Leo is the son of Olivia Falconeri and Julian Jerome

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Ned Ashton offers to claim the child as his own to protect them both from Julian's world, to which Olivia agrees. Leo was prematurely born onscreen in May 2015 at the Metro Court Hotel. Shortly before his birth, Julian finds out that he is Leo's father. After giving birth, Olivia and Leo are taken to the hospital and examined. He is then taken to the NICU, where he stays until his mom and Ned, with the help of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, fake his death. Ned takes him out of town and Olivia follows shortly after. Olivia returns in August, and reveals that she named her son Leonardo, and that he is with Ned and Brook Lynn in Bensonhurst. Olivia brings Leo to town, and lies that she adopted Leo and his name is Mateo. Alexis Davis is suspicious, and runs a DNA test. She immediately tells Julian that his son is alive. Julian is shocked, and heads off to confront Olivia, against Alexis's warnings. Julian and Olivia have an intense confrontation over her lie, until Alexis arrives and calms Julian down. With a clearer head, Julian apologizes and sits down with Olivia to talk things out. Eventually, they decide to share joint custody of Leo.

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