Trinity Corinthos is a senior at Port Charles High School and an aspiring singer. Trinity was born with brown hair but since she was thirteen has been dyeing it Red Velvet. Trinity is headstrong and very loyal to family and friends and has gone through more then most adults in a lifetime. Trinity currently has one arm after it got chopped off by the axe maniac at the end of season 4. Trinity has also survived getting shot and attacked and is known as a fighter for not giving up on life and surviving several near-death experiences. the death of her sister Leah was hard on her but she pulled through with the help of sister Briana. She was the youngest until baby sister Violet was born and enjoys being a big sister. Trinity is the daughter of Michael Corinthos III and Chloe Mathers-Corinthos. the sister of Leah Corinthos, Briana Corinthos and Violet Corinthos. best friend of Gabbi Montgomery, Ali Morgan, Aiden Cassadine and sister Briana. Trinity is enemies with ex-friend Charlotte Martin and has a long time rivalry with cousin Meghan Spencer.

Early Life

In The Series

Season 1


Trinity on the first day of school in chemistry

Trinity makes her first appearance in 1.01 Pilot when she gets her class schedule and meets up with friends Anna Drake and Taylor Lovett. After meeting new girl Malaya, Trinity notices Trevor staring at her. Trinity later runs into Trevor in the hallway and he flirts with her, confusing Trinity. Trinity continues to go through the day and Trevor continues to flirt, by the end of the day, Trevor asks Trinity out but she declines. At home, Trinity learns that her sister Leah is running for student council and Trinity agrees to help her. Throughout the week, Trevor continues to keep flirting with her and talking to her while Trinity is trying to help out Leah's campaign, finally by the end of the week, Trinity agrees to go out with him.

1.03 On The Line, Trinity is at home and Leah is helping her with her algebra when the phone rings and her family learns that there may not have been a baby switch seventeen years ago, and Leah may not be her biological sister. While her parents are settling the mess, Trinity and Briana spend time with Leah along with her friend Emma helping her deal with it. Trinity later talks to boyfriend Trevor on the phone about how she dealing with the news. Trinity later goes with her family to the hospital and they get the results back that Leah is Michael and Chloe's daughter. The family instantly has a group hug.

1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect, Trinity is  at boyfriend Trevor's house watching a movie when Trevor starts kissing her, Trevor wants to go further but Trinity doesn't. Trevor than tells Trinity that girls he has been with always have sex with him and he can't be with a girl who can't trust him. Trinity then leaves and doesn't know what to do. After a few days, she agrees she will sleep with him. Afterward, Trinity feels broken and ignores Trevor at school the next day. Later that night, Trinity tells Briana and Leah what happened. Leah and Briana then confront him telling him to leave Trinity alone.

1.05 Cries In Vain, Trinity is seen at home with Leah and Briana.

1.08 Someone Who Cares, Trinity is seen at home worrying about Leah.

1.09 Get Out Alive, Trinity's sister Briana is hit by a car and Trinity is seen at the hospital along with the rest of her family

1.10 Make It Right, Trevor visits Trinity in the hospital while she is there for her sister Briana, and she ignores him and tells him to leave her alone.

1.11 What Does It Take the guy who hit Briana with his car makes it known to Michael that he is there and out to get the organization causing him Jason and Johnny to put their family's in protection while the three of them plus Jason's wife, Brooke hunt down the guy and get rid of him for good. Trinity is seen very annoyed at the situation.

1.12 Fire In My Eyes, The mob situation gets under control and Trinity can go home along with Briana, Leah, Ali, Madi, Christian, Sydney and Elena.

1.13 You've Been On My Mind, Trinity starts getting flowers from Trevor who still wants her back. Trinity doesn't know what to do, and Leah and Briana warn her not to take him back. At school, Trevor corners Trinity and begs her to take him back. Trinity is able to escape and later thinks about it some more, after Trevor approaches her again, Trinity tells him she will give him another chance, with the condition of no sex. Trevor agrees and the pair get back together.


Trinity at the dance

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Trinity is seen at the dance, happy with Trevor and her friends, unaware that her sister is being attacked along with Emma.

1.15 Never Surrender, Trinity visits Leah in the hospital and keeps her company along with Briana and Emma

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose Trinity is walking to class when the gun goes off, as she runs away she gets pulled into a room with Trevor. After the panic has died down, the two try to escape but become face to face with Drake. They run the other way but Drake shoots Trinity in the leg and she falls. Trevor looks at her before looking back to Drake and running, leaving Trinity there. Trinity tries to crawl away but Drake catches up with her. He then points the gun at her, scaring her, but then tells her she isn't worth the bullet. He then walks off leaving her there. Trinity then crawls for a while trying to get out of there but passes out from blood loss by Ryder and Lucy's body. SWAT then comes in and gets her out of there.

Season 2

2.02 The Worst Part Trinity returns home from the hospital on crutches. The bullet was successfully removed and there should be no permanent damage. Her parents are having a hard time dealing with Leah being gone and Briana is staying quiet. Her grandfather Marshall comes to town to help the family cope. Trinity seems like the only one who isn't shutting everyone out over the death of her sister.

2.03 It's All Over Trinity is still coping with Leah being gone while there is chaos around her. Her parents are planning her funeral and crying all the time, Briana is just weird. After Trevor knocks on the door and Briana screams at him to never come near Trinity again along with her father telling him if he goes near her again, he would regret it. Trinity then locks herself in her room and writes a song she titles "Someone's Watching Over Me."

2.04 Cry For Help Trinity attends her older sisters funeral but is silent the whole time and appears to be in denial about the whole thing.

2.05 Disparity By Design Trinity returns to school with everyone else, but is still on crutches because of her leg.

Trinity and Charlotte in class.

2.06 Second Chance Trinity meets a new student in her art class, Charlotte Martin. She immediately notices she is Trevor's sister that he mentioned was attending school in Pine Valley with her cousins. Trinity becomes her friend by showing her around, planning on doing something to embarrass her to get revenge for what her brother did to her. But the more Trinity gets to know Charlotte, she realizes she is nothing like her brother and is actually a nice girl despite her darker look. She eventaully gets rid of her revenge plan and decides that she would rather be friends with Charlotte then enemies.

2.08 Somewhere I Belong Trinity auditions for the talent show singing the song she wrote about Leah being gone. The judge loves it but says that since there are too many acts and they need to condense, she must sing a song with the other solo act, Max Falconeri. Trinity argues that maybe they should cut something else. Her sister is dead and she just wants to sing the song she wrote about it to help her cope. The judge tells her no, she has to sing with Max or not sing at all, infuriating Trinity.

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies After being forced to work with Max, the two eventually narrow it down to either a Camp Rock 2 song (Max's choice) or Broken by Seether featuring Amy Lee (Trinity's choice)

2.10 Going Under They end up going with Wouldn't Change A Thing from Camp Rock 2 because it compliments their voices. After rehearsing for and hour, Max kisses Trinity.

2.11 Anywhere But Here Trinity is seen at home talking with Briana about school, not knowing what is going on with her parents.

2.14 One Day Too Late with Charlotte's help, Trinity decides to get over what Trevor did and move on and start a relationship with Max, someone who appears to actually care about her.

2.15 Stand Up Trinity asks Briana why Josslyn made a scene at school and learns that Briana is dating Noah Drake.


Trinity at the talent show

2.17 Believe In Me Trinity and Max perform in the talent show, winning first place and instead of singing something else with Max, he lets her sing Someone's Watching Over Me and dedicate it to Leah.

2.18 What's It Gonna Be At school, Trinity is approached by a women who represents the Port Charles School of the Arts and she wants Trinity to attend on a scholarship. It was hard convincing the other board members since her last name is Corinthos, but her performance and songwriting wowed them enough to offer her that, Trinity asks about Max and she tells her that they aren't interested in him. Trinity tells her she needs to talk to her parents and will get back to her. Trinity talks to Max, Charlotte, Briana and her parents about it and eventually decides that with everything that has happened, she needs to stay with her friends and family.

2.19 Recovery Begins Chloe tells Briana and Trinity she is pregnant again. Trinity is furious and storms off and goes to Max's place where he tries to calm her down and tell her that it likely wasn't on purpose.

2.20 Day of Reckoning Trinity attends the graduation ceremony where

Trinity and Charlotte stand in shock as the police take away Tyler's body.

Briana reads Leah's speech. Afterwords she goes to the party with Max, Charlotte and Tyler. They are there for a while before Tyler goes out to get some air. When Max goes to use the restroom, Trinity and Charlotte hear Lucy Hubbard screaming for help and run outside to see Tyler bleeding and Lucy trying to stop the bleeding. Trinity calls 911 while Charlotte tries to help Lucy. When the ambulance arrives, Tyler is pronounced dead and taken away.

Season 3

3.01 Last To Know Trinity returns to school and is nervous about how Charlotte is coping with Tyler's death and Lucas' trial coming up.

3.03 You're Not Sorry Trinity waits for Charlotte to be done testifying.

3.04 All The Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) Trinity finally takes the stand as a key witness but Lucas' attorney somehow makes it so it looks like Charlotte set up Tyler. Charlotte is furious at her.

3.06 The Sound Of Madness Trinity returns home from school with Briana. They overhear their parents arguing over her pregnancy and hear her dad blame her mom for forgetting to take birth control. They also hear that their mothers pregnancy could kill her. She then realizes it wasn't on purpose to replace Leah.

3.07 I Lose Control Trinity comes home from school and logs onto Facebook only to come across a page Meghan created titled "I Hate Trinity Corinthos." Trinity is in shock at what people are saying about her. Some she hasn't even met. She decides to fake being sick the next day to avoid everyone too scared of what they are going to say.


Trinity checks the page on her phone.

3.08 World So Cold Everything on the page is heating up and more and more mean comments. Some people are telling her to kill herself. After a while of thinking and reading the page, she goes to find sleeping pills from when her mother struggled with Insomnia a few years ago. She takes them into the bathroom and pours them into her hand. Before she can take them Briana rushes in and grabs her hand trying to get them free. She desperately tells Trinity to drop the pills. They start arguing and their mother hears and comes into the room. Seeing the situation, she also tries to get Trinity to drop the pills. They are able to convince her to and Trinity drops them. The two are able to get her out of the bathroom and console her as she continues to cry.

3.09 No More Sorrow Chloe has been monitoring the page and keeping Trinity off the internet.

3.10 Fall To Pieces There is a death threat on the page but Chloe doesn't tell Trinity and instead calls Brooke to investigate.

3.11 Keep Holding On Trinity finally returns to school after the whole Facebook page incident. Even though Meghan has left her alone. She still faces some harrassment from Lucia, Yasmin and even cousin Taylor. Trinity feels betrayed because Taylor and her have been friends for a while.

3.12 Through Tomorrow Trinity notices Charlotte has been acting weird but understands that Charlotte still hates her. Later that night, Charlotte shows up on Trinity's doorstep while her parents and Briana are out, Charlotte explains that she just found out that JR Chandler is her father and doesn't know how to feel. Trinity talks to her and the two repair their friendship and Charlotte apologizes for not being there when Trinity needed her.

3.13 Come One, Come All Trinity tells Meghan to leave her and friends alone.

3.14 Far From Never Trinity is seen with Briana discussing possible baby names for their new sibling, Trinity liking Karina, Athena or Demi, while Briana likes Charlie, Natasha or Addison.

3.15 The Story of Us Trinity is talking to Charlotte in the hallway when she sees Meghan and Max kissing. Trinity is furious and breaks up with Max and lets him know that he really betrayed her, especially by cheating on her with Meghan, he tried to get her to kill herself. Trinity is later seen with Charlotte trying to make her feel better.

3.16 Running From Lions Flowers are sent to the Corinthos house from Max and Trinity throws them away angrily, not bothering to explain things to Michael, instead telling him not to worry and not to worry Chloe about it. Trinity later avoids Max at school, just sticking with Charlotte. That night when Trinity is home Trevor comes over to talk to her. He tells her that he witnessed what happened with Max and is sorry that she was treated that way. He asks her for another chance, Trinity says that they should be friends right now, and maybe more later.

3.17 Spit You Out Trinity is hanging out with Trevor at school when Max comes up and asks what they are doing. Trinity tells Max to leave her and Trevor alone.

3.18 World Around Me Max starts a fight with Trevor at school, Charlotte and Trinity try to break it up. Max gets a good punch in, breaking Trevor's nose and Trinity takes him to the nurses office. Trevor kisses her saying that he missed her.

3.19 In Fate's Hands Both Trinity and Briana are doing their best to give their mother a stress free pregnancy. When the two come back from the store, they find Chloe passed out in the kitchen and Trinity calls 911. She is later taken to the hospital and given an emergancy c-section as Trinity and Briana wait in the waiting room.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Trinity continues to wait with Briana in the waiting room and hear a commotion about Madi flatlinning, After a while, Michael comes out and asks if they want to meet their new baby sister, Violet. They are also told that their mother lost a lot of blood and will be okay but wont wake up for a little bit. Trinity is the first of the two to hold Violet. She later is there when her mom wakes up.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Chloe is released from the hospital and they all return home. Michael and Chloe are busy with Violet and some of the baby stuff when they get to the door and see a package. Michael asks Briana to get it. Briana grabs it and goes into the kitchen to open it and Trinity follows. Trinity is shocked to see the contents are from Briana's room and a detailed description of what she did yesterday. Trinity is confused with what's going on, not knowing about her mothers stalker years ago.

4.04 The Answer To Everything Chloe's sister moves to town with her family and Chloe has them over for dinner. Trinity is seen at the dinner table and talking to cousins Grace and Rory. The next day at school, Lexi tells her Taylor felt about the facebook incident and decided to go to her old boarding school. Trinity doesn't know how to feel.

4.05 Work It Out Trinity is at school with Trevor when he grabs her hand, showing that the two are back together. Trevor comes over later that night and Michael grills him about how he will treat Trinity this time. Briana is furious with Trinity for taking Trevor back. Trinity tells her that it's her problem, she trusts him this time. If he treats her the same way again, she will end it.

4.06 The Webs We Weave Max confronts Trinity at school about getting

Trinity explains to Max that they are done

back together with Trevor. Trinity is furious and tells Max to mind his own business and that they are over. He should have thought about that before he kissed Meghan. Max tries to explain Meghan kissed him but Trinity doesn't want to deal with it. Later in the day, Max starts another fight with Trevor and Charlotte gets in the middle of it along with Trinity before anyone can be hurt. Trinity tells Max he needs to get over it.

4.08 A Party Song (Walk of Shame) Trinity goes to Josslyn's party with Charlotte and later meets up with Trevor. She goes to talk to Charlotte when Charlotte notices that someone put something in one of the drinks. The drink is grabbed by someone when Charlotte is looking somewhere else and the pair notice when Jenny Martin collapses and falls to the floor. Charlotte and Trinity both rush over and Emma realizes that she is having an allergic reaction. Charlotte grabs her EpiPen and gives it Emma to use. Emma uses it and tells them not to worry about it, she will take Jenny to the hospital and let them know if anything changes.

4.09 Misery Loves its Company Charlotte talks to Trinity about her growing feelings for Christian Zacchara but is worried that what happened to Tyler to happen again. Trinity tells her not to let what happened ruin her life. Christian knows what he's getting in to, not to mention that his dad is Johnny Zacchara.

4.10 Hush Trinity is seen talking to Briana about her stalker.

4.11 Hit The Floor Trinity is at the police station when she finally hears what happened to her mother when she was pregnant with Briana.

4.12 My Obsession Trinity sees Max and Meghan together but doesn't react. Later in the day, she hears the school go into lockdown and that Briana is missing. Milo takes her home as her family reacts to Briana being missing.

4.13 Eyes On You Trinity is worried about Briana but Jason tells her they will find her and for her to not worry.

4.15 Don't Walk The Other Way Trinity is reunited with Briana at the police station.

4.16 Why Don't You Love Me Trinity is invited to Emma's cabin and asks Trevor to go as well.

4.17 Please Come and Take Me Away Trinity sees Max kissing Meghan at school and confronts him about it. Saying that if he meant what he said a while back, he has a terrible way of showing it along with letting him know that this is the ultimate betrayal after what Meghan did to her. Max kisses her, ending the argument and causing Trinity to slap him.

4.18 Death and All His Friends Trinity arrives at the cabin with Briana, Jenny and Emma, knowing Noah and Trevor were driving separately. Briana talks to her about if she really trusts Trevor this time. Trinity tells her that she does and wants it to work and that she is happy. After a while when Noah and Trevor don't show up, Briana calls and finds out they have a flat tire, delaying them. Trinity helps Emma and Briana in the kitchen when she hears arguing. She and Briana walk in on Hope storming out and Grace crying. AJ says its fine and to go finish in the kitchen. The pair do and later hear AJ leave. When he is gone for more than a half hour, Trinity volunteers to go check. Briana follows to try and get ahold of Noah and Trevor again. When Trinity is outside she stumbles across blood before feeling stinging pain in her left shoulder. She falls to the ground screaming and realizing she is bleeding heavily. Briana drags her inside as Trevor and Noah arrive. Noah thinks fast and cauterizes Trinity's wound as she loses consciousness.

Season 5

5.01 Some Things Change Trinity remains unconscious as the episode resumes. She is lying on the floor with Briana as Trevor and Noah are barricading the doors and trying to figure out what to do. Noah comes back in and checks Trinity's pulse, it is weak but steady. He tells Briana that if Emma was able to call for help, the police should be there soon, He was able to stop the blood loss but she needs to get to a hospital. Briana relives some of her favorite memories with Trinity and says that she can't lose another sister, not with what happened to Leah. The police eventually arrive, killing the assailant causing Noah and Trevor to unbarricade the cabin. Paramedics get Trinity out and to the hospital where Patrick and Frankie take her into the ER. Michael and Chloe arrive and learn what happened. Patrick comes out and tells them that Trinity is going to be okay, because Noah thought fast and cauterized the wound, the bleeding was stopped. Her body just needs to rest.

5.02 Erase This Trinity is released from the hospital and goes home with her family, seeing her grandfather Marshall has come to town. Trinity has a hard time adjusting to having only one arm. She is unable to hold
Ariana-grande-cat-valentine-it-moves-victorious-Favim com-371412 thumb

Trinity attempts to adjust to life with one arm.

her baby sister or pretty much anything. She also suffers from phantom limb syndrome by feeling pain in her arm that is no longer there. She truly realizes life will never be the same. Her parents and Briana try to help her out but Trinity breaks down.

5.04 No More Sorrow Tiger lillies are sent to the Corinthos house. Trinity realizes they are from Max and has mixed feelings. He may have hurt her but he may still care, especially since he sent her favorite flowers. Briana still feels Max is better for Trinity. Sunflowers are also sent to the house from Trevor who visits to see how Trinity is adjusting.

5.05 Not Enough Briana rents the DVD for Soul Surfer, hoping that it will help Trinity's attitude, showing her she can still be who she is, even with one less limb. Trinity is less than enthusiastic but watches it anyway with no emotions changing. Charlotte also tries to help her out but Trinity isolates herself.

5.06 Everybody Hurts Trinity is surprised her cousin Grace is moving in with them and even more surprised it is because her mother kicked her out for being gay.

5.08 All I Wanted Briana talks to Trinity about how the school is going to put on a production of Beauty and the Beast over the summer and how she should audition. Trinity flat out tells her no, she will not be auditioning, she can't act, much less dance and currently has one less arm than Belle. Briana asks her to think about it.

5.09 All I Need To Be Briana talks to Trinity again about auditioning for the play and Trinity tells her she isn't going to. Trinity doesn't know it, but
ILove her clothing Style!

Trinity shows up to audition

Briana reaches out to Bethany Hamilton online and tells her what happened, hoping for a response on how to help Trinity. The girls are surprised when Bethany shows up and has a heart-to-heart with Trinity over her new disability. She can either let it ruin her life or be a fighter and not let it control her life. Trinity shows up to the auditions, much to the surprise of Meghan and everyone else. She lands the part of Belle.

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulders Trinity has a hard time rehearsing for the musical, where she plays opposite of Max. Trevor tries to make her feel better about her situation but it doesn't work. Max later finds Trinity sobbing over everything that happened. He lets her vent and tells her if she needs to talk, he is there.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Charlotte talks to Trinity about her feelings for Christian and Trinity tells her to go for it.

5.13 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet Trinity continues rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast, mostly running lines with Max with doesn't have Trevor happy. He tells Max that after this is over, he needs to stay away from Trinity. Max tells him to back off. Trinity still hasn't told Trevor that Max kissed her before the school year let out.

5.15 What I've Done Trinity goes with her family to Leah's grave for her birthday. Both Trevor and Noah come along for moral support. Her parents introduce Violet to Leah. Trinity has a hard time being there, especially after almost dying herself.

5.16 Feels Like Home Trinity is trying to adjust to life and attempting to be positive. She attempts to play the piano with her one hand but it sounds awful. Briana does her best to try and help and Trinity teaches her the parts and the two are able to get through a song. Briana comments that they make a good team.

5.18 Broken Mirrors It's showtime. Trinity shines in Beauty and the Beast, boosting her confidence over losing a limb. The show comes to a halt though when a gun goes off, and a bullet narrowly misses Kenzie Ford on stage.

Season 6

6.01 Brick By Boring Brick Trinity is happy that her grandfather Marshall is moving to town permanently. Chloe gets him set up in the guest room so he can stay until he gets his own place. He spends time with both Trinity and Briana and gets to know Violet.

6.02 Chalk Outline Trinity is present at the Corinthos family dinner that also includes Noah and Trevor. She laughs at the stories of her parents when they were teenagers. She is adapting better to her new disability.

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless It's time to go back to school and Trinity has a hard time adjusting on her first day with only one arm. Especially carrying books and opening her locker. Briana offers to help but instead Trinity asks her parents if she can get a prosthetic arm. Michael and Chloe discuss it and take Trinity to get one. Trinity tries to adjust to it but she ends up hitting things with it on accident. After trying to adjust, Trinity decides to get rid of it because it makes things even harder.

6.04 Should've When You Could've Max once again tries to talk to Trinity. He tells her that getting close to her during the musical made him feel their connection again. Trinity tells Max to leave her alone and that she has enough stuff to deal with right now. Max threatens to tell Trevor he kissed her last spring and Trinity tells him to leave her and her relationship alone. She later comes home to see Grace has moved back in.

6.06 Crazy Beautiful Life Trinity asks if her mom is okay when she comes home angry, Chloe lets her know she is fine.

6.10 She's A Rebel After thinking about what Max said she starts distancing herself from Trevor and tries to think about who she really loves. She later makes a pros and cons list which Briana almost sees but she hides it in time. Briana becomes suspicious and lets her know that she can talk to her if she needs anything. Trinity tells her things are fine. She tries to get her mind off things by spending some time with Charlotte but that only confuses her more since she is Trevor's sister.

6.11 Now or Never Trinity attends school and sees Max talking to freshman Courtney. Courtney flirts with him and Trinity feels jealous but tries not to let it get to her head. She later goes out with Briana to Kelly's only to see Max with Courtney again. Briana leaves to go hang with Emma and Trinity also leaves and sees the pair talking. Trinity makes a split second decision and goes up to Max and kisses him. Courtney then thanks Max for being her mentor and helping her with her algebra homework before leaving. Max asks Trinity what that was about and she tells him that he was right.


Trevor gives Trinity flowers.

6.12 This Is My Last Goodbye Trinity goes to see Max at the docks and he asks her why she hasn't broken up with Trevor yet and she explains she is working on it, every time she tries he is too sweet and she doesn't know what to do. Max tells her he isn't going to do this if she is still with him. The next day at school Trinity tries to but Trevor is really sweet to her and tells her he has a great date for them planned later that night and gives her flowers. Trinity tells him she can't wait and the two go out to dinner and he gets her tiger lilies. The next day at school Trinity tries to talk to him but Trevor tells her he is happy things are getting back to the way they were. Trinity finally goes to his house later that night and breaks up with him. He is in shock and asks why, he has been treating her great and they are happy. He then realizes it's Max and he tells Trinity to get out and he doesn't want to see her again.

6.13 Trinity is at home when her parents start worrying about Violet because she has a fever and worry it could be due to the measles outbreak because of the anti-vaxxers. They rush her to the hospital and Trinity stays at home. Michael and Chloe come home later and let her know Violet's fine and was able to get her measles booster.

6.14 Got Me Going Crazy It's Briana's 18th birthday and the Corinthos family celebrate. Briana has a heart to heart with Trinity over the fact that she is happy she realized Max was a better choice. Trinity lets her know she finally saw reason but still feels bad for hurting Trevor.

Tumblr inline n6gsfwHXKj1soi1my

Trinity is confused to why Jake and Amanda are yelling in her living room.

6.15 Careful What You Wish For Trinity wakes up to hearing yelling downstairs. She goes to the living room and sees her parents and Marshall arguing with Jake and Amanda. Trinity asks what's going on and Jake angrily explains that Trevor is missing and it's her fault. Michael steps in and tells him to back off. Trinity interrupts and ask what they mean by Trevor being missing. Amanda explains that Trevor didn't come home last night and there was a note in his room saying he needed to think so he was taking off for a few days with no explanation on where. Trinity goes to school later that day to find Charlotte furious at her for what she did to Trevor. She tells her that she understands that their relationship is theirs and not hers, but Trinity shouldn't treat people like that.

6.17 Space Bound Briana leaves saying she is spending the weekend at Emma's apartment and doesn't show up to school that day which somewhat confuses Trinity but she does throughout the day as usual minus Charlotte glaring at her. Trinity returns home after school with her headphones in knowing her dad is at work and Chloe is out running errands with Violet. She doesn't realize someone else is in the house until Trevor come sup behind her and shoves her to the floor. He shoves Trinity to her back and puts his hands to her throat strangling her. She tries to fight back but Trevor pulls a gun and points it at her head. Trinity tries to beg for her life as her airway is cut off. Trevor quickly reverses the roles and puts the gun to his head and shoots himself point blank.

Season 7

7.01 New Perspective Trinity does her best to shove Trevor's body off of her as she coughs from her airway being free again. She is in shock for a few moments before she starts crying. Michael then walks through the front door to see Trinity covered in blood and Trevor's dead body. He jumps into action and checks to see if Trinity is bleeding before she is able to tell him he shot himself. Michael calls 911 knowing they have to report this and Trevor can't just go missing forever. As the police and paramedics arrive so does Chloe with Violet who is in shock over what happened. Trinity is looked over by a paramedic who tells her that her voice may be horse for a few days and her bruise will last a week or so but she should be okay. Ronnie Domestico then questions her about what happened. After questioning both her and Michael he has them arrested and taken to the station until he can figure out what happened. Michael tells Chloe to call Diane and instructs Trinity not to say anything without him or her mom present because she is underage. Trinity spends a few hours in a holding cell still wearing clothes stained with Trevor's blood before Ronnie is forced to release her when he finds the gun registered to Jake Martin and not one of her parents and the location of the wound proves self-inflicted. Ronnie tells her to not leave town and that he knows she had something to do with it. Trinity is released to her parents who immediately take her home so she can change out of the bloody clothes. After she changes, she breaks down sobbing.

7.02 Don't Let Me Get Me Trinity appears to still be in shock over what happened. Michael assures her that Dante won't let Ronnie pin this on her, and if he tries, Diane will be able to prove she didn't do anything. Trinity then tells him that he did it just like the scene in Marshall's music video for Space Bound. Before Michael can respond Briana returns home and is shocked by the carpet being gone along with blood stains on the walls. She asks what happened and Michael explains to her that Trevor attacked Trinity and then killed himself. Briana goes and talks to Trinity to see how she is doing but Trinity tells her she is fine. She just needs time to process everything that has happened.

7.03 The Strength To Go On Trinity returns to school after the incident only to
Tumblr m4ibnfURdZ1r7l54i thumb

Trinity has a hard time returning to school.

notice people staring at her. Charlotte walks up to Trinity and tells her she has a lot of nerve showing up. Trinity tells her she didn't know he would do that, but Charlotte tells Trinity she is the reason her brother is dead. Max tries to get Charlotte to back off but Charlotte yells at Max too, blaming him also. He knew Trinity was with Trevor and shouldn't have pursued her. After Charlotte storms off Trinity tries to keep her composure and go on throughout the school day with Max by her side and Briana trying to be there when needed. Later in the day, she is tripped by Amaya on purpose causing her to fall and drop her stuff and have trouble cushioning her fall with only one arm. Max tries to help her up only for Charlotte and Amaya to kick her things as she tries to collect them. Briana sees and gets Trinity up and grabs her things and takes her home instead of finishing the school day. Once at home, Trinity breaks down again and Briana tells her that they aren't worth it.

7.04 You Can Talk Me Into It Trinity hears her parents talking about leaving town permanently and moving to Detroit. Trinity doesn't know how she feels about it. The Facebook thing blew over so this thing with Charlotte and Marina will have to blow over too and they will realize she had absolutely nothing to do with killing Trevor. She thinks about what life could be like in Detroit and thinks she likes Port Charles more. This is where her family is. She interrupts her parent's discussion and says she wants to stay. This is her home, she didn't leave after Meghan cyber bullied her, she didn't leave after she lost her arm and she won't leave now that she witnessed her ex-boyfriend kill himself.

7.06 Fall Into Me Upon going back to school, Charlotte and Amaya continue their glare contest at Trinity but don't approach her. Meghan comes to talk to her during lunch and asks if she felt guilty for making Trevor pull the trigger. Trinity tries to leave but Meghan follows her until Briana tells her to back off. That night Trinity goes online to Facebook to see a new page she is tagged in titled "Trinity Corinthos Killed Trevor Martin." Trinity is shocked to see that Meghan did this again and sees the comments by both Charlotte and Marina saying that because she broke up with him, he killed himself. A few comments saying that since Trinity didn't pull the trigger, she didn't kill him, it was him that pulled the trigger. Trinity logs out of Facebook and doesn't want to deal with the page again. She debates just deactivating the account.

7.07 Grim Goodbyes It's the day of Trevor's funeral and Trinity wants to go. She feels that she owes him that. She talks to Briana and Briana agrees to take her and that they will sit in the back. Trinity and Briana arrive and Charlotte sees and refuses to let Trinity in the church. She tells her that she just wants to say goodbye. Charlotte tells her there is no way she is letting Trinity in since she killed her brother. Trinity tells her they have been through a lot together, including Charlotte finding out JR Chandler is her birth father, and she was there for her when Tyler died. Charlotte tells Trinity it doesn't matter anymore. She killed her brother and isn't allowed to ruin his funeral. Briana then tells Trinity they should leave and Trinity reluctantly agrees.

7.08 Come Clean Trinity is shocked to learn Briana and Noah are married and asks why Briana never told her. Briana tells her Trinity had her own stuff to deal with and she didn't want to interfere with Trinity healing after Trevor or overshadowing her pain with her parents being angry at her.

7.09 Won't Back Down Trinity logs back into Facebook to see the page Meghan created still exists. Briana walks in and sees the page. She asks Trinity why she hasn't told anyone. One of the deals Brooke made with Lucky for not pressing charges was that Meghan stay off of social networking sites. Trinity tells her she doesn't care, it sucks that people think that but she is too numb to care.

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best Trinity tells Briana she is fine and she can move out, But instead Noah decides to move in,

7.12 Thanks For The Memories Charlotte shows up at Trinity's place telling her they need to talk. She is the only one home, her parents, Noah and Briana are out. Trinity is hoping Charlotte and her can patch things up. Charlotte lets her know that will not be happening, she and her parents have decided to move back to Pine Valley, away from Port Charles and what caused her brother's death, her. Trinity tells Charlotte she is sorry for what happened and she didn't mean for Trevor to take it so bad that he would kill himself. Charlotte tells her she is dead to her and hopes she has a nice life before leaving. She also lets her know she was blocked her number and blocked her on all of her social media accounts. She never wants to hear from her again.

7.13 We Stitch These Wounds Trinity goes to school and things are a

Trinity stands up for herself claiming she didn't kill Trevor.

little easier now that Charlotte is no longer there. Meghan taunts Trinity and asks her if she has been on Facebook. Trinity tells her to leave her alone but Meghan keeps on taunting her and telling her that she got Trevor killed. Amaya then trips Trinity again causing her to break down and start crying. Briana and Max see and get Trinity up off the floor and take her home. Before they leave Trinity yells out that she didn't kill him.

7.14 Like I Care Marshall sits down to talk to Trinity and apologizes for the song Space Bound. Trinity is confused on why he is apologizing and Marshall explains that Trevor did what he did in the music video. Trinity tells him there was no way he could have known someone would reenact the video fifteen years later when they kill themselves. She has thought about it and did blame herself at first but she didn't pull the trigger, that was Trevor's choice.

7.18 The Good Left Undone Trinity attends Briana's graduation.

Season 8

8.07 Something New Trinity decides to spend her senior at Madison Prep to get away from Port Charles High and the drama. In order to make friends she attends a school event over the summer but mostly runs into snooty rich kids talking about lacrosse and partying. She then meets Beth Valentine who is nice and understands that many of them are spoiled brats. The two talk and decide to hang out over the summer before the school year.

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy Trinity is at home with her family when Grandpa Marshall comes by to spend time with her, Briana and Violet. As he leaves, she overhears him telling Chloe she did a great job raising them.

8.09 Falling Apart Jenny stops by the Corinthos house to see Briana but Trinity answers the door. Jenny is unable to look Trinity in the eyes as she asks for Briana. When Briana comes to the door, Trinity listens to the conversation and after Jenny leaves Trinity tells her she needs to testify. Briana doesn't want to but Trinity tells her she has to do it for Jenny and Ian's daughter and Leah. Ian tried to murder her and Emma, if he gets custody of that child, it will end bad, She understands that Briana hates Jenny for how she treated her after the Trevor incident, but she has to do it. Briana reluctantly agrees.

8.10 The Game Is Over Trinity spends more time hanging out with Beth and actually gets excited for her senior year. Briana and Noah see that she is getting better and decide to move out. Before leaving, Briana has a heart to heart with Trinity in case she ever needs anything.

8.11 Let It Go Beth and Trinity get coffee at Kelly's before returning to the
Catrina Torithezombie

Trinity and Beth find out about their parents past.

Corinthos house. After being there for a while there is a knock on the door and they hear her parents arguing with someone. When they go see who it is, Beth is surprised to see her mother. Her mother is irate and tells Beth they are leaving. When she asks why, her mother explains that they killed her half-brother. The two are confused but turns out Beth's mom is Melinda Bauer. She remarried after Warner died and still blames Michael and Chloe for what happened to Kiefer over twenty years ago. She wants her nowhere near the Corinthos family. Beth reluctantly leaves with her mother and tells Trinity goodbye. When they leave Trinity is furious and locks herself in her room, she finally made a friend but of course, it has to be ruined. She calls up Max and tells him what happened. He assures her that their senior year will be fine and they will deal with it together.

8.13 Points of Authority Trinity hangs out with Max and explains how Beth won't return her texts and Max tells her not to worry about it. Trinity returns home and her parents are waiting to talk to her. They explain what happened with the Bauer's years ago and that they do not want to reopen that wound and mess with Melinda so she will be attending Port Charles High. Trinity is upset but understands, she just hopes that Max is right about how things will work themselves out.

8.14 Because of You Trinity is at home with her parents when they get a call from the police saying Briana was taken to the hospital. They rush there and learn that she is okay, just shaken up and that Ian had tried to kill her and Jenny.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Trinity visits Briana and sees how she is doing after the attack.

8.16 That's What You Get Trinity waits at the police station with Max as her parents, Briana and Noah are being questioned about Ian's murder. After being home for a little bit, Taylor shows up and Trinity is shocked to see her in town. Taylor explains she is came back for her senior year. Trinity then tells her to stay away from her. Taylor tries to apologize but Trinity shuts the door in her face.

8.17 Let It Die After spending the day with Max, he informs Trinity that he and his mom are moving to Bensonhurst for his senior year and leaving within the next week. Trinity is irate he didn't tell her and Max says he didn't know how. Trinity goes home furious and doesn't know how she will handle her senior year.

Season 9

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginnings Trinity is at home when her mom gets a phone call. She hears Chloe drop the phone and start sobbing. She and Michael rush over and ask what's wrong and Chloe explains that Marshall just called. Grace had been staying with him since she and Savannah broke up and he came home to find her dead. Grace killed herself by overdosing on Oxy and drinking vodka. Trinity is shocked and tries to be there for her mom who blames herself for not helping Grace enough.

9.02 I'm Going Mobile Trinity spends the day with Max. They pair discuss a long distance relationship and Max tells her that he will finish up his senior year in NYC and then return to Port Charles. He will also come on when the weekends allow him. He tells Trinity he loves her and always will before he and Olivia leave. Trinity returns home and hears her parents talking. Her mother blames Lainey for what happened to Grace and is worried what will happen to Rory. Michael tells her that if Rory needs them, she can stay with them, they got another empty bedroom and she is family.

9.03 I've Become So Numb Rory moves into the Corinthos house and thanks them for letting her stay. She can't even look at her mother right now and hates her for what she did. She then tries to blame herself for not standing up for Grace but they assure her she had no control over anything.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Trinity attends Grace's funeral and tries to be there for her mom and Rory. She avoids Lainey and also blames her.

9.05 Prepare Your Weapon Trinity returns to school without Max and no Beth. She has a hard time fitting in but Gabbi Montgomery and Aiden Cassadine sit with her at lunch. Gabbi tells her she knows it's hard to a lose a friend and she is welcome to hang out with them if she wants. Trinity thanks Gabbi and sits next to her later in the day in physics.

9.06 Savior At school when Trinity is talking to Gabbi, Taylor approaches and tries to talk to her about making ammends. Trinity tells her that she doesn't want anything to do with Taylor. She ditched her when she needed friends and then even starting taunting her as well. Taylor tries to explain that she didn't know what to do and was sorry. Trinity tells her to just leave her alone. Later Trinity hears from her mom and Rory that Rise Against wants to do a charity concert in Grace's name to raise money for the Trevor Project. Trinity thinks it's a great idea.

9.07 Don't Tell Me Trinity is told by her parents that Rory will be staying with them and they have custody of her.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Trinity attends the concert in honor of Grace. Gabbi and Aiden meet her there and express their condolences over her cousin. Gabbi even explains that Grace was a good friend with Miranda and she isn't taking this very well.

9.10 On My Own Trinity is with Gabbi and Aiden at school when they notice Ali Morgan returning and can walk again. They also notice that with Liam gone along with Madi, she also has no close friends so Trinity, Gabbi and Aiden talk to Ali and let her hang out with them at lunch and sit with her in class. Ali is thankful since she doesn't want to bother her cousin Christian again.

9.11 Things Will Never Be The Same Trinity go to meet up with Ali after class to do homework and see Yasmin shove her down. Trinity asks Yasmin what her problem is as Gabbi helps her up. Yasmin just walks away with Kaylee, Brandi and Amaya. She and Gabbi make sure she is okay after she gets up and Ali assures them she's fine.

9.12 You're The Reason Briana talks to Trinity and tells her she feels she hit a dead end because she doesn't know what she wants to major it. Trinity tells her she just started, just take required classes now and a few electives and see what she likes.

Tumblr inline n6pqq3zrDt1s67572

9.14 Keep The Change You Filthy Animal Trinity witnesses Meghan taunt Kaylee over a facebook page made by "Lily Flowers." Trinity stands up for Kaylee along with Taylor. Trinity tells Meghan to get over herself and stop trying to make the lives of others bad simply because she isn't popular. After Meghan leaves defeated, Taylor asks Trinity if they can talk. Taylor apologizes to Trinity again for avoiding her and how she even teased her along with Meghan. She feels awful about it and just wants finish her senior year. Trinity tells her that they should just put it behind them.

Season 10

10.03 We Fall Apart at school, Trinity, Taylor, Gabbi, Ali and Aiden talk about the accident as they see makeshift memorials made by Amaya and Kaylee's lockers. Trinity thinks about how weird it is for someone to just be here one day and gone the next. She then asks Gabbi how the look for Miranda is and Gabbi sadly tells her they have no leads. She is going with her mom after school to talk to commissioner McBain about the case.

10.04 View From Heaven Trinity attends Kaylee's funeral despite not knowing Kaylee that well. She is shocked to see Meghan there but Meghan doesn't do anything other then attend the ceremony. Afterwards, she is home when there is a knock on the door. Trinity is shocked to see Shane on the other side who demands he talks to Michael. Chloe comes over and tells him he isn't seeing anyone if he is going to demand anything from anyone, especially her teenage daughter. Chloe informs him Michael isn't there and at work.

10.05 This Is Raw. This Is Real. Trinity is in the hallway at school with Taylor and Ali when they get the mass text about a new gossip site with the link to an article about Kaylee. Taylor and Trinity immediately think it's Meghan and walk up to her asking her why she is doing this. Meghan tells them that she may be mean, but she doesn't kick people when they are dead. Plus, she has no idea how to code or create a website, that's why she always used Facebook.


10.08 The Heart Is A Hole Trinity asks Chloe if she can go to Bensonhurst to visit Max. Chloe gives her the go ahead if Max drives. Trinity knows this is for him to be a chaperone but doesn't say anything. She gets ready for the day and she drives with Max to NYC. She sits in the front seat, causing him to comment on how she never liked sitting in the back. Trinity tells him it's because she always preferred to be treated like a normal person, and some of the men working for her father treat her like royalty. She gets it out of respect but always felt like the daughter of a mobster didn't quite deserve it. Upon arrival in Bensonhurst, Trinity shows up at Max's place to find Olivia not home and music coming from Max's room. She calls him but it goes straight to voicemail. She then enters his room to find him with another girl. Max is shocked Trinity is there and Trinity turns to leave. Max throws on some clothes and follows Trinity out. Trinity tells him that it's over, Max tries to talk to her but Trinity says nothing he can say can change her mind, he promised he would wait for her and be there but he lied. Max tries to talk to her but Trinity leaves. She gets back into the car with Max and tells him to drive. Max asks what's going on but Trinity just tells him to take her home. She calls Briana and tells her what happened before calling Taylor. When back in Port Charles she has Max drop her off at Taylor's place. The two sit down and Trinity vents about what happened.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Trinity returns to school and hangs out with Taylor and Ali who she leans on recovering from her break up with Max. Everyone gets a mass text and turns out there is an article on Raw. Real. stating that Max cheated on Trinity and has a photo to prove it. Trinity is humiliated and Meghan takes advantage of this and makes fun of Trinity and claiming this is what she got for cheating on Trevor with Max. Ali then defends Trinity and tells Meghan that if karma was real, she would have been hit by a bus by now.

10.11 Home Sweet Hole Shane shows up at the Corinthos house and Trinity and Rory both hear Shane demand Michael find Kaylee's killer just for Michael to tell him he wouldn't know how, he just imports coffee.


10.17 Where The Lines Overlap To help Trinity deal with her break up with Max, Taylor and Ali decide they should have a girls night and go over to Taylor's where they watch movies. Trinity then asks if relationships ever really work out at this age and if she should just wait until she's older. Taylor talks about a guy she dated at boarding school. He was an idiot and Taylor broke up with him because he asked her what a square root was. Ali tells her she doesn't know, she and Liam are going good now and she hopes it lasts but she isn't and can't be sure. The only thing they can do is try and date people that they trust and want the same things with. Ali says the reason she and Liam have made it this far is possibly because they understand each other and both want a relationship to work. She also tells Trinity that the reason Spike and Madi lasted as long as they did was because they treated each other as equals.

Season 11

11.03 Long Live Us Trinity attends her high school graduation. After getting her diploma, she and Taylor meet up with her parents and Briana who congratulate her for holding on.

11.06 Say Goodbye Trinity is at home when Rory returns upset. Trinity asks her what's wrong and Rory tells her that Ember is going to be spending her senior year in Copenhagen, leaving her to figure out what to do. Trinity tells her that Zack Giambetti is also a senior but Rory tells her the band is touring this year and he will be in and out, so it's up to her to make new friends.

11.07 Bang The Doldrums Michael and Chloe inform Trinity they have decided to renew their wedding vows for their twentieth anniversary.

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me Trinity comes home from hanging out with Taylor and Chloe tells her that Briana has moved back in. Trinity is shocked and asks why and Chloe tells her that Briana will explain it and that she is back in her old room. Trinity goes upstairs and to Briana's room and sees her sitting on her bed and staring into space. Trinity tells her she heard she moved back in, but their mom didn't explain why. Briana then tells Trinity that Noah cheated on her with Lila Alcazar so she filed for divorce. Trinity is shocked but tells Briana she is there f she needs her and offers to have a Matt Damon movie marathon. Briana declines and tells her she just wants to be alone right now.

11.12 Revenge & Its Thrills Trinity and Taylor are hanging out with Ali at the Port Charles park when Yasmin approaches them followed by Kate and Hayley. Yasmin accuses Ali of putting mean stories about her and Kate on Raw. Real and Ali assures them it's not her.

11.14 Tragedy + Time Trinity leaves the house to hang out with Taylor and pick up the last of the stuff they need for school in the fall at Oregon State. They discuss how excited they are to start college in the fall and got the paperwork recently saying their request to be roommates went through. Trinity mentions she's nervous to be so far from home. Taylor tells her it's a little nerve-wracking at first but you get used to it, and it will definitely be easier since they will be together. Trinity returns home and Chloe talks to her about what will happen when she is so far away, which also includes having someone to watch out for her from the organization. Trinity rolls her eyes and tells her she will be fine, but Chloe tells her that her father has enemies. She isn't putting a bodyguard on her, but someone will be around if she needs anything or feels unsafe.

11.19 We'll Be A Dream Trinity wakes up early to get ready for the ceremony. She notices Briana is running late and Briana tells them to leave without her, she will catch a ride with Emma. Trinity leaves with Chloe and arrives at the venue. She helps her mom finish getting ready and Briana arrives just in time. The ceremony goes as planned and as Michael and Chloe are renewing their vows, the ceremony is interrupted.

Season 12

12.01 The Last Great Love Story Trinity is shocked when the ceremony is interrupted, especially when the lady claims to be the mother of Michael's son, while Michael and Chloe sidebar, Trinity tells them the ceremony will resume shortly. Chloe soon comes out and tells them the ceremony is canceled and everyone can leave. Trinity is confused and asks her mom what is going on and Chloe tells her that the ceremony is canceled and that it is best if she stays with Taylor that night.

Tumblr inline n6pr3gW6Lb1s67572

12.02 New Modern Love Trinity returns home early the next day. She and Rory listen to her parent's conversation and they argue about how after Trinity was born, they had hit a rough patch that lead to a small separation which resulted in Michael going out one night and getting black out drunk. The reason the women interrupted the ceremony was because she was desperate to speak to him because his possible son is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. She hears Chloe tell Michael it's best if he stays somewhere else for a while. As Michael is leaving, Briana arrives and asks Trinity what is happening and Trinity tells her what she and Rory heard.

12.05 Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? Trinity and Taylor leave for school in Oregon. Before she leaves, she asks Briana to keep her updated on their parents problems.

12.13 This Is Gospel Trinity skypes Briana and they talk about how school is going. Trinity tells her she is happy that she got Taylor as her roommate and Portland is nice when she gets to visit on the weekend although it seems to be a knockoff of the 90s Seattle Grunge Movement when it comes to fashion, everyone looks like a Nirvana music video extra or a lumberjack. Briana updates Trinity on their parents problems and her pregnancy. Trinity tells Briana she needs to tell the truth because nothing stays a secret in Port Charles.

Season 13

13. There'll Come a Day


  • Only character so far to lose a limb (season 4 finale)
  • Since losing her arm, she prefers to wear long sleeve shirts because the other sleeve gives her a sense or normality.


"This isn't Friday The 13th Briana, there is no one out there." (Trinity in episode 4.18 Death and All His Friends)


Trevor Martin

  • First Attempt
    • Start Up: 1.01 Pilot
    • Breakup: 1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect
      • Reason: Trevor Pressured her into sex
  • Second Attempt
    • Start Up: 1.13 You've Been On My Mind
    • Breakup: 1.17 Nothing Left To Lose
      • Reason: Trevor left her there to die in the shooting
  • Third Attempt
    • Start Up: 3.18 The World Around Me
    • Breakup: 6.12 This Is My Last Goodbye
      • Reason: Trinity realized she loved Max more

Max Falconeri

  • First Attempt
    • Start Up: 2.10 Going Under
    • Break Up: 3.15 The Story Of Us
      • Reason: Meghan made it look like he was cheating on her
  • Second Attempt
    • Start Up: 6.11 Now or Never
    • Break up: 10.08 The Heart Is A Hole
      • Reason: Max cheated