazing job being there for her, but it isn't Chloe's job to raise her, it is Lainey's. Before Grace leaves, she tells Lainey that she better treat Rory better than she did to her if she finds out something about Rory she doesn't like. Grace then grabs the last of her stuff from the Corinthos house and explains the situation to Chloe and thanks her for helping.

Season 7

7.07 Grim Goodbyes Grace is out doing some grocery shopping when she runs into Lainey. Grace is nervous to see her mother and tries to avoid her but Lainey talks to her. Grace is shocked about how nice she is being and trying to catch up on how she is doing in school. Grace gives her the answers but thinks that Lainey has some agenda. Lainey asks Grace to get lunch with her and Grace agrees, hoping she and her mother can patch things up. Grace meets her a local restaurant where the two seem to have a good conversation until Lainey mentions that what Grace is going through is just a phase. This causes Grace to get up and leave while Lainey calls after her. Grace gets back to the place she and Savannah share and has a panic attack. She doesn't know what to do or who to call.


Grace tries to act like everything is fine.

7.14 Like I Care Grace sees Lainey again when she is out and about and ducks into a liquor store. The clerk asks if he can help her and Grace looks around before finding some vodka and attempting to purchase it. The clerk doesn't ID and just rings her up. Grace leaves and successfully stayed away from Lainey and goes home. She knows that there are substance abuse problems in her family, especially on her mother's side who's mom and aunt both were addicts. Because of this she never wanted to start drinking or doing drugs because it can be genetic. Savannah comes home and Grace hides the vodka not wanting her to find out she bought it. The next day after class Savannah goes out to meet with her dad and Grace thinks about everything her mom said and goes to the vodka bottle and starts to drink.

7.17 Why Is Life Like This Grace wakes up with a killer hangover and tells Savannah she isn't feeling well so she is going to skip class that day. Savannah asks her if she needs her to pick anything up while she out such as cold medicine and Grace tells her she will be fine. Savannah returns home to find Grace passed out on the couch but smelling like alcohol. Savannah goes around the house looking to see if there is any because she knows she didn't buy any. Grace wakes up only to rush to the bathroom and empty the contents of her stomach. When she exits she sees Savannah holding an empty bottle of vodka and asking her what that is. Grace tells her she has never seen it before and Savannah lets her know she knows she is lying. Grace breaks down crying and tells her what happened when she saw her mom earlier. Savannah listens as she vents.

Season 8

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Grace visits Miranda in the hospital

8.01 Prayer For The Refugee Grace visits Miranda in the hospital after giving birth. Grace brings her sunflowers and Miranda thanks her and Grace tells her she is pretty much her only friend, so of course she is going to bring her flowers. She then apologizes for AJ dying and Miranda tells her that it isn't her fault, despite Grace blaming herself for being the cause of both AJ and Hope leaving the cabin. Miranda assures her that it's not her fault, he was out there and going to kill someone anyway. Grace later leaves after saying hi to Miranda's daughter.

8.06 How To Save a Life Grace is out in town when she runs into her father Calvin. She is nervous to be around him but he approaches and asks how she is doing. Grace doesn't know how to respond. He tells her that her mom is doing well and Rory is spending the summer with Evan in Canada. Grace finally asks him why he is talking to her. His response is she is his daughter and Grace tells him that if she was his daughter, he would have stood up to her mother when she kicked her out more than once and would have defended her. She then leaves and goes back to her and Savannah's place where she decides she needs to deal with her family problems before she can be in a relationship with her. Savannah is too good for her and deserves a girlfriend who's family accepts her. She calls up her grandfather Marshall knowing that she can't stay with Chloe again, feeling like she imposed last time and that Chloe has too many problems with Trinity right now. Marshall agrees to let her stay. Savannah returns home and finds Grace packing and Grace explains to her what happened. Savannah tells her that she still cares about her and hopes that they can still be friends,

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Grace ignores Rory's phone call

8.09 Falling Apart Grace is staying at Marshall's when her phone rings and she sees it's Rory. She ignores the call not wanting Rory to worry about her while she is in Canada and doesn't want to drag her into her parents' problems.

8.13 Point's of Authority Grace gets a call from Miranda who wants to meet up. Grace agrees and is thankful to talk to a friend. She asks how her daughter is doing and looks at the photos Miranda has on her phone. Miranda then asks how Grace is doing with Savannah. Grace informs her that she broke up with Savannah because of the problems she is having at home. She doesn't want to be in a relationship when her parents can't accept her. She then tells her she is staying with Marshall because she feels that she has intruded on her aunt too much. Miranda asks if she wants to talk to Bianca again but Grace tells her she is fine. Just figuring things out. Hopefully her mom will accept her soon and this can be over. Before going their separate ways, Miranda tells Grace to call her if she needs anything, they are still friends and despite what happened, she still adores her.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Grace sees her mother once again and ends up buying more vodka from the same place that doesn't ID. She goes home and hides it, knowing that since Marshall is a former addict, he has a sober living rule in his house. After getting a text saying he has to go back to Detroit for two days, Grace decides to drink it and before she passes out, she drunk texts Savannah. She wakes up to Savannah cleaning up her mess and asking her what happened. Grace tells her it's none of her business and tells Savannah to leave. Savannah tells her that her family has a history of substance abuse problems, she should not be drinking, especially underage. Grace repeats herself, telling Savannah they are no longer together, so she needs to leave. Savannah tells her to stop drunk texting before leaving like she wanted.

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8.18 World of Chances Grace leaves PCU but comes across a street protester with a megaphone on campus going on an anti-gay tirade, saying that all gays will burn in hell and they need to repent for their sins. He also claims that the Georgia Rep. Rick Allen is correct and that gays must be put to death. Grace asks him why he is being so cruel and the man says he isn't being cruel, he is spreading the word of God, and that the word of God claims that all gays should be put to death. Grace leaves in tears before going to the liquor store. She buys more vodka and heads. She takes a shortcut and witnesses a drug deal. When the guy asks what's she looking at, she asks what he is selling and learns he is selling Oxy. Grace then buys some from him proving she isn't a cop or going to snitch after witnessing that. She heads home and receives a text from Marshall saying he will be back later that night. Grace sits there thinking about everything that has happened in the day and starts drinking. As everything comes crashing down she starts sobbing and decides to take the Oxy with the vodka, hoping to OD. She writes a note apologizing to Savannah, Miranda, Marshall and Rory but the only good gay human being is a dead, referencing what she heard on campus. She then takes the Oxy and let it and the vodka put her to sleep.

Death and Aftermath

Grace's body was discovered by Marshall who called EMS only for her to be pronounced dead on the scene. Marshall calls Savannah and she arrives shortly after and sees the medical examiner leaving with a body bag. Rory moves in with Aunt Chloe because she can't stand to be with her parents anymore. After getting a lot of hate, Lainey and Calvin decide to leave Port Charles and move back to Detroit. Savannah also leaves town because everything reminds her of Grace. The political punk band Rise Against played a charity concert in her honor with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project and the It Get's Better project.


  • although twelve characters have died, only five funerals have been shown and Grace's was one of them
  • Second character to commit suicide
  • first character to have to come out of the closet. 
  • First crush was Britney Spears 


  • "Yes, I'm sure. I've known since I was seven and I had a crush on Britney Spears instead of Justin Timberlake" (Grace coming out to her family)
  • "If you couldn't handle having a gay daughter, you shouldn't have had kids." (Grace to her mother)


Savannah Wilde
  • First Attempt
    • Start Up: 5.15 What I've Done
    • Breakup: 8.09 Falling Apart
      • Reason: Grace couldn't be in a relationship while her mother was treating her terribly for being gay.