Madison "Madi" Morgan is a Port Charles High School Graduate and musician. Madi is first shown to be rebellious and dressed semi-provocatively but never acted upon anything in that way. After being raped in season 1, Madi starts to be more conservative with how she dressed and acted. In her freshman year of high school, Madi started a band, with friend Spike Lavery and named it The Reckless but later The Pretty Reckless to get more of an audience. Madi can play the guitar, rhythm guitar, and sings. While in high school, Madi focused on her band and studying always came second which was never a hit when it came to her parents. Madi dresses with a rocker look and doesn't really care what people think when it comes to it. Madi never applied to college during her senior year of high school because she only had one dream and that was for her band to get signed and make it big, which also was not a hit with her parents. Madi is best friends with Spike Lavery, Evan Salinger, Mason Lavery, Zack Giambetti, Ember North and Rory Baker. She is the older sister of Ali Morgan and the daughter of Jason Morgan, legendary hitman for Sonny Corinthos and Brooke Spencer-Morgan, a detective at PCPD. She has a rivalry with cousin Fiona Spencer, mostly over ex-boyfriend Spike Lavery who Madi has a very long history with. She is currently in a relationship with Black Veil Brides lead singer Andy Biersack

Early Life

Character History

Season 1

Madi makes her first apperance in 1.01 Pilot as she waits on the steps to the

Madi is on the first day of school

school for best friend Spike to arrive. When he does the two talk about the summer and their band as they walk into school. Once inside, Madi and Spike are met with Spencer Cassadine, the bassist in their band and Ian Slater, their drummer and the four talk about what the school year has to offer and hopefully it will be good. Madi briefly sees her little sister Ali in the hallway with two other freshman. Madi goes to her classes, most of them she has with Spike and the two are shown to be really close friends. Madi is seen voting for Leah in the election because she can't stand Sierra Morasco and Leah is her God Sister.

1.03 On The Line, Madi is seen with Spike and Ian waiting for Spencer to come with them to band rehearsal when Gabbi is trying to talk to him.

1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect is the first episode Madi is featured in as a storyline. Madi gets home from school and goes to get her guitar so she can go to Spike's place for band rehearsal and her father wants her home that night. Madi argues that she needs to go, they have a battle of the bands at the end of the week and need as much rehearsal as possible and her father still says she needs to stay home, it's a night that neither of her parents are working and they want to spend dinner together. Madi and Jason argue and it gets heated and her dad says that her career path isn't reasonable and it isn't going to happen and she is sent to her room and calls up Spike telling him that she isn't going to make it to rehearsal. a little later Spike stops by to see her and Jason tells her that Madi is in trouble and not seeing friends but Brooke lets her go upstairs to see her. Madi tells him that she feels her dad is ashamed of how she has chosen to live her life and doesn't support her dream, Spike tries to assure her that isn't true but Madi says it is. she then asks him to leave so she can rest and when he does, she starts writing a song. the next day at school Madi is seen writing in her notebook working on it. After school Madi plans on going straight to Spike's after school before her dad can say anything, on her way out Madi sees Ryder Ford sexually harassing her sister. Madi rushes over to them and pushes Ryder away from her sister and goes off on him telling him to stay away from her sister or he will regret it. That night at band rehearsal, they get ready for their performance tomorrow and Madi shares the new song she has written. The next day before Madi leaves to go to the battle of the bands, she tells her dad she is sorry she has dissapointed him with her career path and that she is sorry she didn't grow up according to plan. Before the band goes on stage, Madi looks out and her dad isn't there and she decides instead of their song Goin Down, they should play the new song. When they go out, Madi sings the first verse "Hey dad look at me/think back and talk to me/did i grow up according to plan/and do you think i'm wasting my time/doing things i want to do/but it hurts when you disaprove all al

Madi at Battle of the Bands

ong/ and now i try hard to make/I just want to make you proud/i'm never gonna be good enough for you/you can't pretend that i'm alright/and you can't change me" When Madi gets into the chorus, she notices her dad sit down next to her mom and sister and she looks at him the whole time as she sings "cause we lost it all/nothing lasts forever/i'm sorry i can't be perfect/now it's just too late/and we can't go back/i'm sorry i can't be perfect" Madi sees her dad have a stone cold expression which he is famous for and continues to sing mostly looking at him. "i try not to think about/the pain i feel inside/did you know you used to be my hero/all the days you spent with me/now it seems so far away/and it feels like you don't care anymore/and now i try hard to make it/i just want to make you proud" and by the time Madi gets to the last verse, she can actually see an expression in her dad's face and when she gets too "nothing's gonna change the things you said/and nothings gonna make this right/please don't turn your back/i can't believe its hard just to talk to you/but you don't understand". After that, Jason gets up and leaves and Madi finishes the song and when the band goes off of stage, she sees her dad waiting for her. Jason appologizes to Madi about everything and that he is proud of her, and he hopes he still is her hero. The two repair their relationship and The Young and Reckless get second place in the Battle of The Bands.

1.06 The Party Scene, Madi is seen at Sierra Morasco's party with Spencer and Spike having a good time when she notices that Briana Corinthos is there and Cameron Webber is with her and keeps getting her drinks. Madi quickly goes over their with Spike and Spencer and get Cameron away from her and Madi calls Briana's sister Leah but before she gets off the phone, Briana passes out. Leah gets there and Spike helps get Briana to her car so she and Emma can take her to the hospital.

1.11 Madi has to go to a safe house along with Ali, Christian, Elena, Sydney, Briana, Trinity and Leah because they guy who hit Briana with his car is out for the organization.

1.12 Fire In My Eyes, Madi, Ali, Christina, Elena, Sydney, Briana, Trinity and Leah are allowed to come home and when Madi returns to school the next day, she overhears Cameron Webber and Ryder Ford having a conversation about her. She overhears them about a bet on who could get her in bed first. A very upset Madi goes off on them about how insulting that is and how cruel and tells them that they would be on the bottom of her list anyway. When Madi meets up with Spike later, she tells them about what happened and Spike goes to find them and he confronts them before getting in a fight with them that leaves all three suspended from school.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black Spike is back to school the day of the winter formal
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Madi rocks out at the winter formal

and asks Madi to be his date and Madi says yes, thinking they are going as friends unknown that Spike wants to be more then that. The Young and Reckless go to the Winter Formal ready to place for the night and . She, Spike and Spencer get ready to perform and they notice Ian hasn't shown up and when it's time to go on, they have to go on without a drummer which was pretty hard but they pulled it off, not knowing that Ian was really attacking and trying to kill Leah Corinthos.

1.15 Never Surrender Madi tells Ali that she can't help her with her art grade considering she didn't take studio art like her.

1.16 In Real Life the band works on recording their song Miss Nothing and Madi notices Spike is acting funny but he keeps saying he is fine, not telling her that he has developed more then friends feelings for her in the past year. The band also deals with what to do now that Ian is in prison.

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose Madi and Spike are listening to their finished product of the song they recorded in the recording studio in the music room. they don't hear the gunshots go off and after they get done listening to the song, they take the headphones off and talk for about thirty seconds before standing up to leave so they can go to class when they see Drake pointing a gun at them. Spike instantly steps in front of Madi to protect his best friend and crush and he refuses to move when Drake tells him to so Drake shoots him in the collarbone and Spike falls back. Madi goes to his side instinctively but Drake tells her to stay away from him or he'll shoot her. Drake then teases her about the way she dresses and how she advertises but never sells, making all the guys want her but never lets anyone have her. He then tells her to take her clothes off because one guy is going to have her. Spike tries to protest but Drake shoots at him again, this time missing on purpose and hitting the mixing table instead and told him that he should be minding his own business. With Spike unable to help her, Drake makes Madi take off her clothes and she is raped by him. Drake leaves when he is done leaving Madi there frozen. After a few minutes of Spike calling out her name, Madi finally snaps out of the trance and realizes what
S3finale littlej3 thumb

Madi tells Spike that she doesn't want to come forward with what happened to her

just happened and she starts crying and grabbing her clothes and quickly redressed herself. Spike tries to make his way over to her to see if he can do anything but Madi just tells him to stay away from her and she continues to cry. Spike then starts to sing a song written by her mother that always calms her down. after reciting it five times, Madi is able to calm down enough that she can try to hold in her sobs. Spike then assures her that Drake is going to go to jail for what he did to her and he will make sure of that. After Madi is able to calm down she goes over to Spike and puts her jacket on his wound and puts pressure on it but keeps her distant from him because of what just happened. after a little bit of silence, Madi tells Spike that she doesn't want to come forward with what just happened. Spike tries to argue with her on that but Madi says she has already done enough damage at home with her rebellious behavior and just wants to forget this ever happened. Before Spike can argue, SWAT comes in and gets the two out. Once outside, Madi is reunited with her parents and doesn't say what happens.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Madi walks into the ER covered in Spike's blood and in shock from what happened. Robin asks her if she is okay and Madi only nods and asks where Spike is. Spike's step-father Griffin Castillo tells her that he was taken into surgery. Madi just nods in response and it is suggested she goes home to wash the blood off her but instead she just sits down in the waiting area. Spencer then shows up and asks her how Spike is, Madi answers saying he is in surgery. Her mother Brooke and sister Ali soon arrive and Brooke tries to get her to go home and change to get Spike's blood off of her. Madi tells her she isn't leaving until she knows Spike is okay, Robin then walks over and tells her that she can take a shower in the locker room. Brooke then goes to get her a change of clothes and Madi goes to the locker room where she showers and after she changes she breaks down crying.

2.02 The Worst Part Madi leaves home early the day following the shooting saying she is going to visit Spike in the hospital. Instead she heads to the drug store and picks up the morning-after pill and is able to get it using her fake ID and with everyone in town afraid to deny her and Ali things because of who their father is. She later nervously takes it, and later ends up vomiting at home due to side effects. After she feels better she heads out to visit Spike at the hospital. He is doing better and will be released within a few days. She informs him that she took Plan B and is scared that it may not have worked. She doesn't want to remember what happened or have any evidence on her of what Drake did. Spike assures her that since she took it within 24 hours she should be good. If she does somehow become pregnant, he will be there for her choice.

2.04 Cry For Help Madi wakes up in a cold sweat with dreams of what had happened. She keeps hearing Drake's words over and over again telling her she was asking for it. Later that day Madi goes to the hospital to see Spike discharged. Back at home she continues to have vivid memories of her attack and Spike getting shot. She later goes into the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. She sees a new pack of razors on the counter and opens it before taking the blade out and cutting her wrist to cope with what happened. After hearing her mother call her for dinner, Madi quickly cleans up and puts on an over-sized sweater before going to dinner.

2.05 Disparity By Design the school is reopened and Madi returns

Madi debuts a more conservative style when she returns to school.

with everyone else debuting a more conservative look, making sure to keep her body covered. She meets up with Spike and Spencer and later discuss the need for a new drummer since Ian is in prison. After a discussion they put up flyers for an audition. Two days later at the auditions, new student Evan Salinger shows up and auditions, successfully getting the spot.

2.07 Just Tonight After band rehearsal, Evan goes to talk to Madi and ends up grabbing her arm, nearly scaring her. This is just one of the many things that happen when she is around guys besides Spike, Spencer or her father. She is tired of being afraid of men because of what Drake did. After Spike takes her home, Madi confides in him about how what happened is ruining her life. The next day after school, Madi shows up at Spike's place when he studying for a test. She confides in him again and then asks him something he never expected to. She asks Spike to sleep with her to help her deal with the situation better. Spike hesitantly eventually agrees, seeing how badly what happened has effected his best friend.

2.08 Somewhere I Belong Madi is seen by Ali meeting up with Spike at Kelly's to hang out.


Madi and Spike share their first kiss.

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies Spike asks Madi to meet him at the Port Charles park. Madi agrees and shows up and Spike tells her he needs to talk to her about something. He talks to her about what she asked him a few days ago and that he feels he took advantage of her. Madi denies and tells him that's what she wanted. Spike then tells her that he is in love with her and has been for a while. Because of how he feels, he took advantage of her when she was vulnerable. Madi confesses that she loves him too. What had happened has only brought them closer. Spike kisses her and asks her to be his girlfriend officially. Madi accepts.

2.10 Going Under Madi is confronted by Ali who knows she is acting weird, specifically over the fact she practically covers her entire body when she used to never do that. Madi tells Ali that she's totally fine. Ali insists that sisters are supposed to tell each other everything. Madi replies she is still just shook up over Spike almost dying. She then leaves and goes to band practice.

2.11 Anywhere But Here Madi still has flashbacks to the day and her cutting gets worse. She moves from her left wrist to her left thigh. At home before band practice, Madi can't focus and ends up cutting herself again, this time in her wrist and pretty deep. Spike finds her near unconsciousness in her bathroom where she says her iconic line "I don't know who I am anymore," when Spike asks her what's happened. He takes her to the hospital and has his step-dad treat Madi without telling her parents, but tells Spike that he needs to get her help, and if within one week, her parents don't know, he will tell them. When she wakes up, Spike tells her she needs to get help. When she returns home later, Madi finally tells Ali what happened.

Tumblr m6v74ocTpj1rzvltxo1 500

Madi talks to her new therapist.

2.12 Going Through Changes after much debate and with Ali by her side, Madi tells her parents what happened the day of the shooting and what Drake did to her. Jason is livid and Brooke just wants Madi to be okay.

2.13 Until Your Mine Jason and Brooke take Madi to a trusted therapist to talk to about what happened. Madi is silent for most of the appointment before its over, she finally blurts out everything that has happened from the shooting, being raped, cutting, sleeping with Spike and her new relationship with him.

2.17 Believe In Me The band performs their new song "Just Tonight" at the talent show. A song Madi somewhat penned about her and Spike's night together. The band loses to Trinity Corinthos and Max Falconeri.

2.20 Day of Reckoning Madi attends the graduation ceremony and later goes to the party with Spike, Spencer and Evan to celebrate Spencer's graduation and acceptence into UC Berkley. She is seen in the crowd with Spike and Spencer.

Season 3

3.03 You're Not Sorry Madi is with Spike during lunch at school when his phone beeps and he doesn't recognize it but Madi recognizes it as Fiona's. She opens it and is shocked to see a scantly clad Fiona. She freaks out on why Spike has it. He says he has no idea. She looks around and sees other guys opening their phones and talking. Madi is furious Spike got it, and he instantly deletes it.

3.06 The Sound Of Madness After seeing that Fiona has sent more pictures to the guys out school, including Spike she confronts her. Fiona accuses Madi of being jealous that all eyes are on her now. She also mentions how she should be jealous because her boyfriend is looking at someone else. Madi then beats up Fiona and their moms are called in. Brooke is furious at Madi and she tries to explain the situation but Brooke grounds her.

3.07 I Lose Control Madi worries if Ali is okay since she is sick and stayed at home a few days.

3.09 No More Sorrow Ali asks Madi if they can talk. Madi agrees and Ali confides in her that she is pregnant. Madi is shocked on how it happened and Ali explains the condom must have broke because she and Liam were being careful. Madi knows they need to at least tell their mom but Ali convinces her not too.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Fiona taunts Madi at school about the photos and again accuses her of being jealous since she doesn't show off her body anymore like she used to. After calling Madi a slut she asks how she could be a slut when her first time was with Drake Niles holding a gun to her head.

3.11 Keep Holding On Madi talks to Ali again about what she confided in her about and explains she needs to tell Liam or their parents. Ali is freaking out and doesn't know if she wants to mother. Madi tells Ali that she has three options. tell Liam and raise their child together, give it up for adoption or terminate the pregnancy. Madi tells her its up to her, she isn't going to tell her what to do with her body.

3.13 Come One, Come All The Young and Reckless are looking for a new drummer since bassists are hard to find and Evan switches over to it from drums. Mason Lavery auditions and gets the spot.

3.14 Far From Never Ali tells Madi she wants to terminate the pregnancy. She is too afraid to tell anyone and wants Madi to help her set up the appointment. Madi supports her decision but asks her if she can look Liam in the eye and know she terminated a pregnancy that could have lead to their child. She also needs to understand there will be an emotional toll on her. Madi then sets up a consultation for her at Planned Parenthood

3.15 The Story of Us Madi takes Ali to the consultation at Planned Parenthood and a date is set up for her abortion. Madi has to pretend to be her legal guardian in order to get permission for Ali being a minor.

3.16 Running From Lions The night before Madi is going to take Madi to get

Madi knows something is wrong at home when the trash lays abandoned and the power is out.

her abortion she is going out with Spike while Ali relaxes at home. Madi is getting ready to go out when she hears a crash. She and Ali leave their rooms before walking downstairs and seeing trash bags on the ground. They then turn to see ttheir mother with a gun to her head and three masked men. The girls are then tied by and the invaders reveal themselves as a rival of Jason's. After some discussion, the three men decide to take Madi to a back room and rape her. Madi instantly starts to have a panic attack knowing that she wont be able to take being raped again. Ali tries to get them to take her before Brooke tells them to do whatever they want to her and leave Ali and Madi out of it, they are children. Before Madi is about to be taken to the backroom when there is a knock at the front door and Spike calls out to Madi. The attackers decide to flee and shoot Brooke in the chest and stomach and Madi in the stomach while Ali is able to get free and runs for the fire escape only to be shot in the back three times. As the attackers flee, they shoot Spike in the shoulder and neck.

3.17 Spit You Out Madi is admitted to the hospital with her mother, sister and Spike and is taken into emergancy surgery.

3.18 World Around Me Madi is in a medically induced coma.

3.19 In Fate's Hands As Ali is talking to her while unconscious, Madi begins to flatline.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Madi's heart is restarted and is stable again, Spike refuses to leave her bedside.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Madi finally wakes up and is confused on what happened. Spike tells her how he came in and found them. Madi is thankful he was there. Brooke comes in and asks for some privacy. Spike leaves and she explains that she will be fine but Ali is stuck in a wheelchair. Madi is shocked and asks how Ali is doing, Brooke lets her know its not good. Madi sighs and tries to figure out how to help Ali.

4.05 Work It Out Madi is out of the hospital and back at


Madi returns to school

school taking it easy doing her best to help Ali adjust to her wheelchair. Madi is still a little weak and is taking things easy. She talks to Ali at lunch finally getting a chance to ask her about her pregnancy, if after miscarrying she still regrets planning on terminating the pregnancy. Ali tells her she has no regrets, she couldn't be a mother this young and if she had the baby and gave it up for adoption, the last thing she would want is for someone to track them down for mob retaliation. Madi lets her know she supports her no matter what since she is her sister. Madi then leaves to go meet up with Spike. When she returns home that night she finds Ali sobbing. Madi comforts her and lets her know she is there.

4.06 The Webs We Weave Spike has been spending more time with Madi now that she is back in school and well. They hang out later that night watching movies at his place and fall back into a good place after the Fiona drama. Madi starts writing again. which she had stopped due to her injuries and coping with her family drama and helping Ali deal with her breakup with Liam and now being in a wheelchair. The next day at school Madi sees Fiona kissing Spike. She is furious and storms off skipping her last few classes. That night she avoids her phone and stays in her room listening to Nirvana.

4.07 Here I Stand flowers are sent to the penthouse from Spike and Madi instructs Jason to toss them. Jason makes a joke on if he needs to kill anyone and Madi seriously tells him just maybe, letting him know that she is mad at Spike. Madi goes to school and avoids him most of the day, confusing Mason and Evan and tells them its their problem, not to worry about it. Spike continues to try to explain the situation and Madi tells him he needs to back off before she stabs him.

4.08 A Party Song (Walk of Shame) Madi is seen at Josslyn's party not in the mood to talk until she sees Spencer. The pair catch up a bit before he heads off to find Emma. Madi continues to tell Mason and Evan nothing is going on.

4.11 Hit The Floor Madi's old therapist reaches out to her and asks her to speak to a group of girls who had been sexually assaulted and talk to them about how it gets better. Madi agrees and goes tells her story and about how she was able to get through it. Afterwards, as she is leaving, Spike shows up with flowers. He once again tells Madi that Fiona set him up. Madi is tired of fighting and emotionally drained so she forgives him, but lets him know if it happens again, she will stab him. Spike lets her know it won't and takes her home, but stops at the park so the two can stargaze.

4.14 Miserable At Best Madi is seen at school between classes with Spike, Mason and Evan. She is later seen with Spike after class talking music.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Madi sees Yasmin Castillo with Liam McBain at school and knows how hurt Ali must be. At home Madi does her best to help Ali cope but Ali refuses to listen. Brooke decides to take them to family therapy to deal with what happened. Ali opens up, shocking Brooke about wanting to terminate her pregnancy. Madi doesn't say much, just that she was doing her best to be there for her sister.

4.17 Please Come and Take Me Away Madi gets an urgent call from Spike to meet her at Kelly's. Madi meets him there. Spike then breaks up from her, asking for a clean break from the band also. Madi is extremely confused and asks him whats going on and Spike doesn't give her much of an answer, just that it isn't working out. He then leaves her. Madi returns home furious but pretends everything is fine once she realizes Ali is also there. When Ali goes to bed Madi tells Brooke what happened and how she has no idea why, it was out of the blue, especially after how hard he tried to make up for the Fiona incident. Brooke tells her boys don't make sense, especially at this age.

Season 5


Madi stays home after seeing Spike and Fiona together.

5.03 Your Love Was a Lie Madi goes into town to run some errands for her mother when she sees Spike and Fiona at Kelly's and Fiona is obviously having a good time. Madi is both furious and hurt, especially since the pair just broke up for a reason she still does not know. She has been avoiding both Evan and Mason also, leaving the band up in the air on if it still even exists. She goes home and starts writing again while avoiding both her parents and Ali. She pens a new song called All I Wanted.

5.06 Everybody Hurts A family meeting is called at the Morgan home since both Madi and Ali have been distant and the family therapy Brooke had them in isn't working. They explain they are going to go to Sonny's island for a while to get away from Port Charles for a while. Madi doesn't want to go but thinks it may be good for her to get away for a while, especially from both Spike and Fiona. She texts both Mason and Evan that she is leaving the country for a while.

5.08 All I Wanted on the island, Madi avoids her parents, spending some time at the beach and some time locked in her room playing the guitar, continuing to go on a writing spree. Brooke later takes Madi's guitar and forces family bonding, causing both Madi and Ali to rant about the stuff going on in their lives and how it makes zero sense.

5.09 All I Need To be The Morgan's return from the island and Madi spends more time in her room writing and isolating herself. She sends another text to both Mason and Evan letting them know she is back in the country. She tries to figure out where to go from there when there is a knock on her bedroom window. Madi goes over and Spike comes in.

Madi angrily explains to Spike that she didn't need to be protected

Madi is confused and furious to see him but doesn't yell because she doesn't want to alert her mom or Ali. Spike explains to her that he has been trying to call her but Mason said she was out of the country and her phone was off. Madi tells him he needs to leave but Spike tells her that he has to explain himself. He then explains that the reason he broke up with her was because Fiona is blackmailing him with the fact that Madi was raped by Drake the day of the shooting. He is doing this to protect her. Madi explodes and is furious saying she does not need to be protected. She would rather have everyone know then Spike playing her savior by hurting her. Madi makes him leave and tells him to leave her alone.

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulders Madi hears Ali tell their mom the real reason Liam broke up with her.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Madi goes to Gabbi's party, knowing she needs to get out and socialize. While there, she talks to Gabbi despite not knowing her that well. Gabbi tells her about her break up with Aiden and Madi tells her she did the right thing. He needs a reality check. Madi then tells her that Fiona is blackmailing Spike. Gabbi tells her that its up to her on what to do, but maybe letting that secret out will help in the long run. Gabbi then goes to check on Miranda. Madi then gets everyone's attention at the party and announces that she is being blackmailed and feels the best way to deal with it, is let the secret out. She tells everyone that on the day of the shooting, Drake Niles raped her. Madi then leaves the party.

5.13 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet Spike is blowing up Madi's phone but she is avoiding him. She later goes out to Kelly's to pick up some coffee when Spike sees her. He confronts her and why she has been avoiding his calls and Madi explains that she owes him nothing. Spike thinks that now Fiona is out of the picture he and Madi can get back together but Madi lets him know that that will never be happening. He went behind her and back and didn't discuss things with her and treated her like a damsel in distress when she isn't that. She is supposed to be his equal. She tells Spike that to leave her alone and stop calling.

5.15 What I've Done Madi comes home from band rehersal to find Ali sobbing. Ali explains that their dad knows everything.

5.17 Let Me Make It Up To You Spike continues to try to make it up to Madi by sending flowers again but Madi throws them out. She also blocks his number and tells Brooke that if Spike comes by that she has "moved to Switzerland." Ali asks her if everything is okay and Madi tells her everything is fine. Ali then tells her that she understand Madi wants to protect her because she is her older sister, but sisters protect each other. Madi needs to be able to confide in her also. She knows something went down at the party but she has been being radio silent for a reason. Madi explains what Spike did and how Fiona blackmailed him and now that he is free from her, he thinks that everything will be peachy fine with them. It will never be peachy fine.

Season 6

6.02 Chalk Outline Madi tries to adjust to her parents arguing and trying to keep Ali away from it. She takes her out for a day on the town and the pair run into Spike. Ali says she will give them some time to talk. Spike asks Madi how she's been and Madi tells him they aren't going to play that game. She is still furious at him for what he pulled. She also tells him to stop calling her.

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless Madi is in her room studying when she hears her parents having another
Gossip-girl-momsen-she-looks-like-a-whore-shes-hot-you-r-whore-taylor-taylor-momsen-Favim com-39829 large

Madi hears her father yell at sister Ali and kick her out

screaming match. She is annoyed and tries to get her iHome system to work so she can drown them out when she hears Ali's name being mentioned. She stops and listens as Jason berates Brooke for keeping it from him and Brooke saying she was trying to keep her family whole. Madi shocked at the sound of glass breaking and leaves her room and peaks out to see Jason brooding and Brooke furious. He then tells her to get her stuff and get out and the same for Ali. Madi is shocked as Brooke continues to say she wont do that only to see her dad go into their room and back bags for Brooke and then pack bags for Ali before taking Brooke's key off the keychain and physically removing her from the penthouse. Madi stays hidden as she watches Jason throw a glass at the wall before going into her room and leaving through the fire escape. She is later seen at Port Charles park in shock.
Taylor momsen 1268893602hg

Madi asks Spike if she can crash at his place.

6.05 Story of My Life Madi returns from school where Ali was absent. Madi has a hard time thinking about everything that has happened so she goes to her room and packs a bag before leaving through her fire escape again. She thinks about where to go, realizing she has no close friends anymore. She isn't close enough to Evan or Mason to crash on their couches and she barely knows Ember. She also has no idea where her mom and Ali ended up. She thinks about going to Aunt Lulu but Johnny would tell her dad where she is so she goes to Spike's place and knocks on his window. Spike is shocked to see Madi. She tells him that she needs a place to stay. Her dad kicked Ali and her mom out and he won't speak to her. Spike let's her in and Madi tells him to not get his hopes up, it was either crash here or on a park bench and the bench was pretty tempting.

6.07 It's Complicated After realizing that her father hasn't noticed Madi missing at all, she and Spike skip school. His parents still have no idea she is hiding in his room and Yasmin isn't home enough to realize. The pair skip school and watch Netflix on his computer. Spike starts mentioning memories of their friendship and Madi tells him to watch it. He finally asks her whats going on and Madi explains everything, from Ali being pregnant and planning on terminating it and Madi helping to hearing her father kick both Ali and Brooke out. Spike is shocked but tells Madi that she is welcome to stay there as long as he can hide her.

6.09 Cross The Line Jason finally realizes Madi isn't home. He tries to track her down and checks Johnny and Lulu's only to find out she isn't there with Brooke and Ali. The only close friend of Madi's he knows is Spike and goes over to his place. Kendall and Griffin tell him that Madi isn't there, they wouldn't let a girl spend the night with Spike. While this is happening, Madi is hiding under Spike's bed. He even goes to tell Jason he hasn't seen Madi in a couple days. Since the breakup she wont answer his calls or texts. He tells them that she is kind of a loner but since Evan and Mason are in the band, he may have luck there. When Jason leaves, Madi thanks him for keeping her a secret.

6.11 Now or Never while Spike and Madi are at school, Kendall goes into his room to get his laundry. As she is picking up a t-shirt she finds a pair of Madi's shoes. She calls Jason. When Madi and Spike get home from school, instead of being at work, Kendall is waiting for them with Jason. Madi realizes they have been found out. Jason is furious Madi ran away and Madi asks if he is going to lecture her, do it in front of Kendall and Spike, they should know what a shitty father and husband he has been. Madi tells him she can't go home and live with him when he kicked both Brooke and Ali out over Ali's pregnancy and that her being in a wheelchair is enough punishment for planning on getting an abortion without telling him. She isn't going home to a place where her mother and sister are not wanted. She then apologizes to Kendall and thanks Spike before grabbing her stuff and asking Spike for a ride to Johnny and Lulu's where Brooke and Ali are staying.

6.12 This Is My Last Goodbye Madi is with Ali at Johnny and Lulu's when Brooke tells them she had a conversation with their father and has decided that to file for divorce. She has been able to get an apartment to rent for them if they choose to go with her. Madi lets her know she will be going with them.

6.13 Remember When Madi has moved in with Brooke and Ali in an apartment but can't stand listening to Brooke on the phone with their lawyer and with Jason. She heads back to Spike's place asking if she can just hang out and she promises not to get him into trouble with his parents. Spike lets her stay for a while and the pair reconnect by playing some of their bands old songs. Spike plays her "You," a song he recently wrote. The two end up sleeping together before deciding to get back together.

6.16 Heart On The Floor Madi mentions to Spike at school that her mom send their dad divorce papers.

Season 7

7.02 Don't Let Me Get Me Madi is surfing the web when she comes across an ad for musicians wanted. In Whistler, Canada in the village square this summer they are looking for a band to play a show in the park once a week. Madi remembers how she didn't apply for college, not even to Port Charles Univerity like Spike did. Ali asks Madi what's going on and Madi tells her that this would be a great opprotunity for the band. Ali tells her it sounds like a good idea and that Madi should go for it. Madi debates it to herself for a little bit before uploading their demos for Make Me Wanna Die, Miss Nothing and Just Tonight along with a video of one of their performances. Madi hopes they get it.

7.03 The Strength To Go On Madi returns home from band rehearsal when she notices Ali is acting weird. She asks Ali what is going on and Ali tells her not to worry about it.


Madi welcomes Zack to the band.

7.05 Don't Let Me Down Madi talks to Spike, Evan and Mason and says she thinks they need a rhythm guitarist. It would add more layers to their sound and some songs by them already have it but Madi would play it. She wants to focus on stage presence and not guitar. Spike agrees and so does Mason and Evan. Madi starts putting out flyers at school, Kelly's and everywhere else anyone hangs out. The date of the audition Madi, Spike, Mason and Evan go to their usual practice space and have things set up. They hear some bad and decent guitar players but nothing good enough. Madi loses hope when Zack Giambetti comes in. Madi recognizes him as Milo's son and he auditions with Metallica's "Master of Puppets," thoroughly showing off his talent. The four decide to stop auditions and he is the one for the role.

7.10 Just The Way I'm Not Madi comes home from band practice to see Ali gone and her mom upset, Madi asks what's going on and Brooke tells her that Jason was by earlier and they got into an argument. Madi rolls her eyes and then asks where Ali is. Brooke tells her that Liam came by for her. Madi is confused and when Ali comes home Madi asks what's going on. She is shocked to learn that not only are Ali and Liam back together but that Franco could possibly be her father.

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best Brooke tells Madi and Ali she and Jason are going to enter couples counseling to see if they can fix their marriage. Madi is fine with that but still furious on how Jason treated Ali. Ali also continues to blame herself for their parent's problems but Madi assures her it isn't her fault. Later Jason asks if he can talk to Madi. Madi is reluctant but agrees. Jason asks how her college applications went and if she got any acceptance letters yet since the rest of the seniors in school seem to know where they are going. Madi calmly tells Jason that she didn't apply to college making Jason furious. He talks about the sacrifices he and Brooke have made to give her and Ali a great life. Madi argues back angry that he lost his right to care about her when she treated Ali that way because of her possible paternity. Jason is confused on how Madi knows that and Madi tells him that Ali heard him and Brooke talking about it. Madi tells him that she isn't college material, Ali is the one with the brains. He better start treating her like that.

7.12 Thanks For The Memories After band rehearsal Madi tells the guys about the shows she auditioned them for and explains the place and program. Two grand a show and free room and board. If they get the job they will handle the visas and everything. The guys are pretty excited about it and ask more questions. Madi does her best to answer them and is excited at the possibility, especially after the argument she had with her dad. She needs to prove to him that music is her future.

7.14 Like I Care Ember comes up to Madi at school and asks about the shows in Canada. Madi explains them and Ember asks if she can come. She tells Madi that American citizens can stay in Canada visa-free for six months if they aren't working and she won't distract Mason. Madi asks if everything is okay and Ember asks if they are friends. Madi explains that a friend of Mason is a friend of hers. Ember then tells her that her step-sisters are coming to town and she does not want to be around. When Madi asks for details Ember explains that Mia and Kate are her polar opposites and treat her like dirt, she doesn't want to be around them. Madi tells her that if they get the job, she can come but will need either a passport, passport card or enhanced ID to get across the border. Ember thanks her.

7.18 The Good Left Undone Madi graduates from high school with the rest of the senior class.

7.19 All I Want Is Everything Madi goes to band rehearsal and is happy about the progress they have made with adding Zack to the band. She heads home and sees Ali isn't there and assumes that Ali is out with Liam. She is grabbing herself a snack when her phone rings and she answers it being informed that The Young and Reckless have got the job for the shows over the summer.

Season 8

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8.01 Prayer For The Refugee Madi goes to her computer and checks her email and all the information is there. She is ecstatic and quickly forwards it to the guys before sending out a group text letting them know they got the gig. Madi goes back into the kitchen to find a note addressed to her with Ali's handwriting. Madi is confused but unfolds the paper and reads that Ali and Liam ran off to Seattle so she can have surgery to help her walk again. Madi is furious she is seeing this now and realizes neither her parents even know she is missing. Madi calls Brooke and tells her that because she and Jason are so preoccupied with their problems, that Ali has been in Seattle for 48 hours and no one has noticed. She then tells them to fix their problems or get divorced, either way, pay attention to their daughter before angrily hanging up on her. Madi then texts both Ali and Liam and lets them know she knows and told both Brooke and Jason. She then calls Spike to tell him but his phone goes straight to voicemail.

8.02 Audience of One Madi waits at home for word on Ali when Brooke and Jason arrive with her. Madi asks Brooke what happened and Brooke explains that they were able to bring Ali home a day after the surgery but she is recouping at GH and will be discharged in a few days.

8.04 Together Again Madi visits Ali in the hospital where Ali informs her that their parents forbid her from seeing Liam. Madi tells her that she dug her own hole on that one, but with as much as their parents have been at each others' throats lately, they won't remember. Ali then informs her that they got along the whole time they were getting her from Seattle. Madi is happy to hear that.

8.05 Somewhere I Belong Madi and Spike are loading up the van with Mason's drum kit and preparing to leave later that day for Canada. Madi checks through the paperwork making sure she has their work visas. Rory arrives with her bags along with Evan and talks about how she can't wait to get away from the mess that is her home life. Madi then puts the paperwork in her bag in the front seat and asks Rory if Ember was able to get her passport on time. Rory then explains that Ember's mom refused to let her go, claiming she needed to bond with her step sisters. Madi grabs the last of her bags into the van when Spike tells her that Gabbi is here and wants to see her. Madi sees Gabbi nearby and she approaches her. Madi asks what she needs and Gabbi asks if they can talk, maybe grab a cup of coffee. Madi is confused since she barely knows Gabbi but agrees and heads to Kelly's to get some coffee. When they sit down Madi asks her what she wants to talk about. It takes a moment but Gabbi explains that while she was abducted, she was raped. She has no memory of anything and the doctor explained she may never remember but she feels disgusting, She and Aiden got back together but she worries if he will ever want her. She wants to know how Madi dealt with being raped by Drake. Madi explains that it was hard. She then opens up saying she resorted to cutting herself which was a terrible choice. She almost cut herself too deep and if Spike wasn't there and rushed her to the ER claiming she was cleaning up a broken mirror to explain it. Madi then tells her it will take a while and speaking to a therapist may help. She also tells her that since both her parents know how to use a weapon, her mom taught her to shoot when she turned 13 for self- defense reasons and that made her feel safer as well. It may take a while but she needs to talk about it because keeping it inside is what nearly killed her. Madi then gives Gabbi her phone number and tells her that if she needs to talk, call her and she will try to answer, but for the next two months they will be three hours behind. Gabbi is thankful and Madi returns to Spike's place where they finish loading the van. The group prepare to depart when Ember shows up with her bag and says her mom changed her mind. Ember gets in and they head out.

8.06 How To Save A Life The band arrive at the hotel they will be staying at and get a room with a master bedroom and a room with queen beds and a loft with a sofa bed.. Spike and Madi take the master suite, Rory, Ember, Mason and Evan take the other room while Zack takes the sofa bed. As they get settled in Ember's phone keeps going off. Madi leaves to get a feel of the area along with Spike. When they return to the room, Madison is there yelling at Ember for leaving. Ember talks about how she doesn't feel like she belongs in that house, Madison is furious and asks how Rory was even able to go and Rory explains her mother is just happy she is straight, so she is probably happy she is bunking with guys. Madi steps in and talks to Madison and tells her that she understands how Ember feels, having felt alienated from her own father due to their differences. Maybe some time away will help out. Madi even tells her that the girls will be in one room and the guys in a different one. Madison is hesitant but agrees to let Ember stay. Madi then gives her her cell number in case she can't reach Ember. Madison gives Ember a hug goodbye and leaves. Ember than thanks Madi for helping.

8.07 Something New Madi and the rest of the group decide to go out and get a feel for the city center of Whistler, which is pretty much a tourist area with no cars and enclosed walking with basic shops, souvineers and restaurants. Madi decides to do some grocery shopping and Rory goes with her. After they finish up they meet the rest of the group at Starbucks where they are talking to the other band that will play on Saturday nights while Y&R play on. They are Yesterday's Tomorrow which consists of frontwomen Sabrina Spreitler, guitarist Sam Jenson, bassist JJ James and drummer Randy Martinez. They also learn they are staying in the same building Y&R are.

Taylor-momsen 3256447

Madi plays the first show

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy The band gets ready to play their first show, Madi finds a good stage outfit while they finish up their setlist, including Miss Nothing, Make Me Wanna Die, Since You're Gone, Just Tonight, You and Zombie. Madi is excited to play their first show out of Port Charles. Since they are in a family area, the band makes sure to sensor some of their lyrics, making sure it is "confused" in Miss Nothing. The first show goes great and while it isn't a huge crowd, Madi knows people in the hotels can hear them. After the show the band gets their equipment packed away when she gets a call from Ali who tells her that she can now wiggle her toes. Madi is ecstatic to hear that and tells her that she is happy the risk she took panned out. Ali also informs her that their parents have been arguing less and seem to be getting along. Madi is again happy hear this and hopes when she returns, things will be better with her family.

8.09 Rory talks to Madi about how Grace isn't answering her phone, Madi recommends calling her Aunt Chloe to see if anything has happened. Rory later tells her and Ember that she and Savannah broke up and is now living with their grandfather

8.11 Let it Go, Madi is out with guys when Ali calls. Madi answers it wondering
Taylor-Momsen-in-GOSSIP-GIRL-Episode-3 10-The-Last-Days-of-Disco-Stick-2

Madi gets a phone call from Ali telling her their parents are back together.

how she is doing and Ali informs her that besides being able to move her legs more but the big news is she and Brooke moved back in with Jason. Madi is confused and Ali explains that their parents are back together and moved him back into the penthouse. Madi's stuff is in her old room now and their parents are getting along and Jason even apologized for how he treated her. Madi is happy to hear that and tells Ali that hopefully it will stay this way and that maybe her running away for surgery brought their parents back together.

8.12 You and Me, Can't You See Madi and Spike wake and start their day. Spike asks for them to spend the day together and Madi agrees. The pair go to breakfast before taking a gondola up Mt. Blackcomb and another to Mt. Whistler. Upon going back down they catch a movie before heading back to the hotel.

8.14 Because Of You Madi goes about the day normally but notices things with Evan and Rory are off. She asks Rory about it and she tells her that Sabrina from Yesterday's Tomorrow has shown interest in Evan. Madi then grabs Ember and they go out for a girls day and she asks Rory to explain more. Rory says that Sabrina wont stop flirting with Evan. She knows she is being insecure, but Evan dated two girls before her despite being in his life. She is worried that he will realize she isn't that great. Madi and Ember tell her she should talk to Evan about her insecurities. Rory asks Madi how she and Spike have made it work. Madi explains besides the blackmail of Fiona, they have been honest with each other and don't just view each other as boyfriend/girlfriend but as their best friend and equals.

8.15 Call Me When Your Sober Madi encourages Rory to tell Evan the truth on how she feels after the pair get into an argument.


Madi takes over on rhythm guitar when Zack has to leave.

8.16 That's What You Get The band is getting ready to play their second to last show when Zack gets a call from his sister Ciara back in Port Charles. He tells the group he is going to fly home out of Vancouver because he has a family emergency. Madi ends up playing Rhythm guitar for their show that night.

8.18 World of Chances The band gets ready to play their last show and rock it. Madi is happy with how everything turned out but knows they got to return to the states the next day. After the show a man comes up to Madi and Spike as they are packing up their equipment when a man approaches. He tells them he is Dom Moreno, a record producer at Phantom Records in New York and is there on vacation with his family when he heard them play. He gives Madi his card and tells them that he wants to schedule a meeting with them when they get back to New York and talk about possibly producing an album for them.

Season 9

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginnings The next day, Madi, Spike, Mason and Evan sit down at a restaurant to talk with Dom Moreno. Dom talks about how he feels rock is a dying genre and he wants to bring it back. All everyone hears about is Miley Cyrus and Lil' Wayne. He wants rock back on the radio. Madi tells him what he is saying is too good to be true. Dom explains that the sound the Young and Reckless have has the possibility to play mainstream radio and hard rock stations. He wants to talk to them back in New York and possibly sign a recording contract with them. Spike speaks up about what his favorite thing about their act was, trying to see what he really thought. Dom explains that he liked the dark lyrics that are relatable to most of today's youth, Madi's stage presence while also playing the guitar and a tough frontwoman. Mason asks what his favorite song was and why, also seeing that this is too good to be true. Dom says he likes Zombie and Miss Nothing the best but feels Make Me Wanna Die could be a great hit single. Madi asks him if they can talk for a second. Dom agrees and gets up to give them space. Madi asks for their opinions. Spike tells her this guy seems legit and he googled him last night, he is who he says he is and Phantom Records is a good label, they should talk to him and go over a contract because this could be it. Both Mason and Evan agree. Dom comes back over and Madi informs him they have another member who had to leave for a family emergency but with him, they would like to meet with him in his New York office officially and discuss this further. Dom is happy to hear it and gives Madi his card with his secretary's number on it and tells her to call when the group gets back into the states.

9.02 I'm Going Mobile The band return to Port Charles. Madi is shocked to see Ali walking a little and is extremely happy for her. She then talks with Jason and Brooke about the record executive they met with. Brooke is happy for Madi and Jason is iffy. He tells Madi that if they meet with him, he wants a lawyer to go with her to make sure they aren't getting taken advantage of, he will contact Diane and see if she can recommend anyone. Madi thanks him before calling Dom to set up an appointment.

9.03 I've Become So Numb Madi, Spike, Zack, Mason and Evan go to NYC to meet Dom at Phantom Records. A lawyer Diane recomennded comes with. Dom presents them with a contract and the lawyer reads it over and explains to the group what it is offering. The group agree that this is what they want and sign it and agree to meet Dom the next day to get a feel for what they are going to do. Madi and Spike then discuss moving New York City to record and agree they should. Zack explains he talked to his dad the night before and can attend school Monday and Friday to get assignments and be in NYC to record the other days. Mason agrees with Zack's idea since he is still in school also. Evan tells them that he will move later on, but Rory is still dealing with her sisters death and needs him.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Spike and Madi move into an apartment in Brooklyn near the recording studio they will be working at. Ember texts Madi how Grace's funeral went and she still worries about how Rory is doing. Spike is somewhat quiet after they get settled in and Madi asks him if everything is okay. Spike assures her he is good, just nervous for the next step in their lives.

9.06 Savior The band arrives at the studio for their first day of recording and decide on the tracklist for their album, Make Me Wanna Die, Since You're Gone, Miss Nothing, All I Wanted, Perfect, Zombie, You, Just Tonight and Light Me Up. Dom says he wants to record Make Me Wanna Die first so they can push that for a single and see the reception before they work on anything else. The band agrees and Mason starts recording the drum parts.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Since Madi isn't recording her vocals yet, she attends the Rise Against Concert in honor of Grace. She tries to be there for Rory along with Ember and Evan. She has the opportunity to meet Tim McIlrath and tries not to fangirl, knowing that this is for Grace, not her. Afterwards she heads back to the penthouse to talk to Ali about her progress before going back to Brooklyn.

9.09 How Does It Feel Madi goes to a publicity meeting with the rest of the band and talk about how they want to advertise. One of the women working in the publicity department talks to Madi about her style. Madi talks about she is usually a tad bolder when it comes to her stage costumes, but usually has a dark alternative look. She does heavy eye make-up for stage but keeps it down in her normal life. Madi is then told that sex sells and it works well for Kesha and Miley Cyrus. Madi argues that she isn't Kesha or Miley Cyrus. She understands that skin and sex sells, but in rock Hayley Williams, Lacey Sturm, Lzzy Hale and Jenna McDougall don't have to take their clothes off to sell albums. Madi is then told that in order for their image to be successful, she needs to hypersexualize or downplay her feminity. Jenna McDougall downplays it along with Hayley Williams while Lzzy shows skin on stage. Madi has a hard time even thinking about that, remembering that when she used to dress like that, Drake Niles raped her. She is told to think about it and the meeting ends.

9.11 Things Will Never Be The Same the band is told that Make Me Wanna Die is mixed and ready to listen to. The group sit down and listen and are shocked when they hear it. There is a drum machine instead of Mason (very confusing since he was even in the studio tracking drums for it), Madi's voice is somewhat autotuned and there are electronic elements. When it ends, he gives them time to discuss the final product. They are all furious at what the just listened to and Madi tries to wrap her head around what happened. Spike is the first to speak saying he refuses to have his name connected to that. Mason, Evan and Zack agree. Madi is still speechless and has no idea what to think and says maybe they should talk to Dom again about this. Spike is furious Madi is even thinking about it and tells her that if this is what they've come to, he quits. When Madi goes home that night, Spike is gone and so is most of his stuff.

9.12 You're The Reason Madi returns to the studio the next day after
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Madi realizes her music has become a product, not art.

Spike leaving and listens to the song again. She realizes this isn't her art, the art she and Spike have worked on for a long time and what Evan, Mason and Zack are now contributing to. This is a product to sold to the masses, not those who appreciate it. Dom comes in and Madi tells him there is no way they are releasing that song, it's not what she and Spike wrote. Dom won't listen to Madi, telling her this is what is hot now, this is what will sell, and this is what will get the Young and Reckless on the map. Madi then informs his that Spike left the band over this. Dom tells her to just take over his part or have Zack take it over and her play rhythm again. Madi then informs him that if this is what he wants to sell and produce from them, then she quits too and without her or Spike, there is no Young and Reckless. Dom tells her then there is no Young and Reckless signed to his label.

9.14 Keep The Change You Filthy Animal Ali and Liam show up at Madi's

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place in NYC knowing something happened since Spike returned. Madi explains how her music career is pretty much over and that they aren't signed anymore because they refuse to produce pop garbage. Ali informs Madi that giving up isn't in her nature and to keep trying. After she and Liam leave, Madi looks into their options and finds Lava Records based in New York is looking for a new artist to sign. She is able to impersonate an intern for Revolver Magazine that was supposed to meet with them and sets up a meeting over dinner. Upon arriving, Madi tells him the truth of who she is and what just happened, her art being turned into a product and that music is all she has. The rep is angry at what Madi did but Madi explains she is out of options, music has helped her through the roughest parts of her life, including being shot. Madi gives him the bands original demo and asks him to just listen to them.

9.16 Found A Way Madi has given up hope on hearing from Lava and starts packing up her stuff. She calls her parents to let them know she is returning home and why. She thanks Jason for supporting her when he did. She is sitting at home on one of her old amps when the Lava Record exec she talked to earlier shows up. He tells her that he hates when young musicians show up randomly and talk about randomly getting deals when they haven't done the work. He then tosses the demo back to Madi. She thinks the worst but he informs her that he listened to the demo and was actually impressed. He expected a mediocre garage band but was surprised at the writing. He then looked them up on Youtube and found their channel with more demos and a few live performances. He wants to sign them and give them the resources to produce an album the way they want.

9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Madi returns to Port Charles and calls

After a huge argument, Spike breaks up with Madi and quits the band.

Mason, Zack, Evan and Spike for a meeting and tells them that she knows they are extremely disappointed with everything that happened and she understands, but she just talked to tell them that Damon Richards of Lava is interested and wants to give them the resources to produce an album their way and record it with their vision and she want to discuss it and give it a chance. Mason, Evan and Zack are ecstatic and agree they need to try. Spike tells Madi he isn't interested. Madi is confused on what Spike is talking about. Spike explains that music was a great hobby and he had fun playing and writing with her, but music isn't his dream, he realizes that now. Madi tries to convince him to give it a try, they will be able to produce the album they want, but Spike tells her that he is done with the Young and Reckless. He wants to go to school instead and get a degree. Madi asks him where that is coming from and Spike tells her it's coming from what he has always wanted to do, and she should know that if she really cared. This leads to an even bigger argument where Spike not only quits the band, but tells Madi that their relationship is over as well.

Season 10

Madi gets advice from mother on whether she wants Spike or her career, she chooses career

10.02 Memories Of a Broken Heart Madi returns to Port Charles to talk to her mom about what happened. Ali is also home and Madi talks to them about how she and Spike broke up. She then explains she was able to get the band signed to Lava Records, but Spike didn't want it and broke up with her. Spike never mentioned not wanting to be a musician and playing the guitar for a hobby. He always backed her up on everything. She has no idea where it's coming from. Brooke tells Madi that if Spike can't support her career, he isn't worth it. Ever since she and Jason bought her a guitar when she eight, she always wanted to be a musician. She needs to choose, return home and try to make things up with Spike, or have her dream job. Madi chooses her dream job.

10.04 View From Heaven Madi, Zack, Evan and Mason meet with Damon Richards of Lava Records with an attorney and explains the contract to the group. There may be a few creative differences with Damon approving of all songs to go on the record, but they mostly have control of the music they want to make. The band signs on and then discuss whether Zack should stay rhythm guitar or get a new rhythm guitarist and move Zack to lead. They also discuss the tracklist which will include Make Me Wanna Die, Just Tonight, Miss Nothing, Zombie, Light Me Up, All I Wanted and Since You're Gone but he wants a few more to be written for the album.

10.06 The Crow and the Butterfly The band decides that Zack will take over as

Madi isn't expecting to see Andy Biersack in the studio

lead guitar and that Madi will play rhythm when needed. The band arrive at the studio to get things started and Madi is shocked to see Andy Biersack of glam rock group Black Veil Brides there. Damon then explains that Andy will be helping out with the record which may include backing vocals or song writing. Mason is excited, especially since he is a fan of the Black Veil Brides and even met Ember at one of their concerts. Andy introduces himself to the band and lets them know he isn't there to take over, he has heard their demos and agrees that they have a lot of talent and wants to help them produce a great record. He, Madi and Andy sit down to discuss possible tracks for the album, both Andy and Damon loving the song You and think it's a great acoustic song that will be great for the album and that Madi can really show her emotion into it.

Madi pours her heart into recording Make Me Wanna Die

10.07 Let Love Bleed Red Madi channels all of her energy and emotion into recording Make Me Wanna Die and feels she needs to prove to not only Dom but Spike that she has what it takes and that this band isn't just a hobby. That night, Liam and Ali stop by her apartment and ask how she is doing with dealing with the break up and the end of a three-year relationship. Madi tells them that it's going to be hard, Spike was a huge part of her life and there for her when she was at her lowest. He will always have a place in her heart as her first love. She just wishes that he was honest with her.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Ali arrives at the studio in the afternoon. Madi is shocked to see her but Ali tells her that Spike told her she needed to give her this box of her old stuff to her and the envelope ASAP. She didn't know which envelope, so she brought the whole box. She then tells Madi she isn't a mail person and the next time they need to give each other something, use the mail like a normal person or deliver it herself. Madi is confused but takes the box and Ali leaves. She opens it up and finds the envelope Ali was referring to and opens it, causing her to curse. Zack, Evan and Mason ask what it is and Madi explains that Spike is claiming they are stealing intellectual property by recording some of the songs he co-wrote. Damon asks which ones and Madi tells him that he is claiming Make Me Wanna Die, Miss Nothing, Light Me Up and You. Damon also curses, angry at the situation and assigns Madi to work with Andy on writing an acoustic song ASAP. Madi and Andy try to work but Madi tells Andy she doesn't write well under pressure, she never has. Andy tells her to just tap into the emotions she's feeling right now and write something.

10.13 Hard To Find Madi arrives at the studio only to see Evan and Zack angry and working on their guitars. Madi asks what's going on and Zack explains that he learned to play guitar by ear and he is having a lot of trouble learning to play Since You're Gone. Evan tells her he has been trying to show him the whole morning but it's not working. Madi asks why Evan doesn't just play guitar on this song and Evan tells her that they have to play the song live. Madi tells them to let her and Andy show Damon the new song she wrote and they wrote. Madi and Andy play the new song to Damon titled "Waiting For A Friend" and Damon hates it. He then tells Madi that he doesn't know what happened between her and Spike, but he needs to give them the rights to the songs he co-wrote. Mason is also almost done with the drums on Since You're Gone and they need Zack to get in there and record the guitar parts. He tells Madi to swallow her pride about whatever it was that happened and get him to give them the rights and agree to teach Zack the guitar part of "Since You're Gone." He sends her to Port Charles with Andy. The pair leave and head to Port Charles, Madi extremely nervous about seeing Spike. She gets a call from Ali, telling her that there is a new gossip site and there is a story claiming that Spike is seeing Briana Corinthos. Madi is shocked and tells Ali she is busy and can't talk. Andy asks her if everything is okay, he knows it's not any of his business but sometime's it's easier to talk to people you don't know very well about these types of problems. Madi then tells him that she and Spike dated for three years and was their original guitarist. He never said anything about not wanting to be a musician and backed her on everything when it came to the band, including their original deal with Phantom.

Then when they are dropped and Madi is able to get them signed to Lava, and then he just ends everything,


Spike isn't expecting to see Madi.

including their relationship. It doesn't make any sense. The two eventually arrive at Spike's parents place. Kendall opens the door and is shocked to see Madi. Madi asks if Spike is there and Kendall tells her he should be back in a half hour and she is welcome to wait. Spike arrives a half hour later and is shocked to see Madi and Andy Biersack of all people in his living room. Madi asks if they can talk and Spike agrees and the two head into the kitchen. It's awkward and Madi tells him she needs the rights to the songs. Spike tells her they are his too. Madi then asks where all this is coming from, the break up and everything. Spike tells her that he was thinking about their future a lot, especially in the past year. He didn't know what he wanted and when the band got dropped, he realizes he never wanted to be a musician, he wanted to be a musician because of her, not his love for music. The pair continue to talk and Madi gets closure about their relationship. Spike then tells her they can have the rights for Make Me Wanna Die, Miss Nothing and Light Me Up, but You is personal to him and he wants to keep it that way. He also agrees to teach Zack the guitar part for Since You're Gone. Madi agrees and thanks Spike before she and Andy leave.

10.15 Imperfections Zack is now able to record the guitar parts for Since You're Gone. Damon also tells Madi that he doesn't like All I Wanted and wants her to write a new slow song to accompany Just Tonight and Zombie. Madi works for a while tries to pen something new, but instead tweaks old songs Perfect and Under The Water and writes a short acoustic track, Burn.

10.17 Where The Lines Overlap Madi continues to work on new songs, while Damon liked Under The Water and Burn, he wasn't a fan of Perfect. Madi is working but having a hard time putting lyrics together. Andy sees what she is working on, seeing the lines "I'm falling all over myself/trying to be someone else/I wish you would dare to walk me home/ So I wouldn't have to be alone." Madi tells him she has been through some stuff in her life the average teenager hasn't had to deal with. She doesn't go into specifics but does tell him she survived the Port Charles High shooting, which included her trying to make sure Spike didn't bleed to death and that she was shot on a different occasion. Andy asks about Spike and Madi tells him he gave her some closure which she is happy about, plus it's rare that first love's ever work out, especially when you're this young. Andy then tells Madi about his first girlfriend, Scout. The tried but when he was on tour she cheated. He still cares about her but knows they never would have worked out, they both wanted different things in life but relationships where you want the same thing don't always work out either. He tells her about his most recent ex, Juliet who was actually using him to get famous. The two continue to work on what Madi was writing and pen the song Heart along with Superhero.

10.19 Caught Like A Fly The band starts trying to come up with good ideas for album artwork, Madi has Brooke send her old photos from when she was a kid and finds one she likes. She shows Damon a picture of her when she was five, sitting on her dads motor cycle with a leather jacket on, saying maybe they could do something with a young blonde girl in a leather jacket. Damon takes the photo and starts working on designs. Madi later sits down with Evan and Mason and Mason asks the two what to do about his relationship with Ember. Madi tells him she isn't sure, relationship advice from her might not be good right now. Evan tells him he doesn't know either, the pair need to talk about it and see where they see themselves in a few years and if that vision involved each other in it.

Season 11

11.02 Light Me Up The band finish recording the album and are extremely excited, especially that it's actually them when they listen to it. They debate the first single and music video. It's between Zombie, Miss Nothing and Make Me Wanna Die. Andy says that their first single is what is going to be introducing them to the music world and will be the song that most people think of when they think of the band. The group decides on Make Me Wanna Die and discuss ideas for the music video.

11.03 Long Live Us Madi attends Ali's graduation ceremony and cheers loudly when she walks across the stage to get her diploma. Afterwards, Madi tells her she is proud of her and how far she's come in the past few years.


Madi gets ready to film "Make Me Wanna Die."

11.05 ...And Then She Bled Madi arrives on set for their music video Make Me Wanna Die. She is super excited along with the rest of the band. She gets into wardrobe and makeup and is surprised when Andy shows up. He tells her that he wasn't just going to ditch when the album was finished, he took on the band also and wants to see how it goes, plus he thought they were becoming pretty good friends. He asks Madi how she is doing with this all and she tells him her dreams are finally coming true. Ever since she was seven and saw Kurt Cobain in the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video, she knew she wanted to be a musician. Andy congratulates her on finally living the dream.

11.07 Bang The Doldrums Madi and the rest of the guys go to a meeting at Lava. Damon tells them that their single dropped last night and will play today on Sirius XM along with other rock stations, so far all the feedback they have gotten is great. They also have a release date for the album, two weeks from that day and they should all go celebrate and take advantage of the time they will be nobodies. Zack and the rest of the guys head back to Port Charles for some time with their families for a few days and Madi decides to stay in the city. She meets Andy the next day for lunch and they discuss how much fun he had co-producing his first album. Andy tells her that it was a blast, but it may have been who he was working with that made it that fun. The pair continues to talk for hours until the owner asks them to leave. They head back to Madi's place and watch a movie before Andy gets ready to head home, since it's late, Madi says he can stay and sleep on the sofa. Andy asks if she's sure and Madi tells him it's fine as long he doesn't try to kill her in sleep.

Madi arrives at the album drop party

11.10 Stand Amid The Roar Make Me Wanna Die has broken the top ten on modern rock stations and the music video has almost 50,000 views. The band is ecstatic at how things are going and can't wait to tour in the fall with Black Veil Brides. Madi arrives to the album drop party the night before it's released and is happy to see not only Ali there but both of her parents. Jason congratulates her on following her dreams and hopes that the tour goes well. Madi thanks him and is happy Jason is finally fully supporting her music career. She talks with Ali for a while until Andy shows up. She introduces the pair and Ali and Madi depart to get some drinks. Ali asks her how long they have been dating and Madi tells her they are just friends. Ali tells her that won't last long with the way they were looking at each other. Ali then asks how things are since the break up with Spike. Madi tells her that she is doing a lot better and Ali says maybe it's because of Andy. Madi denies this saying it's because she finally got the closure needed. The pair rejoins Andy who introduces them to his friend Matt Good who was in the band D.R.U.G.S. Madi tells him that they had some great music and makes conversation with the two and Ali tells her she will see her later. Their conversation is interrupted by Mason and Evan yelling "Spike!" The three turn to see Spike arrive. He hugs both Mason and Evan and fist bumps Zack saying he is happy that everything turned out well for them. He and Madi approach each other and Spike congratulates Madi on her dreams coming true. Madi thanks him for everything and tells him that if he buys the album, read the dedication. Spike assures her he will buy the album and is extremely proud of her.

11.11 Lonely As You Madi is finishing some final stuff up in NYC when she meets up with Andy again to grab some food. The pair talk and Madi talks about how excited she is that album is already doing great despite being out for 24 hours. Andy tells her they worked hard and have the talent, so it should be doing well. Madi gets a text from Ali saying Chloe is asking if Madi will be having a "plus one" at their vow renewal. Madi asks Andy if he wants to go and tells him Port Charles weddings are usually very eventful. Andy agrees to be her date but asks about Spike. Madi tells him that she has the closure needed and he came to the album release party to support them despite no longer being in the band. They are at a great place and she is happy for him.

11.13 Let's Cheers To This Madi and the rest of the band return to Port Charles for the summer before beginning their tour. Madi goes to her parent's place and is happy to see Ali who once again asks about Andy. Madi tells her the same thing she told her earlier, they are good friends. Ali asks her if that's all she wants and Madi takes a moment to think before telling her that she doesn't know. She is at peace with where she and Spike are. She will feel things out with Andy and see where it goes.


Madi talks to Andy

11.18 Lessons Learned The Hard Way Madi gets a text from Andy asking where in Port Charles is a good place to get coffee. Madi is at first confused but realizes it's because he's in town a couple of days early. She texts him that it's Kelly's and she will meet him there in ten minutes. Madi meets up with him and agrees to show him around town. The pair go to Port Charles Park and her favorite record shop before stopping by PC High. The pair sit on the steps and Madi tells him that during her freshman year, only cool people were allowed to sit there but one day she wanted to sit her cousin who was junior so she went over and Sierra Morasco tried to cuss her out for sitting on the "cool steps" and to shut her up, Madi poured her juice on her, ruining her designer top. Sierra knew never to mess with her again. Andy laughs and she asks about what high school was like for him. Andy tells her that he went to an arts school for a while which was really nice because his original high school sucked. He tells her he was also into a lot of theatre and Madi asks if he still enjoys acting. Andy tells her he sometimes plays a fictional version of himself in his cousin's web series but other than that, he is focused on music. The pair continues to talk and have a good time before it gets dark. Madi asks Andy where he's staying and he tells her he got a motel not too far from here. She tells him she would offer to let him stay with her but there isn't a lot of room at her parent's penthouse, but if he wants nicer accomodations that her godmother owns The Metro Court and can get him a discounted room. Andy tells her it's fine and he will see her at the wedding.

11.19 We'll Be A Dream Madi gets ready for Chloe and Michael's wedding when Andy calls and asks her what color dress she is wearing and if they should coordinate. Madi laughs and tells him this isn't prom, it's an outdoor wedding at the end of summer so it's laid back. Andy shows up to take her to the wedding and tells her that he figured it was proper etiquette for him to drive her since he is her date. The pair laugh and Madi tells Brooke she will see her and the rest of them at the wedding. Madi and Andy arrive at the venue while the other guests are gathering also. She jokes that he is being the perfect gentlemen after he opens her car door for her. Andy tells him he is going for a good impression. Madi jokes and tells him he doesn't have to worry, it's not a real date. Andy then tells her he kind of hoping it was. Madi is surprised by his revelation and doesn't know what to say. Andy tells her it's okay if she isn't over Spike, but he would like a chance with her, they have been able to spend time together making music and just talking about nothing, it's been a while since he's been able to do both with a girl. Before Madi can respond, everyone is told to take their seats. Madi tells him they will talk at the reception and the pair take their seats. The watch the vow renewal with everyone else and are extremely confused when some lady comes in and interrupts the ceremony.

Season 12

12.01 The Last Great Love Story the whole venue is quiet as the women claims to be the mother of Michael's son. Madi is extremely shocked, especially since she has heard stories from her parents about how Chloe is the only girl he ever dated. After Michael and Chloe sidebar, Trinity tells them they are taking an unexpected break and hopefully the ceremony will continue soon. After five minutes, Chloe comes back out, obviously distressed and tells them that she is sorry but the ceremony is canceled and everyone can go home. People hesitantly leave the venue. Madi and Andy head back to his car. When they get in, Andy comments that she wasn't lying when she said Port Charles weddings were eventful. Madi nods and Andy asks her if she still wants to talk. Madi tells him she does but not exactly in his car. Andy suggests Kelly's but Madi tells him that they are in formal wear, Andy asks where and she suggests the docks. Andy is confused and Madi tells him that it's going to be relevant with what she tells him. Madi gives him the directions and they arrive at Pier 52. The pair sit down and Andy asks her what this is about. Madi then explains to him that this is where her father was shot and nearly killed and how he was shoved into the water and left for dead. Andy is confused saying he met her dad at the album release party. Madi then tells him that he was presumed dead for the first few years of her and Ali's life but he was saved by someone and kept from her family for years. Madi then explains that she is telling him this because her life has been pretty screwed up, as is this town. She tells him about the shooting and what Drake did to her, being on lockdowns because of what her dad, Michael, and Johnny do, the home invasion that resulted in her, her mother and Ali being shot and left for dead. Madi then tells him to Google the name Jason Morgan and see if he still wants to try a relationship. Madi then stands up and tells him she will call Ali to come get her.


Madi tells Ali what happened.

12.02 New Modern Love Madi wakes up on the sofa at her place confused. Ali gives her some coffee and tells her that she didn't say much last night after she called her to come get her. Just sat on the sofa and watched reruns of Friends before she fell asleep. She figured something happened, especially since she hates Friends and once called it "garbage TV." Madi drinks the coffee and tells Ali that she told Andy that if he wanted to be with her, to look up who Jason Morgan is. She also told her about what happened at the shooting at PC High (including what Drake did) and why they were both shot and Ali was in a wheelchair for a year. She doesn't want anymore secrets, especially since that is what caused her and Spike to break up the first time, along with the fact that he felt it was his place to protect her like she was a damsel in distress. Ali tells Madi that she did what was right, the reason the two of them have even been able to date in this town is that the guys they have dated have known who their father was. Springing it on him is better than him finding out from someone else, especially in an interview since he is semi-famous. Madi tells her she sprung it on him at Pier 52, with the story about how their dad almost died, leaving out the part of Joe Scully Jr. attempting to kill him and that Faison was the one that shoved him into the water while he was disguised as Duke Lavery. Ali tells her that it was a good idea leaving out that detail, not wanting the whole "mob life" sprung onto him too fast. Madi tells her that most of her life, she never understood what their dad did for The Organization. Never truly understood why Max and Milo were always around Uncle Sonny and later Michael, just that they made sure they were safe. When she finally got to the age where she understood Corinthos Coffee wasn't just Corinthos Coffee, she didn't care because Jason was an amazing father and truly loved his family, it didn't matter to her that he killed people for a living. She never thought that would affect her too much. Madi then asks Ali where their parents are and Ali tells her that Jason is with Michael dealing with what happened yesterday and Brooke is at work. Before Madi can say anything, there is a knock at the door and Ali goes to answer it, she sees it's Andy and who asks if Madi is there. Ali lets him in and he sees Madi. Ali asks him if he wants coffee, saying she just brewed a pot. Andy thanks her for the offer, but tells her he's fine. Ali then excuses herself and lets them talk. Andy sits next to Madi and tells her that he Googled her father's name last night and knows that he was tried for the murder of Luis Alcazar, originally charged with the attempted murder or Manny Ruiz along with other countless counts of obstruction of justice along with being suspected in the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar, Ian Devlin and countless others. He tells her it is a bit scary to think about, but she isn't him and doesn't work for him and her mother is cop. He is willing to try a relationship if she is. Madi agrees.

12.05 Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? Madi and Andy go on their first official date. He takes her to see Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway, while Billie Joe is playing the role of St. Jimmy along with meeting him before grabbing dinner and going for a walk in central park. The date goes well but Madi notices that he has the word "Dragonfly" tattooed on his hand but doesn't ask. She goes home afterwards and Googles his tattoo meanings, knowing he and other musicians usually answer that in interviews. She finds out that "Dragonfly" references a different ex-girlfriend and he also has a dragonfly in a heart on his chest. Madi closes her laptop and calls Ali. Ali asks her what's going on, she thought that she had a date with Andy. Madi explains that the date was great and she even met Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Ali asks if it went so well, why she sounds nervous, Madi then explains what she figured out. Ali asks if it bothers her and Madi tells her it does but she doesn't want something so trivial to do anything for their potential relationship. Ali tells Madi to go to bed, she sounds exhausted.


Madi talks to Ali.

12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Night Madi wakes up the morning after spending the night with Andy for the first time. As she fully wakes up, she takes another look at the tattoos he has which includes a heart and a girls name on it. Madi processes this in her half asleep mind before getting up and getting dressed. Andy wakes up and asks her what time it is. Madi looks at the clock and tells him 7:30 but she just got an urgent text from Ali who needs her for some unspecified reason but made it sound like an end of the world boy problem so she has to get home and make sure that she is okay and nothing serious happened like the previous time she and Liam broke up because if it is that serious then all hell could break loose. Andy asks if she needs him to go with her and Madi thanks him but Ali doesn't know him very well yet and if it is as serious as before, she won't want him to know. Madi thanks him for the date and gives him a kiss goodbye before she leaves. She arrives in Port Charles and goes straight to the Penthouse. Ali is surprised to see her, asking what she is doing back home. Madi tells her what happened, including saying that Ali was in crisis. Ali is shocked and tells her that she shouldn't have lied. Madi tells her she didn't know what to do. She knows that it's stupid, but it's hard when the guy she is dating has four tattoos for his ex-girlfriends. Ali corrects her with that it's more than she thinks. Madi asks her to elaborate and Ali tells her that after she called she did some Googling to see if she needed to worry about it. She found that The Mortician's Daughter is an ex-girlfriend as well and the song lyrics on his chest are lyrics to a song a different ex-girlfriend wrote and the crescent moon is matching with that ex. Madi tells her she doesn't know what to think and knows it's stupid and if maybe she is trying to make up reasons to not be in a relationship. Ali tells her that she should just talk to him about it. She is the one that wanted full disclosure and no secrets.

12.11 The Carpal Tunnel Of Love The band starts rehearsing for tour and perfecting their set list. Zack and Madi discuss whether or not they should do a cover. Zack thinks it would be a good idea and recommends "Wonderwall." Mason jumps in and says that is the most stereotypical song to cover, every "bro with a guitar" plays it. He recommends Fiona Apple's "Criminal" or Audioslave's "Like a Stone" and if they do Oasis, have it be "Supersonic." Evan seconds "Supersonic" since it's a cover they have played multiple times in rehearsal and won't be hard to perform live, the others they don't know very well. Madi agrees with Evan and they add Oasis' "Supersonic" to their setlist.

12.14 Restless Heart Syndrome Madi is returning home when she gets a text from Ali telling her that there is a new story on Raw. Real. and she may want to check it. Madi looks it up on her phone and is shocked to learn that not only is Briana Corinthos pregnant, but Spike Lavery is her baby daddy. Madi is shocked that he moved on quickly and with the date of conception not too long after their break up. She then grabs some soda from the fridge when there is a knock at her apartment door. Madi gets it and Andy is there. He asks if he can come in and Madi steps aside. Andy asks how Ali is doing after her crisis. Madi remembers Ali and her conversation and she decides to be honest. She tells him Ali wasn't having a crisis, she was, but then corrects it saying it was not a crisis, just something she needed to talk to Ali about. Andy asks her if everything is okay and Madi is honest with him. She knows it's stupid, but she is somewhat bothered by the fact that he has multiple tattoos for ex-girlfriends. Andy is shocked by this and doesn't know what to say. Madi tells him it's been a weird month and she apologizes that this is even an issue. Andy asks her if she is sure about wanting to be in a relationship with him, she tried to scare him with who her dad is and now it's the tattoos. Madi denies it, saying that she felt the need to tell him about her dad because despite him not thinking he's a celebrity, he still makes headlines in the alternative media and the last thing she wanted was for him to find out what her dad did because some gossip magazine put it together and outed her as a Mob Daughter. If she gets famous enough for that to break, people will think she bought her way to fame when she worked for it. Madi then takes a deep breath and says this isn't how she planned on today going or how this conversation going. Andy then takes off his jacket, leaving him in a Misfits tank top and starts pointing at his tattoos, he points out the Batman logo he has, along with a half finished joker and then a Koala in his old face paint drinking his favorite drink. He then tells her his tattoos act as chapters of his life. Sure, he has made some poor choices, one of them being a skull that somehow ended somewhat resembling Hitler, but it's a reminder and if they are together for a significant amount of time, he may get one for her. Madi then tells him if he ever formally meets her dad and he sees, say the girl's name is his mom and that he has always liked dragonflies.

Tumblr lclxsdipbe1qf2y9so1 500

12.16 Same Book But Never The Same Page Andy is over at Madi's place and they are watching a Batman movie marathon. Madi is not a fan of superhero movies but Andy tells her that The Dark Knight is a cinematic masterpiece. The pair are interrupted by a knock at the door. Madi answers it to see a distraught Ali. Ali comes inside before Madi can say anything and when she sees Andy in the living room, she asks if she interrupted a date. Madi tells her it's fine and asks what's going on. Ali tells her she broke up with Liam. Madi sits down at the table and has Ali sit with her and tells her to tell her what happened. Andy gets his DVD and gets ready to leave when Ali tells him he can stay. She wants a male perspective. Andy hesitantly sits down next to Madi and Ali tells that that ever since Liam's sister came back to town. Madi is confused and Ali explains that his sister Jasey has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for four years and suffers from Major Depressive Disorder. Andy asks what this has to do with the break-up and Ali explains that he won't stop complaining about her being home and what is happening. She explains that Jasey ran off after a fight with their mom and stayed with a friend for a few days but John couldn't find her and had her listed as missing. She came home and Liam was angry his parents weren't sending her back to the psychiatric hospital. Madi asks why she would go back and Ali tells her that Jasey cuts herself and Liam thinks she is being an attention seeker when really his sister is in pain and needs support. She can't be with a guy who treats his sister that way. She then asks if she handled this the right way. Madi asks her if she talked to him about it and Ali tells her she did and he doesn't see what he's doing is wrong. He isn't the same guy she fell in love with. Ali continues saying that she thought of Madi and couldn't imagine being in the situation and not being there for her, family is family. She then asks Andy for his opinion. Andy tells Ali that if she feels that he isn't the same guy she fell in love with, then it is best to end the relationship and family is important. She did the right thing, if he is acting like this now, who knows how he will react in the future. Ali thinks them for their view and asks Madi if she can crash there for the night, she doesn't feel like driving two hours back to Port Charles.


12.20 Politics of Love Madi finishes getting her stuff packed for tour before she heads out to Port Charles for their first show. She gets her stuff packed up in the tour bus before entering the venue where she meets up with Zack, Mason and Evan. They finalize the setlist before sound check. Afterward, Madi talks to Andy and she thanks him for listening to Ali the other day. Andy tells her it's no problem, he may have been an only child, but grew up close to his cousin and understands the importance of family. Not too long before the show starts, Ali shows up and thanks Madi for helping her. Madi tells her that is what sisters are for and tells her that she may be gone for a few months, but don't hesitate to call her if she needs anything, and hopefully things will work themselves out. Madi soon goes on stage and the band opens for Black Veil Brides on their North American tour.

Season 13

13.03 I Am The Fire

13.08 In a Place of Solace

13.10 Life Screams

13.13 Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears

13.16 Stop Looking Start Seeing

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle

13.18 Tangled In The Great Escape


  • Madi carries a switchblade in her boot.
  • Madi listens to Nirvana when she's upset
  • Thinks "Friends" is garbage TV
  • Madi was the first character to be raped (season 1), Gabbi Montgomery was the second (Season 7)
  • Madi was the first character to have a self-harm problem. The second was Jasey McBain (Season 10)


"I don't know who I am anymore!" (Madi to Spike in season 2 when he finds her nearly passed out from blood loss after cutting too deep)

"I was raped! You don't get to call me a whore and slut when my first time was being raped by Drake Niles and you're the one sending nude photos to every guy in school that you're not related to!" (Madi to Fiona in an argument about Fiona sending nude photos to Madi's then-boyfriend Spike Lavery)

"I am not a god damn damsel in distress. I am either your equal, or we are nothing"

"If Spike comes by, tell him I changed my name, dyed my hair and moved to Switzerland to dance in the Alps." Madi to Brooke on wanting to avoid Spike.

"Don't get your hopes up. It was either crash here or a park bench, and that park bench was pretty tempting" (Madi to Spike when she shows up at his place after her father kicks her mother and sister out.)

"It's a product, it's not even music anymore!" (Season 9 to Phantom Records producer)

"You never said anything! You never mentioned it! How was I supposed to know?" (Madi to Spike during their break up.)

"Ever since I was seven and saw Kurt Cobain in the music video for Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit, I knew I wanted to be a musician," (Madi to Andy in 11.07 Light Me Up)


Spike Lavery
  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: 2.09 I Believe In Butterflies
    • Breakup: 4.07 Please Come and Take Me Away
      • Reason: Spike was being blackmailed by Fiona by Madi's rape.
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: 6.13 Remember When
    • Breakup: 9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
      • Reason: Madi wanted the band more.

Andy Biersack

  • Start Up: 12.02 New Modern Love