MacKenzie "Kenzie" Ford is currently a junior at Port Charles High School but should be a senior and a sophomore. Kenzie skipped second grade and then later skipped fifth, making her two grades ahead. she started her freshman year in the series premiere, but had to repeat it after failing the second semester due to fear after the school shooting. Kenzie loves academics and loves to learn and plans on going into a science field later in life because no matter what science it is, it's her favorite subject where she excels the most. Kenzie also loves to dance, hip-hop and jazz being her favorite and when she isn't studying, she is taking dance classes. it was a great way to help her cope after her older sister Hope was killed by the axe maniac. Kenzie runs the school dance team and at first she wasn't allowed on because Bree thought she was too young to be in it, but Kenzie proved what she was worth. because of her intelligence and high IQ, Kenzie tends to over think things instead of live in the moment like her best friend Kyla Ward. at the begginnig of the series, Kenzie was best friends with fellow gifted students, Ali Morgan and Christian Zacchara but as time grew on, they drifted apart and now Kenzie is friends with fellow dancer, Kyla Ward. Kenzie is the second child of James Ford and third child of Starr Manning, granddaughter of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer, niece of Nate Salinger, Robert Ford, Danielle Salinger and Jack Manning. Kenzie is portrayed by dancer/actress Bella Thorne

Early Life

In The Series

Season 1

Kenzie makes her first appearance in 1.01 Pilot, she walks into school with older brother Cody before he ditches her. Kenzie gets her schedule and tries to find her way to her pre calculas when Ali Morgan and Christian
Bella thorne

After meeting Christian and Ali, Kenzie believes she may make it through the year

Zacchara notice she looks lost and she finds out that they are in the same advanced classes. Later during the day, Kenzie finds out that the school has a dance team and having taken seven years of tap, six years of ballet, five of hip hop and 3 of jazz, Kenzie decides to try out and shows up after school, upon her audition, team captain Bree Brennan tells her automatically she isnt what they are looking for and even asks how she got into high school, when Kenzie explains that she skipped two grades, Bree tells her to come back in two years when she is old enough and makes Kenzie leave, upon returning home, Kenzie talks to Hope about what happened and Hope tells her to go back tomorrow and Kenzie does and is shot down by Bree again and the next day, Kenzie returns again and tells Bree that if she can out dance her, then she gets in, if she can't, then she will never show up here again for the rest of her high school career. Kenzie is able to prove what she's got and Bree lets her on the team.

1.02 Beauty From Pain, Kenzie is seen talking to Hope about her birth father Cole and how he came to visit and how she should give him a chance.

1.04 I'm Sorry i Can't Be Perfect, Kenzie has lunch with Christian, Ali and Liam and hears about what Ryder has been doing to her.

1.05 Cries In Vain, Kenzie is confused with what's going on with Bree and Bree tells her to stay out of her business.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Kenzie is seen at the dance with Christian and Ali and later asks Ali what is going on between her and Liam McBain, when Ali tells her that they are just friends and Kenzie tells her that my not last long.

1.15 Never Surrender, Kenzie tells Ali she is a scientist, not an artist when Ali asks if she can help her with her art grade. Kenzie recomends she talks to Liam McBain.

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose, Kenzie is washing her hands in the bathroom when she hears a couple pops, she opens the door and looks outside to see people running and screaming, Kenzie closes the door and goes into a stall and locks it before standing on the toilet seat. she stays in there scared. the door opens ten minutes later and she hears footsteps. she holds her breath and sees feet walk around as they return to the door a few rounds are fired into the stalls next to her and he walks out. a half hour later, SWAT comes in and Kenzie is evacuated.

Season 2


Kenzie puts on a smile when meeting cousins Lucas and Savannah

2.04 Cry For Help Kenzie meets cousins Tyler and Evan. When asking why they haven't met them yet and are just meeting them know, Starr tells her that they lived in Sacramento. Starr later notices Kenzie isn't acting normally and talks to James. They try to get her to talk about why but Kenzie says she is fine. The who last week has just been a lot to process and she has been working on getting better grades.

2.08 Somewhere I Belong When Kenzie doesn't audition to dance at the talent show, Starr asks her why and Kenzie tells her she just isn't feeling it this year. She later goes to a family dinner for the Ford's to get to know Savannah and Lucas better.

2.13 Until You're Mine Kenzie is confused on why everyone is looking for Tyler and is shocked when it turns out he was locked in a closet by Lucas.

Maxresdefault (1)

Kenzie finally opens up

2.18 What's It Gonna Be Kenzie is called into the school counselors office. Kenzie asks why she is there and he explains that Kenzie is failing and will have to repeat her freshman year and will be kicked out of the gifted program. He asks if there has been a specific reason she hasn't been turning in her work and when she does it's half completed. Kenzie stays silent and when he presses her on if it's about the shooting, she tells him she is fine. Her parents are later called in and Starr is shocked to learn that not only is she failing but had been forging Starr's signature on forms explaining it. When they get home Starr asks Kenzie for some answers and Kenzie finally tells her that the last few months have been hard. When SWAT evacuated her, she saw Malaya's and Ryder's dead bodies and she still has that image ingrained in her brain since she has a photographic memory. Starr holds Kenzie as she cries over that day and finally opens up about it.

Season 3

3.01 Last To Know Kenzie hears Cody talking about Elena.

3.06 The Sound Of Madness Kenzie is in the courtroom when Lucas' verdict is read.

3.13 Come One, Come All Kenzie sees Elena talking to Lucia at school.

Season 4

4.09 Misery Loves It's Company Kenzie is seen talking to Cody in the hallway. She is also later seen talking to Christian Zacchara.

Season 5

5.02 Erase This Starr and James tell Cody and Kenzie that Hope didn't make it back from the cabin. Kenzie is confused and says she doesn't understand what that means Starr then explains that Hope was killed and Kenzie breaks down crying. She then runs and locks herself in her room.

5.03 Your Love Was a Lie Kenzie attends Hope's funeral still in shock over what happened. She is angered by Cole coming by and blaming Starr and James for Hope dying. She stands by as Cody yells at him too afraid to do the same.

Tumblr m0ouyoFcnR1ro85w2o1 500

Kenzie and Kyla watch Meghan audition

5.09 All I Need To Be Starr talks to both Kenzie and Cody and forces them to audition for the musical. Cody is less than thrilled by Kenzie auditions for simply being a back up dancer needed in multiple scenes. After her audition Kenzie meets Kyla Ward who just moved from Miami and is also a dancer. The two talk dance and become friends, something Kenzie really needs.

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulder Kenzie is seen at rehearsal

5.13 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet Kenzie is seen at rehearsal and talking to Kyla

5.18 Broken Mirrors Kenzie is seen in the musical. She is on stage when the gun shots go off and realizes the bullet nearly hit her. She assures everyone she is okay but is in a state of shock,

Season 6

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless Kenzie is seen on the first day of school talking to Kyla.


Kenzie is surprised to see Kyla after dance class

6.05 Kenzie is getting out of one of her dance classes when Kyla shows up distraught. Kenzie asks Kyla what's going on and Kyla explains some guy she has never seen before showed up at her place claiming to be her father. Kenzie asks what she thinks about it and Kyla tells her that her mom told her her dad died in Iraq in the gulf war. Kenzie tells her she just needs to talk to her mom to figure out what's going on. She also explains she can find a list of those killed in the Gulf War online.

6.10 She's A Rebel Kyla goes to Kenzie's place after school and tells her that her mom finally came clean. Her dad wasn't a war hero who died fighting to keep Iraq out of Kuwait but instead was a gangster from Oakland. The 1-9ers. He dealt drugs and guns. Kyla has a hard time accepting this and Kenzie listens the best she can.

Season 7

7.02 Don't Let Me Get Me Kenzie is walking home from school with Kyla and notices she is staring at someone in the back windshield of a car they are passing. Kenzie asks if she is okay and Kyla shrugs it off. The two study for a while before going their separate ways.

7.09 Won't Back Down Kenzie is seen at dance class with Kyla. When Maya is unable to pick up Kyla, Kenzie tells her that Starr can give her a ride home but Kyla tells her she will be fine and that if her father was smart, he wouldn't be around.

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best Kenzie is seen at school with Kyla.

Season 8

8.03 End of the Dream Kyla asks Kenzie to come to Miami with her for the summer. Kenzie agrees but has to ask Starr. Starr is iffy but decides Kenzie deserves to have fun.

8.04 Together Again Kenzie and Kyla leave for Miami.

Season 9

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Kyla and Kenzie look at the views of their viral video.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Kenzie and Kyla choreograph a routine to Jessie J's "Do It Like A Dude" for their dance class. They later decide to film and upload it online. After performing it in class, they wait until everyone leaves and film it to upload. Kenzie films it a few times from different angles before editing it and uploading it on both Youtube and Facebook that night. The next day she is at school talking with Kyla when she gets a text from Cody telling her to check twitter. Kenzie logs onto twitter to see "Do It Like a Dude Dance" trending. She goes to Kyla and shows her. The two then head to the computer lab and log onto Youtube where they see they have over 10,000 Views and it keeps growing. The pair are shocked and happy thinking people just really enjoy the dance. When Kenzie goes home later that night, she gets a message on youtube asking for contact information for the "black dancer" in the video. Kenzie calls Kyla and tells her and Kyla says to give the individual her email, thinking it might be just some weirdo. The next day Kenzie goes to school and Kyla tells her that the person wants to meet with her that day and is actually an admittance supervisor at a dance school in New York. Kenzie is shocked and later gets a call from Kyla saying that they want to offer her a full scholarship. When Kenzie asks about why just her, Kyla is hesitant to tell her but Kenzie wants the truth. Kyla tells her that she was chosen because she lives with a single mom. They wanted a lower income student, preferably diverse and were looking online for one. Kenzie is shocked but tells Kyla she is happy for her. The next day she visits her and Kyla says she wont go but Kenzie tells her it's a great opportunity for her, she can't turn it down. Kyla thanks Kenzie for being a good friend and always being there for her.

9.11 Thing's Will Never Be The Same With Kyla gone, Kenzie has a hard time fitting in at school, making her a target for Meghan who makes jokes about her being held back. Before Kenzie can respond, Christian comes up and informs Meghan that Kenzie had originally skipped two grades, so she is still smarter then Meghan, and judging by the way she is treating people, Kenzie will always be smarter. Meghan walks away annoyed and Kenzie thanks Christian. He tells her not to worry about it, it's what friends are for. He later sits with her at lunch along with Bree and continues to talk to her throughout the day, letting her know, he is there


Kenzie studies for PSAT

9.14 Keep The Change You Filthy Animal Kenzie continues to hang out with Christian and Bree. They get coffee after class and talk about school. Bree isn't a big part of the conversation despite Kenzie trying to continue to include her. She heads out early to study for the PSAT and heads home. While studying, she gets a text from Christian asking if she wants to go to the movies over the weekend when she isn't studying, Kenzie agrees, just happy to have friends. Starr then checks on her and checks in to see how she is doing with Kyla gone. Kenzie assures her things are good, she is talking to Christian Zacchara again and hanging out with him and Bree.

9.15 Ready To Fall Kenzie goes to school and when she talks to Christian, she notices that Bree is not with him, She just assumes she had to study for a test before class, something she has done several times. When she hangs out with Christian after school doing homework, she notices Bree isn't there also and she asks him about it. Christian tells her that they broke up. When Kenzie asks why, he explains that she didn't like the fact he was friends with her. Kenzie is shocked and tells him she doesn't want to cause any problems but Christian explains that friends come first.

9.16 Found A Way Christian and Kenzie catch a movie over the weekend and grab dinner afterward. The two have a good time and feels like nothing has changed over the years. Christian drops Kenzie off at her place and walks her to the door. Kenzie thanks him for the ride and study break, before she goes inside, Christian kisses her.

Season 10

10.01 Burned At Both Ends Kenzie does her best trying to avoid Christian and tries to think of what the kiss means. She cares about Christian but has no idea if he actually likes her or if it's because he is so used to being in a relationship at the moment. He was with Charlotte and then Bree, both starting as friends. Kenzie turns her phone off and tells Starr that she is having a major study session in her room and if Christian shows up, tell him she's studying. She continues to think of Christian really cares or just needs someone.

Tumblr m57pai5ASH1qiaj0l

Christian confronts Kenzie.

10.04 View From Heaven Christian confronts Kenzie at school and asks her why she is avoiding him. Kenzie doesn't know how to respond to it, still very confused on what happened. Christian asks her to meet him at Kelly's after school so they can talk about it. Kenzie agrees and after class she meets him there. The two sit down and Christian asks her why she was ignoring his phone calls and had Starr tell him that she was cramming when she didn't have a test or quiz that week. Kenzie tells him that she doesn't want to be a rebound or a girl to take the place of someone else. Christian is confused and Kenzie points out that he just broke up with Bree and before he dated Bree, he was in a relationship with Charlotte Martin. He became friends with each and then broke up with one and started dating the other. Christian thinks about what to say next, understanding where Kenzie is coming from. Christian then tells her that they were best friends a while ago, especially freshman year which made them close. He cares about her and wants to try a relationship with her. Kenzie is hesitant, saying she cares about him too but also doesn't want him to befriend someone else and ditch her like he did to both Charlotte and Bree. Christian assures her that won't happen. He didn't have feelings for Bree when he broke up with Charlotte. Charlotte broke up with him because he wasn't there in her family's time of need and was just being friends with Bree. Bree broke up with him because he refused to stop hanging out with her. He wants to try a relationship with her and he cares about her. Kenzie agrees.

10.06 The Crow and the Butterfly Christian and Kenzie continue to hang out at school and after it but are closer and obviously a couple, somewhat angering Bree. Bree confronts Christian when he is with Kenzie and tells him that she knew he had feelings for her. Christian tells her this isn't the time or place.

10.11 Home Sweet Hole Christian talks to Kenzie at school about coming out to their parents as a couple. Kenzie is nervous about the idea because she hasn't dated before and doesn't know how her mom and dad will react to it, they were never fans of Cody's girlfriends, Elena or Amaya. Christian assures her everything will be fine. Their parents already know them, they will just be telling them they are in a relationship. That night Christian goes over to Kenzie's place for dinner and Kenzie tells Starr and James that they are dating. Both are shocked, thinking Kenzie was going to be spending her high school years studying. When Christian leaves, Starr talks to Kenzie about prioritizing her education over relationships. Kenzie assures her that she won't and is devoted to her education and wants to be a microbiologist. The next day she goes over to Christian's place for dinner and he tells Johnny and Lulu the pair are now dating. Lulu is happy for them, explaining she never really liked Bree or Charlotte. Kenzie is a great girl and extremely intelligent.

10.12 Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend Kenzie continues to spend time with Christian and study. She notices that he is acting a little off and asks him if he is okay, Christian tells her that he's just tired, he couldn't sleep the night before. Kenzie worries that he is getting tired of her.


Kenzie gets a text from Christian

10.17 Where The Lines Overlap Christian continues to be a tad distant from Kenzie and she continues to worry if he found someone better. She tries not to be paranoid and goes to speak to Ali Morgan, who she hasn't talked to in a while. Ali tells her that she knows Christian and that isn't the kind of guy he is. She then tells Kenzie she is having a girls night with Taylor and Trinity and invites her but Kenzie turns down the invitation, saying she has dance class. That night when Kenzie is getting ready to leave she gets a text from Christian saying that he is outside waiting. When Kenzie gets out there Christian is in his car waiting for her. When Kenzie gets in, he tells her that Ali called him and told him what she told her. He then tells her that he has been distant because he is anxious to find out which colleges he applied for accepted him. He apologizes for being distant, but it isn't because he found someone better. Kenzie apologizes for being paranoid and Christian tells her he understands, from his track record, it looks like what Kenzie is saying.

10.18 Keep You With Me After spending more time together, Christian tells Kenzie that he got into Princeton. Kenzie is excited for him, happy he got into his dream school. He then tells her that he leaves mid summer for an academic program instead of late August/Early September. Kenzie still tells him she is happy for him and that they will figure something out.

Season 11

11.03 Long Live Us Kenzie attends Christian's graduation ceremony. Afterwards, she meets him backstage and she that he is talking to Bree. Christian tells her that they are now on good terms and they invite her to grab dinner with them. Bree politely declines saying she and her mom have plans. She thanks the two for being nice, despite how petty she was being. Christian tells her it's okay and she was right, he just hopes they can put this behind them. Bree agrees and tells them hopefully she will see them around if she is ever back in Port Charles and if they are ever in Llanview, give her a call.

11.05 ...And Then She Bled Kenzie meets up with Christian at Kelly's to grab coffee before they catch a movie. Afterwards, they head to the Port Charles park to hang out. Kenzie tells him that she plans on applying to Princeton also. Christian is surprised since Kenzie has stated previously she always wanted to attend UC Berkeley. Kenzie tells him that Berkeley is cool but Princeton is a great school for microbiology and she has the grades to get in, it was rocky for a while after the shooting but she has been working extra hard and Princeton is also closer to home then Berkeley if anything happens. Christian tells her he would love if she came to Princeton but doesn't want her to do it specifically because of him. Kenzie tells him she will still apply to Berkeley and a bunch of other good schools, but Princeton is ivy league, if she can get in, she should go.

Found In Translation 0413

Kenzie and Christian say their final goodbyes

11.11 Lonely As You Christian and Kenzie spend one last day together before he leaves for Princeton. He is going to be driving instead of flying so it will take longer to get there. During their last night together, Christian assures her that he loves her and can skype while he's gone and he will be home during winter and spring break. Kenzie tells him not to worry about her and focus on studying, he got into Princeton, now he needs to prove he belongs. The next day Kenzie goes to his place to say goodbye before he drives off. The pair talk again, Christian telling her that if she needs anything, he is a phone call away. Kenzie tells him not to worry, she will see him soon. The two kiss before he gets in his car and drives off.

11.15 When I Come Around Kenzie goes to grab coffee at Kelly's to take a break from her summer reading list. She notices Rory Baker sitting alone and thinks about sitting with her and talking. Kenzie goes with it and sits down across from her when her coffee is done. She introduces herself, saying she has seen her around school. Rory tells her she knows, she has seen her too. Kenzie asks where her friend is, remembering Rory is usually hanging around a girl with silver hair. Rory annoyingly tells Kenzie that Ember is doing an exchange program in Denmark. Kenzie can tell Rory is annoyed and excuses herself. As Kenzie is leaving Rory calls after her, Kenzie goes and sits back down and Rory apologizes. She has had a crazy year, her sister passed and now her best friend ditched her for senior year to go "find herself," and her boyfriend is New York City recording an album. Kenzie tells her it's fine, he understands somewhat, her sister Hope also passed, her best friend transferred to an art school and her boyfriend just left for Princeton. Rory comments that they may have more in common than she thought. Kenzie laughs and agrees. She then asks about her boyfriend and Rory explains Evan plays bass in the Young and Reckless, they finished the album and are spending some time in town but since Ember broke up with the drummer Mason, they are having some guys time. Rory then asks about her sister and Kenzie sadly explains that hope was killed a few years ago along with AJ Chandler. Rory then realizes that Kenzie is Hope's sister and tells her that Grace Baker was hers. The two continue to talk and get along. The pair exchange numbers before leaving.

103 Screencaps (52)

Kenzie texts Rory

11.17 Everybody Breaks A Glass Kenzie texts Rory and sees that she is also getting her stuff prepared for senior year and hoping it won't suck. She also mentions going to her aunt's vow renewal ceremony in a few days. Kenzie does some more reading before her computer gives her a notification, saying Christian wants to skype. Kenzie goes over to her desk and accepts the call. Christian is happy to see her and asks how she is doing. Kenzie tells him she is taking a break from the summer reading. She asks how Princeton is so far and Christian tells her he loves it. The pair continues to talk for about an hour before Starr knocks on her door, saying that Kenzie needs to get back into her school year sleep schedule. The pair then says their goodbyes and promise to talk again later.

Season 12


Kenzie talks to Rory

12.04 Life Goes On Kenzie returns to school for her senior year with Rory. Kenzie asks about what happened at the wedding and Rory tells her the truth and it seems like a very screwed up situation, but since everything has been screwed up since she first arrived to town, she has learned that everything here is screwed up. The pair have mostly seperate classes because Kenzie is in mostly AP ones but meet up at lunch and talk about their teachers and how there is always the one who doesn't see the first day as syllabus day but as a learning day and assigns homework and that is usually the math teacher. Kenzie asks Rory if she needs help in pre-calc but Rory tells her she should be fine.

Kenzie checks her phone.

12.05 Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? Kenzie is in the hallway between classes when she gets a phone notification. Kenzie checks her phone to see its a Raw. Real. link. Kenzie is confused since she and everyone thought Meghan ran the site and she left the state for school. Rory comes up to her and asks what's going on, Kenzie hands Rory her phone and lets her read it. Rory then reads the story and can understand why Kenzie is nervous, it's about Christian cheating on her in Princeton, the photo is of him hugging some girl. Rory tells Kenzie not to worry, he is simply hugging her, that could mean that she is just a friend. Evan probably has hugged Madi before. Kenzie tells her she is still nervous and tells her how Christian went from Charlotte, to Bree to her, all starting out simply as friends and then more. Rory tells her that Evan was with two girls before she and him got together and to try not to worry about it. Kenzie goes home that night and calls Christian. She doesn't mention the post but just asks him how he's doing. The pair talk for a little bit before they both have to do homework.

12.08 In Silent Seas We Drown Christian comes home for a long weekend. He and Kenzie spend a lot of time together. They catch a movie and go to dinner. While going for a walk, Kenzie casually brings up the story by saying Meghan apparently doesn't run the site. Christian tells her the story is garbage, the girls name is Lola and they are partners in their chemistry class and she became a friend. Kenzie tells him she trusts him, just weird that whoever runs the site has access to him Princeton. Christian tells her that is weird, but he has no idea who it is.

Crazy, Scripted Love 1142

12.17 Idle Minds Kenzie meets up with Rory and Kenzie tells her that Christian hasn't been answering her calls and she is nervous. Rory tells her he is probably studying. She then asks what he said when he was over for break and Kenzie tells her that he said it was ridiculous. Rory tells her that she needs to trust him right now. Later in the day, Kenzie later is on Facebook and goes to Christian's page and checks and finds Lola. She and Christian have been talking a lot. She calls Rory and tells her that she wasn't trying to snoop but she went on Facebook and found the girl in the picture and they seem really close. Rory tells her to turn off her computer and get some sleep. Kenzie tries to say something else but Rory tells her she is overthinking things, guys can have friends that are girls and girls can have friends that are guys and nothing be romantic.

12.20 Politics of Love Rory drags Kenzie to the Young and Reckless concert and they watch side stage.

Season 13


Kenzie's parents question her visit to Planned Parenthood

13.05 For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic Kenzie is at school like normal and talking to Rory between classes. The plan on meeting up at lunch. When Kenzie arrives, Rory asks her if she has checked Raw. Real. Kenzie tells her she is done with that site, she doesn't want it making her freak out over nothing and that she trusts Christian. Rory then shows her the story on her phone. It has a picture of Kenzie exiting Planned Parenthood and says that she had an abortion. Kenzie stares at it before looking to Rory. Rory tells her she doesn't judge but Kenzie tells her she went there to get an IUD and have a checkup, it's covered by her parents' insurance plan and she didn't have to pay much out of pocket. Rory acknowledges it and Kenzie explains it is the most effective birth control method, her mom was a teen mom and despite how much she loved Hope, she didn't get to follow her dreams, she wanted to make sure that didn't happen. Rory nods and tells her to just ignore it then. Kenzie returns home from school to see her parents waiting for her. Kenzie is confused and James asks why there is a story online about her getting an abortion and a charge to her credit card from Planned Parenthood. Kenzie tells them she didn't go there to get an abortion and that she isn't pregnant. Starr asks why she was at a Planned Parenthood and Kenzie hesitates, not wanting her dad to hear it but tells them she was getting an IUD. Both her parents are shocked and James accuses Christian of pressuring her because he is two years older. Kenzie explains that Christian has nothing to do with this. She decided to be smart. She then brings up how Starr got pregnant when she was a teenager with Hope and didn't get the opportunity to go to college. She was being responsible and wanted to make sure that won't happen to her since an IUD has a 99% effective rate and other methods can fail. James is still upset but Starr starts to see where she is coming from. Kenzie then tells them if they are so upset about it, she can go back and have it removed and she can go back to just being the perfect brainiac who doesn't feel emotions or have a boyfriend. Kenzie then goes to her room to do homework. Starr later goes to her room to talk to Kenzie. She tells her she is happy she is being responsible but also tells her that an IUD doesn't protect against STDs. Kenzie tells her she knows that, and condoms protect against that but since she and Christian were each other's firsts, it's not as big of an issue as it could be. Starr then asks if she's sure and Kenzie tells her she is. Starr then tells her while she is being smart, it would have been best if she talked to her about it first. Kenzie tells her she knew if she told her, she would tell James and it's not exactly something anyone wants their dad knowing. She is almost an adult and can make her own decisions while he still sees her as a five-year-old kid that needs to be protected from anything. Starr tells her while she can see that, please come to her in the future and Kenzie agrees

13.07 You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder At school, Rory asks Kenzie what happened when her parents saw the post. Kenzie tells her that now both her parents know that she has an IUD and is sexually active and she is completely mortified. Rory comments that she is lucky her parents were okay with it. They were just happy she is straight. She then asks if she told Christian yet and Kenzie tells her she will the next time he comes to visit. That night Kenzie is doing homework when she gets a call from Christian asking why he just got emailed a link to Raw. Real. claiming that she had an abortion. Kenzie sighs and before she can say anything Christian asks her if she's pregnant and if she is they can handle it together. Kenzie then tells him that she isn't pregnant and explains that she went there to get an IUD. Christian is confused and Kenzie explains what an IUD is and tells him that for a genius, he can be pretty stupid. Christian tells her not to blame him, but the American public education system and it lacking comprehensive sex ed. The pair talk for a little longer before hanging up.

TD 067071-560x283

13.08 In a Place of Solace Rory complains to Kenzie that she hasn't had a conversation with Evan lasting longer than three minutes since he left.

13.09 There'll Come a Day Kenzie and Rory are talking in the hallway when they see Josh and Gabe humiliate Jasey McBain, telling the whole school she has a self-mutilation problem, including grabbing her arm and rolling up her sleeve to show off scars.

13.11 Diamonds Aren't Forever Kenzie gets accepted into the four schools she applied to, Princeton, Georgetown, and Berkeley with partial academic scholarships. She finds it bittersweet, not knowing what to do. She was originally hoping she would get rejected or waitlisted and make it easier to choose. She talks to Rory about it, Rory tells her she just applied to PCU and a few other schools on the East Coast, not wanting to go back to Detroit. She then tells her to think about it. She could do long distance, which in her experience can work but be tough, she can go to Princeton with Christian, or break up. It's up to her. That night Kenzie goes online and goes over each schools Microbiology programs.

13.14 The Edge of Tonight Kenzie continues to debate on which school to go to, she continues to do research online, which lists Princeton as the best school in the country but has both Stanford and Berkeley. Kenzie thinks about it for a while longer and emails back and forth with advisors from each. She decides that Princeton is the school to go to for her hope to work on a treatment for HIV/AIDS and like her ideas. She officially chooses Princeton. Starr asks her if she is sure about this, knowing her dream school has been Berkeley. Kenzie tells her that for the work she plans on doing, Princeton is the best choice.

13.17 Lightning In A Bottle Kenzie along with the rest of the senior class graduates from PC High. When Christian talks to her afterwards, Kenzie tells him that she has officially confirmed going to Princeton.


  • Wants to be a microbiologist.
  • Kenzie skipped second grade and seventh
  • Second character to be held back, the other being Emma Drake but both held back for same reason, grades slipped after the shooting.
  • Rarely seen in seasons 3 and 4 because Bella Thorne was filming Blended and Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


  • "The ginger gene, it's recessive" (Kenzie when people ask if her hair color is natural)


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Christian Zacchara

  • Start Up: 10.04 Views From Heaven