Miranda Montgomery is Port Charles High School graduate and a part time Port Charles University student. Miranda was first scene in the pilot episode when she was a junior. since Miranda's mother is a lesbian, like her younger sister, Miranda learned at an early age that love is love, no matter your race, gender, religion or nationality. Miranda is seen to be timid and shy but once you get to know her, she is very sweet and compassionate. she is currently a single teen mom, AJ Chandler, her ex-boyfriend died before Miranda even knew she was pregnant. Miranda does her best to be a good mom and lives with her mom and younger sister who help out with her daughter, Amanda Joy Chandler. Miranda was best friends with Hope Thornhart, Grace Baker, and AJ Chandler in high school and now they are all dead and that hit Miranda hard, especially since its only Grace got to meet her daughter. Miranda grew up best friends with AJ it took until season 4 for them to finally get together but then he was killed. Miranda is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery, sister of Gabbi Montgomery, niece of Kendall Hart, cousin of Yasmin Castillo, Spike Lavery and Ian Slater and the grandaughter of Erica Kane.

Early Life

Miranda is born during a storm where her mother is stranded in a cabin with Babe Carey, one of her mother's best friends. With Babe's help, Miranda is born. Her name is chosen because her mother loves the first name (taken from the Shakespearean play The Tempest), and her middle name comes from her late great-grandmother, Mona Kane Tyler. Although her father is a Cambias, her mother uses her surname, Montgomery, for her daughter's last name.

Miranda's first few months are hectic. Far more hectic than they should be. This begins with her mother believing her to be dead due to news from a man named Paul Cramer, but she is not. She has been switched by Paul as he has taken then-wife Babe's son, Adam Chandler III, and passed him off to his sister, Kelly Cramer, back in Llanview, Pennsylvania

He then presents Miranda to Babe and her husband at the time, JR Chandler, as their own daughter. JR promptly names her Bess, short for Elizabeth Charlotte Chandler.

For months, Bianca is led to believe that her baby has died. In fact, it is Miranda's half-aunt, Kendall, who has to tell Bianca that Miranda is dead. All this time, she is being raised by JR and Babe. Bianca is so shaken by this, that she almost kidnaps her own daughter, not even knowing that the little girl is her child. JR wants Bianca in jail, but Babe intercedes on her behalf, having discovered that Bess is actually Bianca's biological daughter, though she does not tell this to Bianca due to her own personal reasons. She goes so far as to ask Bianca to be Bess' godmother, a situation JR resents. Babe also changes Bess' middle name to Miranda to honor Bianca. JR, on the other hand, is not so pleased about this, and even hires a nanny to watch Bianca when she makes a visit. JR is just as unaware of the truth regarding Bess as Bianca is.

On April 26, 2007, Miranda moves back to Paris with her mother. Bianca cites the fact that Miranda has friends in Paris and that they had a life there that she wants them to get back to. This may bring about a reconciliation between Bianca and Maggie, who returned to Paris in February, both of whom considered themselves a family with Miranda prior to fall of 2006.

In October 2008, Miranda returns to town with a pregnant Bianca and her fiancée. As Bianca once again gives birth to a baby girl during a storm, it is revealed that Zach is baby Gabrielle's father, making her Miranda's cousin and half-sister.

Miranda was part of her mother's wedding to Reese Williams. She also danced with them during their first dance. When the marriage fell apart, Miranda went back to Paris with her mother and sister.

When her mother returned to Pine Valley, Bianca said that she did not bring her daughters back with her because of Erica being missing. Jackson Montgomery has Miranda and Gabby flown to Pine Valley after Erica is back. Miranda, Gabby, and Bianca are living at Wildwind along with Caleb Cooney, their late friend, Palmer Cortlandt's.

In The Series

Season 1


Emily Browning makes her first appearance as Miranda Montgomery

1.01 Pilot, Miranda is first seen in a car with best friends, Hope Thornhart and AJ Chandler. While on the ride to school, the three discuss their summers and how they hope this year will go ok. The Three go to school and notice the election is going on and are confused on what happened to the prior people in charge but just go on with it. Hope then meets up with boyfriend Max who is two years younger then her but she doesn't care, they bonded over daddy issues. AJ and Miranda get their schedules and mostly have the same classes together along with Hope and when the election time comes, they vote for Leah because they all can't stand Sierra Morasco.

1.02 Beauty From Pain, Miranda along with AJ do their best to support Hope with her dad coming to town and wanting to reconnect.

1.03 On The Line, Miranda sees Spencer Cassadine in the hallway and he smiles at her making her think about him. that night Gabbi tells Miranda about Spencer and Miranda tells her that isn't going to happen. The two then argue and Bianca has to stop it telling them they are sisters and not supposed to fight over boys. the next day, both Miranda and Gabbi dress in more of a provocative way and Spencer notices them both and smiles at them again. Miranda attempts to go and talk to him when AJ stops her saying its not a good idea and Miranda gets mad him and leaves but when she later tries to talk to Spencer, he tells her that he isn't interested, Miranda goes to AJ and apologizes for snapping at him and that he was right. she later goes home and Gabbi tells her Spencer rejected her and she tells her the same thing happened.

1.06 The Party Scene, Miranda is seen at the party with AJ, Hope and Max and also sees Gabbi and tells her she needs to go home.

1.07 Courage, Miranda is seen being made fun of by Ryder Ford because her mother is lesbian and Miranda is shocked that he even knew that because its not the most common knowledge and Ryder isn't friends with her or her family. later when Ryder continues to make rude comments that make Miranda mad because she loves her mom, AJ stands up for her and tells him to back the hell off.

1.11 What Does It Take, Miranda is at AJ's place working on homework and Miranda notices AJ is being a little weird and later notices that he starts looking at her in the way Max looks at Hope and gets nervous that AJ has more then friends feelings for her. Miranda later tells him that she knows how he feels and just wants to be friends because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship they have had forever.

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Miranda is seen at the dance with Max, Hope and AJ and Miranda dances with AJ.

Emily browning 1236615558

Miranda worries about Gabbi

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose, Miranda and AJ are by Miranda's locker getting ready for the day when they hear gunshots, the two see everyone running in different directions and the lockdown go on. AJ grabs Miranda's arm and starts to sprint, saying he knows a way out that no one will lock. As the two flee, they come across Miranda's sister Gabbi lying in a puddle of blood along with Lucy and Ryder. AJ bends down to check Ryder's pulse and tells Miranda he's gone, he then checks Gabbi's and she still has one, he then picks up Gabbi and tells Miranda they need to hide and the two find an empty classroom. The two hide in there and AJ puts pressure on Gabbi's wound while Miranda tries to call 911 but can't get any service, Miranda silently cries and AJ assures her that everything will be ok, Gabbi is going to make it and after about twenty minutes of being in there, SWAT comes in and gets Gabbi and the three evacuated and takes Gabbi to the hospital.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Miranda and AJ arrive at the hospital both still covered in Gabbi's blood and Miranda calls her mother. Bianca later arrives and they wait for news on Gabbi's surgery. After awhile, Frankie Hubbard comes in and tells them Gabbi made it and they can visit her now. After going in, Miranda thanks AJ for helping Gabbi.

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies Miranda is seen at home and later upon request of her mother goes to a party to pick an intoxicated Gabbi up with AJ after getting a drunk phone call.

2.15 Stand Up Miranda notices AJ and Gabbi both acting weird.

2.16 Breaking Inside Miranda walks in on AJ and Gabbi making out and
Emily browning 1236615601

Miranda finds out about Gabbi and AJ

is in shock. She finds out they are currently having a friends-with-benefits relationship. Something she has never considered. Miranda is furious. She feels AJ could be taking advantage of her sister and continues to argue about it with Gabbi.

2.19 Recovery Begins Miranda continues to argue with Gabbi about what was going on with AJ. After continued arguments, Miranda confesses to Gabbi that she is in love with AJ, she has been for a while but hasn't told him because she doesn't want to through their many years of friendship down the drain. Gabbi tells her that she will end it with him.

2.20 Day of Reckoning Miranda attends the graduation party with Hope and AJ and is in the crowd when they take away Tyler's corpse.

Season 3

3.05 4 Words (To Choke Upon) Miranda is seen at home with Gabbi

3.07 I Lose Control Miranda tries to make Gabbi feel better now that Lucy is gone.

3.08 World So Cold Miranda is seen at home.

3.09 No More Sorrow Miranda is seen at school.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Miranda drives Gabbi home from school.

3.12 Through Tomorrow Miranda is shocked that Gabbi kept what happened with her English teacher a secret.

Season 4

Emily browning 1236615606

Miranda talks to AJ

4.01 Awake and Alive Miranda and AJ rush to the hospital after Gabbi calls her distraught over what happened to Aiden.

4.02 Just Hold On and We'll Make It Through Miranda is seen at the hospital hugging Gabbi. She later calls AJ and cancels their plans because Gabbi needs her.

4.04 The Answer To Everything After Gabbi almost lost Aiden, Miranda thinks about being more than friends with AJ, even though she had told him the previous year that she didn't want to lose his friendship. Miranda is sitting with AJ at lunch debating inside her head what to do when Hope introduces them, Miranda is polite but tells her friends that she isn't feeling well, so she is going to head home. Miranda is home alone later that night while Bianca is out and Gabbi is at Wyndemere with Aiden when AJ drops by. He tells her he knows that she is hiding something. He's known her forever and knows when something is on her mind, and that she should tell him. After a moment, Miranda tells him she made a mistake the previous year when she told him she wanted to be just friends. After Gabbi almost losing Aiden like that, she realizes that she doesn't want to be just friends with him anymore. If AJ still wants her, than she would like a chance. AJ is shocked to hear that, but tells Miranda he still feels that way and the two begin a relationship.

4.07 Here I Stand Gabbi talks to Miranda about how she is getting worried about Aiden and that he is acting paranoid. Later that day when Miranda is studying with AJ, Gabbi comes home upset. AJ offers to leave so Miranda and Gabbi can talk but Gabbi says its fine if he stays. Gabbi explains that she broke up with Aiden because of how paranoid he was acting.

4.13 Eyes On You AJ surprises Miranda at school with flowers and tells her he has a date planned later that night. They go out and have a good time but Miranda notices Gabbi is having a hard time dealing her breakup with Aiden and cancels hanging out with AJ a few times to be there for her and explains how Gabbi is having a hard time dealing with it.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Miranda is invited by Emma to her families cabin for an end of the year party along with fellow seniors AJ, Hope, Grace, and Jenny and Emma's friends Briana, Trinity and Trevor and brother Noah.
2009 the uninvited 009

Grace, weilding a weapon, tells Miranda that there is someone in the woods.

4.18 Death and All His Friends Miranda arrives at the cabin with AJ, Hope and Grace. She later notices that Noah and Trevor haven't arrived and Briana explains they got a flat tire. Miranda helps set up and and helps in the kitchen when she hears Hope storm off. Miranda asks AJ whats going on and he tells her not to worry about it, Grace then explains that Hope just found out that she was gay and in love with her. Miranda does her best to keep Grace calm. After an hour, Hope is still gone so AJ goes out to see if he can find her, after another half hour and neither Hope or AJ have come back, Briana and Trinity exit the cabin. A few minutes later she hears yelling and Briana bringing a bleeding Trinity followed by Noah and Trevor saying there is someone outside. Miranda is in shock and asks if they saw AJ or Hope outside but no one responds as Noah drags Trinity into the kitchen to help her wound. Miranda listens to the chaos before sinking to the floor with her mind racing. Grace then tells her she needs to hide. Miranda gets up and hides in the hall closet alone, sobbing and wondering if Hope and AJ are even alive.

Season 5


5.01 Some Things Burn Miranda remains in the closet until an officer pulls her out and tells her everything will be okay. He escorts her out of the cabin and on the way to his car Miranda sees AJ and Hope's posed bodies. She stops walking and an officer calls for someone to cover them up. Miranda breaks down crying at the sight of her boyfriend and best friends corpses. The officer continues to move her to the car and takes her to the station. Miranda is in a state of shock and when she arrives at the police station she is reunited with Bianca and she hugs Miranda sobbing while Miranda remains in a state of shock.

5.02 Erase This Miranda remains quiet after returning home and doesn't leave her room. Gabbi tries to talk to Miranda but she isolates herself. Bianca sets up an appointment for Miranda. Miranda goes into the therapists office but remains silent the whole hour despite the therapist trying to talk to her.

5.03 Your Love Was a Lie Miranda attends both AJ and Hope's funerals

Miranda at AJ's funeral

and again remains silent. She doesn't show any emotion until AJ's casket it lowered into the ground and then she breaks down crying. Once at home she finally speaks and talks about how she saw AJ and Hope both dead and posed. She also talks about how it's unfair she didn't get a lot of time with him after finally figuring out her feelings. She continues to cry and Gabbi sits with her.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Gabbi throws a party for Miranda hoping that it will get her more social. Miranda stays hidden in her room during the party not wanting to talk to anyone. She looks at old photos of her and AJ and tries to remember the good times.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Miranda wakes up and immdiately rushes to the bathroom where she empties the contents of her stomach. As she is catching her breath she looks at a box of tampons Gabbi has out she freezes and thinks. She is interupted by Gabbi knocking on the door and asking if she is okay. Miranda opens it and exits saying she must have eaten some bad sushi and she will be better when it passes. She promises Gabbi she will be at the musical later that night. Gabbi leaves and Miranda heads to the drug store and buys a couple pregnancy tests. She takes them at home after Bianca leaves to go to the musical, Miranda telling her she needs to grab something before. Miranda takes them and they both come back positive.

Season 6


Miranda recovers from her morning sickness

6.01 Brick By Boring Brick Miranda's morning sickness continues. Gabbi asks if she is okay because a stomach bug would have passed by now. Miranda finally tells her she is pregnant. Gabbi asks if she's sure and Miranda explains that she is. The night AJ died is likely the date of conception. Miranda tells Gabbi she wants to keep this baby because it is all she has left of him and then begs Gabbi not to tell Bianca yet, she needs time to figure out how to tell her. Gabbi agrees and tells Miranda that she will be there for her, no matter what.

6.04 Should've When You Could've Miranda starts school at Port Charles University not sure on what she should major in. She is taking three basic courses, math, English and science.

6.07 It's Complicated Gabbi helps keep Miranda's pregnancy a secret, including her increased appetite and morning sickness. Gabbi goes with her to an appointment at Planned Parenthood to have an ultra sound. She learns her baby is healthy and the date of conception is the night AJ died. The doctor asks about the father being in the picture and Gabbi explains he recently passed away. The doctor apologizes and lets Miranda know when to come back. When the two return home, Bianca is there and asks where the two were. Miranda tells her that they went for coffee and she helped Gabbi with her homework.

6.17 Space Bound Miranda realizes she is starting to show and can't
Emily-Browning The-Uninvited 2009

Miranda tells Bianca she is pregnant.

keep this a secret much longer. She knows he needs to tell Bianca but doesn't know how. Miranda comes home from class to see Bianca home early. Miranda asks what's going on and Bianca tells her she knows Miranda is hiding something from her, she know it might have to do with the fact AJ died and wants answers. She gave her enough time to figure it out and tell her. Miranda asks if they can wait until Gabbi gets home. Bianca is okay with that and within an hour Gabbi gets home from school. Gabbi asks what's going on and Miranda finally tells Bianca she is pregnant.

Season 7

7.01 New Perspective Miranda explains to Bianca that the last time she and AJ slept together, the condom must have broken. Bianca asks Gabbi if she can speak to Miranda alone, and Gabbi leaves. Bianca and Miranda then discuss what Miranda wants to do, Miranda says she wants to have this baby because it's all she is going to have left of AJ but she knows she will need help. Bianca tells her that she will help out until Miranda can get on her feet. Miranda thanks Bianca. She later talks to Gabbi and thanks her for being there for her.

7.06 Fall Into Me Miranda goes to a doctors appointment at GH and is now seeing Dr. Kelly Lee as her doctor. Both Bianca and Gabbi come with her for the appointment and during her ultrasound, Miranda finds out she having a girl.

7.08 Come Clean Miranda's pregnancy is now visible and she cannot hide it anymore.

7.17 Why Is Life Like This Miranda rushes with Bianca to the hospital after being informed that Gabbi is being taken into the ER. Both Bianca and Miranda, along with Aiden wait in the waiting room for word on Gabbi. Frankie later tells them that Gabbi is going to be okay, but was found on the side of the road with her pants unbuttoned and it was likely she was sexually assaulted. Miranda does her best to be there for her mother who knows how traumatic that can be on a young girl. Frankie then tells them she should be awake in a few hours. After a few more hours of waiting they are informed Gabbi is awake. Bianca tells Aiden they will let her know he is there. She and Miranda then go in before Dante who then questions Gabbi on what happened. When Gabbi explains she doesn't remember, they are informed she has a minor head injury and may remember or may never remember. Miranda does her best to be there for her sister.

7.19 All I Want Is Everything Miranda is at the hospital hanging out
Emily browning 1236615609

Miranda's water breaks a week early

with Gabbi when Bianca tells her to go home for a little while and shower and clean up. Miranda agrees and heads home. She is in her room when her water breaks, causing her to panic because she is a week early. She calls Bianca who then rushes home to take her back to the hospital and rushed to the maternity ward. Miranda asks how Gabbi is doing and Bianca tells her to worry about herself right now. After a few hours, Miranda is dilated enough to start pushing. With Bianca by her side, she gives birth to her and AJ's daughter. She names her Amanda Joy Chandler, but will call her AJ for short. Gabbi is then wheeled in and gets to meet her niece.

Season 8

8.01 Prayer For The Refugee Miranda recovers after giving birth to baby AJ. Grace comes to visit and brings her flowers. Miranda thanks her and Grace tells her that Miranda is pretty much her only friend, it would be a shitty thing not bring anything. She then tries to apologize for what happened to AJ, blaming herself for him leaving to go after Hope but Miranda tells her not to worry about it. It's not her fault. The guy was out there and would have done something to someone anyway. Grace later leaves and Gabbi returns to see her niece. Miranda can tell Gabbi is still recovering after what happened to her but doesn't know what to say.

8.03 End Of The Dream Miranda returns home after having her baby and decides to take her to visit AJ's grave. Miranda talks to AJ about their daughter and tells him that her name is Amanda Joy, AJ for short so she could name her after him. She has his last name and wishes he could have had a chance to meet her, but will make sure that their daughter knows who he was and that he was a great person who would have given her the world.

8.10 The Game Is Over Miranda is shown to be struggling to adjust to
The Uninvited avi1506

Miranda has trouble adjusting to motherhood

motherhood, especially with late night feedings and only living on two hours of sleep. When she is unable to find a reason why baby AJ is crying. Bianca finds her sobbing on the floor while the baby cries. Bianca is able to get AJ to calm down and talks to Miranda who cries that she is a terrible mother if she doesn't know why her baby is crying. Bianca assures Miranda she isn't a terrible mother and tells her about how when first had Miranda, Miranda cried non-stop for six hours for no reason, nothing would calm her down and it took forever for her to tire herself out. Babies are babies and sometimes just cry and being a mother isn't something that magically happens when you pop out a kid, it's something that takes time, and as long as she loves her baby, she can do this.

8.13 Points of Authority Gabbi volunteers to babysit so Miranda can go out. Miranda is thankful and goes to spend time with Grace who informs her that she broke up with Savannah and explains it's because her mom still won't accept who she is and she can't be in a relationship right now. Miranda asks Grace about where she is staying and Grace tells her that she can't continue to intrude on her aunt so she is staying with her grandpa. The two hang out a little longer before going their separate ways and Miranda tells her that if anything happens or she needs anything, to call her. They are still friends.

Season 9

Emily browning 1236183860

Miranda is in shock over Grace's suicide.

9.02 I'm Going Mobile Miranda is at home when Bianca tells her she needs to talk to her. Miranda is confused on what it's about, especially since Bianca asks her to sit down. Bianca then informs er that Grace committed suicide. Miranda is in shock and tells her she doesn't understand. Bianca then explains that Chloe called. The note Grace left stated that she never felt like she belonged because of how her mother treated her and thought she was better off dead. Miranda remains in shock, insisting she hung out with Grace not too long ago, and she was fine. She broke up with Savannah but seemed to be okay since she was staying with Marshall. She is adamant Bianca is wrong but Bianca sadly tells her that it's true. Her body has been taken to the funeral home and her parents are planning it. Miranda remains in shock and asks Bianca for some space. Bianca leaves the room to go watch Baby AJ and Miranda starts crying, not knowing how else to react to her only friend left being dead. Gabbi comes home soon and finds her like that. Miranda then has to explain that Grace killed herself and what was found in the note. Gabbi is in shock also but sits next to Miranda and does her best to be there for her sister.


Miranda attends Grace's funeral

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Miranda attends Grace's funeral and has a hard time accepting the fact that she is gone. Gabbi attends also to support her. Miranda witnesses Chloe Mathers-Corinthos blame Grace's mother after the funeral and wants to say something about it agreeing with Chloe but Chloe storms off before she can. She goes home afterward and spends time with her daughter. She later confides in Bianca that she feels awful and blames herself for not knowing anything was wrong when she met with Grace the previous week. Bianca assures Miranda that it's not her fault.

9.06 Savior Rory calls Miranda and tells her to meet her at Kelly's the next day. Miranda is confused but shows up and finds not just Rory but Chloe and Savannah and two men she doesn't recognize. Rory introduces Miranda to the two, Tim McIlrath and Brandon Barnes who are members of the political punk band Rise Against. Tim explains that the band has heard about what happened to Grace and wants to put on a charity concert in her honor and donate the proceeds to the Trevor Project and It Get's Better Campaign, two charities for the LGBT Community. Miranda is shocked they heard about it and Tim explains that in September of 2010, ten teenagers killed themselves because of their sexuality and besides writing the song Make It Stop (September's Children) about it, they want to raise more awareness. Miranda agrees to help plan the concert.


Miranda talks to Tim about Grace

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Miranda shows up at the venue early to help set up the concert. She talks to Tim about Grace and how she was her only friend at the time who was alive and despite going through what she was going through, she was there for her when she had a baby. Miranda watches the concert from side stage with Rory and tries not to cry too much when they play Make It Stop, listening to the lyrics "from a nation under God/ I feel it's love like a cattle prod/ born free but still they hate me/born me, no i can't change." and wishing Grace could have made it past the darkness into the dawn, and that she could have "stayed awake and proved them wrong."

9.09 How Does It Feel Miranda returns to school as the new quarter starts and has trouble adjusting to her course load and taking care of AJ. She has a paper due and AJ is also being fussy. Gabbi returns home to find her frustrated trying to get things done and offers to watch AJ while Miranda works on her paper. Miranda is thankful for Gabbi's help.

9.13 New Perspective since the birth of AJ and finding out about Grace's death, Miranda has been feeling very off with many mood swings that she has been trying to hide, simply blaming them on losing AJ, Hope and now Grace and adjusting to motherhood. Miranda starts sobbing in the living room while doing homework and can't stop, not acknowledging baby AJ screaming in the other room. Gabbi comes home and changes the baby's diaper and asks Miranda what's wrong and Miranda has no idea.

9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Miranda gets up and gets ready for class. She departs when the babysitter for AJ arrives and is happy to have her there and mentions having a test that day. Miranda departs to school but never returns home.

Season 10

10.06 The Crow and the Butterfly A photo of Miranda appears on the new gossip site Raw. Real. After going to the Spinelli's for help, Bianca and Gabbi learn that the photo was taken in Jersey City.

10.08 The Heart Is A Hole Bianca goes to Jersey City to look for Miranda. She is able to find someone who saw her who says she was with two men who had a "Soviet" feel.

a blonde Miranda is spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina.

10.10 Open Your Eyes Miranda is then seen at a Starbucks in Charlotte, North Carolina but is now blonde. Bianca once again just misses her. When asking the Barista, the Barista claims she was with two men and had a neutral expression while the men spoke with an Eastern European accent, their guess was Romanian because one Bucharest (The Romanian capital). The men fit the description she got in Jersey City.

10.13 Hard To Find another photo of Miranda circulates on Raw. Real and Hayley Spinelli is able to trace it back Nashville. Bianca is able to get there and once again misses them. She hears from someone who saw them that Miranda looked like she was in a trance.

10.15 Imperfections The next photo of Miranda takes Bianca to Austin, Texas.

10.20 No News Is Good News a very confused and scared Miranda calls Bianca from a phone booth in Mesa, Arizona claiming she doesn't know where she is or how she got there. Bianca instructs her to call 911 and she will be there as soon as possible.

Season 11


Miranda waits for Bianca

11.01 To Live and To Lose Miranda is sitting in a Mesa, Arizona police station when Bianca arrives. She is relieved to see Miranda and bursts into tears upon hugging her. A police officer tells her that Miranda called saying she had no idea where she was or how she got there so she was taken to the local hospital and they did a drug test, so far nothing has popped up. A psychiatric nurse says that she may have been in a dissociative fugue, but has blocked out that part. Miranda asks Bianca how AJ is doing and Bianca tells her that AJ is okay but probably misses her mommy. The officer says Miranda can go, but recommends taking her to a doctor when they get home to Port Charles. Bianca tells him they will and thanks him for looking after her.

11.04 You Make Me Sick Miranda returns home with Bianca and is reunited with Gabbi. Miranda asks where AJ is, wanting to see her baby. Bianca then tells Miranda that while she was out looking for her, Marisa gained custody of AJ. Miranda is upset and says she just wants to see her baby. Bianca tells her they will go see her as soon as she has a full examination at General Hospital. Miranda hesitantly agrees and Bianca takes her in and Patrick examines her and does a blood draw, when the results come back, he tells her that there were no drugs in her system and recommends they see Dr. Maddox to see if he can bring back some of her memories so they can get some answers. Bianca makes an appointment for Miranda the next day and Miranda tells her she wants to see her baby. Bianca then calls Marisa and lets her know that Miranda is back and wants to see AJ. Marisa tells her that there is no way Miranda is coming near her baby after she abandoned her. Bianca tries to explain the situation but Marisa hangs up on her.

11.05 ...And Then She Bled Miranda is upset that Marisa won't let her see AJ. Bianca tells her that their best bet to get custody back is for her to get a clean bill of health, both physical and psychological. Miranda goes with Bianca to GH to have her appointment. They meet Dr. Maddox who talks to Miranda about what happened. Miranda has no memory after entering a bathroom on campus to coming to in Mesa. Dr. Maddox says they may be able to get more information through something similar to hypnosis. What happened was likely traumatic so she entered a dissociative state, although they usually happen where you remember what happened and just don't know who you are. Bianca is hesitant to have Miranda hypnotized but Miranda is insistent on it, desperately wanting to see her daughter. Dr. Maddox has her relax and is able to put her in a hypnotic state. Miranda wakes up but still has no memory. Dr. Maddox suggests another session in a few days. Miranda is frustrated and breaks down at home just wanting to see her daughter.


Miranda remembers.

11.07 Bang The Doldrums Miranda returns to Dr. Maddox for another session. She goes under and when she wakes up, she gets bursts of memories. Bianca asks what happened and Miranda tries to calm herself down. She tells her that she was in the bathroom at school getting ready to head to her second class when a girl she didn't recognize entered and asked if she had any tampons. As Miranda searched her bag, something was clamped over her mouth. She remembers waking up in a van tied up with men around her that spoke in an Eastern European accent and spoke in a Slavic language. She was taken to a house in a secluded area and told her new name was Bambi. Miranda breaks down in tears as she remembers and Dr. Maddox tells her to take her time. Miranda then explains that she was transported to a new city and forced to work as a prostitute. They dyed her hair blonde so she wouldn't be recognized and went to different cities. In Mesa, she was finally able to escape the hotel room and made it to a pay phone. Bianca is in shock and scared for her. Dr. Maddox tells her to go talk to law enforcement and report this. He talks to Miranda for a while longer before their appointment is over. They make another one for a few days later to help her deal with what will likely turn out to be PTSD.

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me Bianca and Miranda go into the police station. John is shocked to see Miranda and tries to talk to Bianca but Bianca tells him she isn't talking to him and asks for either Detective Spencer or Detective Falconeri. Dante comes over and says he will speak to them. Miranda tells him what she wants to report and Dante takes her statement where she recalls everything that happened to her. Dante tells her he will ask around and will be reporting this to the FBI because she was taken across state lines and they will try to find who did this and bring them to justice. Miranda leaves with Bianca and tells her she just wants to see AJ. Miranda calls Marisa who again refuses to let Miranda see her.

11.12 Revenge & It's Thrills Miranda isolates herself in her room and refuses to leave, worrying both Gabbi and Bianca. After repeating nightmares and panic attacks, Bianca takes Miranda to Shadybrook since she is getting nowhere with Dr. Maddox. Miranda is furious that Bianca is sending her there but Bianca tells her she needs to get better if she wants to see her baby.


Miranda is told she has a visitor.

11.14 Tragedy + Time Gabbi comes to visit Miranda. Miranda is happy to see her and asks about AJ. Gabbi tells her that AJ is doing great but will be happy to see her when Miranda gets better. Miranda tells Gabbi she fears she won't, her dreams are getting more vivid and the nightmares won't stop. Gabbi tells her they won't go away over night, especially after she survived a traumatic experience. Dante also says the FBI have a lead on one of the men and may be by later to see if she can ID them. Gabbi is told their time is up and Miranda goes back to her room where she breaks down again. A doctor comes to talk to her and Miranda tells her she fears she is losing her mind, the nightmares won't stop and she is scared of every little noise and even fears all men. Her doctor tells her that it will take time and they don't want to over medicate her, so it may take a while to find the right antidepressants for her and getting better won't happen over night, she needs to work with her therapist to get better.

11.19 We'll Be A Dream Miranda wakes screaming. A doctor rushes into her room and helps her calm down, telling her it was a nightmare and recommends that she should start taking some sleeping pills to help her get through the night. Miranda attempts to go back to sleep but is unable to. She looks at the few photos Gabbi dropped off. Her and AJ throughout the years, their daughter and some of her, Gabbi and Bianca. Miranda feels farther away from baby AJ then when she was in Mesa. Miranda grabs her notebook and starts writing something down before heading into the bathroom. Miranda uses the lamp from her room to break the glass. she grabs a shard and slits her wrist, attempting to kill herself.

Season 12

12.02 New Modern Love Miranda is seen in the hospital unconscious from blood loss. Her mother and Gabbi are informed about her suicide attempt. Miranda is going to be a level three, the highest level of danger to themselves or others and will be isolated from the other patients.

12.04 Life Goes On Miranda wakes up and realizes her arms are restrained. A doctor comes in and tells her that she nearly killed herself, which was her intention. The doctor then tells Miranda bluntly that if she doesn't open up soon, she will end up killing herself and leave her daughter without both parents. Later in the day when another doctor comes to check on her. Miranda tells him that the men had Eastern European accents but talked about Kosovo which made no sense because Kosovo is considered to be in the Balkans. The doctor realizes what Miranda is saying and goes to grab one of the therapists. Miranda tells him that she doesn't speak Romanian and they spoke in that language a lot so she wouldn't understand.

12.06 The Young and Hopeless Miranda is now in a normal room and
allowed visitors. Bianca and Gabbi visit and Miranda tells them that she is determined to get better for herself and her daughter. She will be herself again and hopefully soon. Miranda later goes into another therapy session and talks about how she remembers that she was "sold" on deep web auctions online and prostituted out. She remembers her mind blacking out and doesn't remember the experiences. Her therapist tells her it's possible that her mind blanked. There are ways the brain and human mind work to protect itself and that can include blackouts of events it doesn't think the mind can handle. It can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you view it. Miranda asks the likely hood of her ever remembering and is told that it's likely she won't remember, but there is a possibility that a scent or situation similar may bring it back.

12.09 Patchwork Love Miranda is taken down from level 3 to level 2 and is openly talking about her experiences. She is sleeping through the night and making lots of progress with her PTSD. Her flasbacks are mostly gone and is a lot calmer.

12.13 This Is Gospel Miranda is down to level 1 which results in her being an outpatient and residing in a nearby apartment. Miranda moves and settles in, really thinking about how much she misses AJ. One thing Miranda does is cut her hair, remembering they made her blonde because "girls with long blonde hair are more desirable." Bianca and Gabbi come to visit and help her settle in and are happy Miranda is doing better. Miranda tells them she isn't giving up and is sorry for what her problems have done to them. Bianca and Gabbi tell her it's okay.

Miranda tells Gabbi to go to Florida.

12.18 The Sky Under The Sea Gabbi comes by to visit Miranda. The two watch a movie before Miranda tells her that she loves her and she has been an amazing sister, but she is close to getting back on track and that she should follow her dreams and go to school. Gabbi asks her if she is sure but Miranda tells her she is close to no longing needing therapy every other day and is about to start once a week which will later become once every two to once a month. She doesn't want Gabbi giving up on her education for her. Miranda hugs Gabbi and tells her to follow her dreams.

12.19 The Divine Zero Miranda calls Nora Buchanan and asks for her help in getting custody of her daughter back. Nora tells Miranda that if she moves back in with Bianca or has Bianca supporting her financially while she goes to school and maybe get a part time job, it is likely that she will get custody. Judges want the child to be with the biological parents, specifically the mother. She will take her statement to the courts and petition for custody back from Marisa Tasker.

Season 13

13.01 Bed of Thorns

13.06 If It Means a Lot To You

13.10 Life Screams

13.12 Thank You For The Venom

13.14 The Edge of Tonight


  • Miranda is the first character to have the next-next generation baby and keep it. Madi Morgan took to day after pill, Ali planned on getting an abortion before miscarrying or Jenny who gave her baby up for adoption. 



AJ Chandler

  • Start Up: 4.04 The Answer To Everything
  • Break Up: 4.18 Death and All His Friends
    • Reason: AJ was killed by the Ax Maniac